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"I think… we should stop."

"I don't," the Kira suspect announced as his lips meant the other's again strongly, his tongue playing with Ryuuzaki's entrance. "Shit," he murmured against his mouth upon hearing approaching noise. "I think my dad's coming."

"Then get off," said L as if it was the most obvious thing in the world as Raito complied. L soon did the same, fixing his ruffled hair a bit (it always is…) and his slightly lifted shirt. Raito gave L a quick peck on the lips, right before the door opened, as L kept on the same face he had previously.

"Wha? What happened in here?" asked the approaching man, fixing his glasses. Raito was just glad he didn't come a second earlier. "This place is a mess!"

"Huh?" Raito turned around to see the mess they made when he knocked Ryuuzaki down. Files and documents strewn all over the desk, seat, and floor. "I guess it is, isn't it?" he laughed off. "You know how it is, dad. A bunch of guys sharing an apartment, no female figure, the place ends up getting pretty messy, you know?"

Ryuuzaki's dark eyes glanced over to Raito, and then to the floor. "Yeah," he said. Of course, he had probably thought of something better than that, but it was too late to say anything now anyways.

The police chief's thick eyebrows furrowed. "Well don't let it happen again."

"So what brings you here, dad?" the dirty blonde asked, changing the subject.

Mr. Yagami's stern look turned into that of a smile. "What, is it so weird for a father to want to see his son on Christmas? I just wish you were at home, though…"

"Oh," the Kira suspect returned the smile. "Merry Christmas." Damn dad. Couldn't you have come later?

"You too. And same for you, Ryuuzaki."

L's head perked up upon hearing his name. He had been sorta… spacing out. "Merry Christmas, Yagami-san."

"Oh, here's your gift, Raito," Mr. Yagami said, pulling out something to be a small handheld screen. "I didn't have time to wrap it."

"Thanks," murmured Raito as he took it. "A PSP? That's perfect!" I hate video games…

Mr. Yagami smiled back in turn. So the two exchanged gifts (I don't feel like typing it out because no one really cares about Mr. Yagami), and the two were fairly happy. Yay.


The rest of the day, the two were pretty much civil. The police chief left a few hours ago to go back to his home, leaving his son alone with the detective again. When working on a case such as the Kira one, holidays were just like every other day to L, and of course Raito was forced to experience the same. They worked on the case, took some food breaks (of course Ryuuzaki always had strawberries and cream), and of course had to have sassed back and forth a few wisecracks.

Yup… almost civil.

Of course, they never kept their minds off of what happened earlier, but they both just tried to pretend it never happened.

"Hey Ryuuzaki, do you wanna do some crossword puzzles?" asked a bored Raito, as he pulled a small magazine-esque book from a nearby magazine rack.

"What?" L blinked.

"You know. Crossword puzzles." He proceeded to show the detective a random page of the book.

"Oh, I know what you're talking about. I don't think I've done one in approximately five years," Ryuuzaki stated.

The Kira suspect's eyes widened. "That long, Ryuuzaki? Geez, do you ever get out?"

"I don't think doing a crossword puzzle would require you to 'get out'."

Raito's teeth grinded at that statement. You think you're funny, huh? "Well, do you?" Raito repeated, ignoring his slightly-pissed thoughts.

L's thumb made it to his mouth curiously, as he thought for a moment or two. "Okay, Raito-kun."

- - -

"A 7-letter synonym for 'future'".


"'Mysteriously unclear'. 9 letters."


"Geez, Ryuuzaki…" Raito murmured as he traced his fingers along the ink of the completed puzzle. "You're really good at this. You nailed them all on the first try."

"Oh? The same doesn't happen to you?" Ryuuzaki questioned.

"Well…" Damn it. It didn't. It took him two tries sometimes.

"My turn," the detective stated as he outstretched his arms and grabbed the crossword puzzle book that was sitting in front of Raito.

"Whatever. See if you can find one with a theme, though. Makes things easier."

L nodded. "Aha," he murmured to himself as he began the first one he could find. "A simple sign of affection; 4 letters."

Raito raised his eyebrow. "That's easy. 'Kiss'." Kiss…

At that moment, Raito grabbed L's shoulder and spun him around the face Raito, as Raito pulled him towards him, closing the space between them by crushing their lips together. Raito pulled away for a moment to push him down to the floor, where it would be seen that Raito was straddling Ryuuzaki's waist, as he pinned the detective's wrists to the floor roughly.


Fleeting thoughts were returning to him once more. And that definitely was not a good thing.

"The ability to entice one into illicit behaviors. 9 letters," L started again.

"Seduction." Ryuuzaki, do you even have any idea what theme you just picked?

"A mutual privacy between two individuals. 8 letters."

"Intimacy." Am I the only one getting… "Ryuuzaki, you should probably…" he stood up from his seat, the legs of the chair making an "rrrr" sound as he bent over across the table, his face a mere few inches away from the detective's; their noses almost touched. "…discontinue?"

Ryuuzaki's gulped at the sudden closeness. "…self-stimulation."


That did it for Raito; he closed the gap in between them by mouth and ravaged L's lips hungrily, shoving his tongue in L's before either of them had time to even comprehend the situation. The dirty blonde's hands seemed to subconsciously run up to L's face, to keep his face in place.

And L wasn't gonna let the same thing happen as before; he wasn't gonna let Raito take advantage of him again. The detective was obviously smart to enough to turn the tables. L's tongue then pushed against Raito's, as if to push his tongue back into Raito's mouth instead of them being in his. But Raito wouldn't submit to that. For gods sake, he was once Kira. So in return, Raito's tongue pushed back against L's as well, their tongue tangling and fighting back and forth, as if this was their own way of beating each other up for dominance.

Eventually, after all that was happening, L lost his grip of the table edge and fell back abruptly off his seat, as Raito collapsed on top of him as well. They were pretty much a tangled mess of arms and legs. Raito was the first to get up, his legs straddled around Ryuuzaki's waist. He rubbed his head a little bit and bit his lower lip.

"Ow… what the hell did you do that for?" he asked angrily.

"Do what?"

"Fall. On purpose."

"I didn't fall on purpose, Yagami-kun," L stated simply as he rose up as well, Raito still on his waist.

Their eyes locked for a moment or two. Raito felt a small blush heat up his cheeks and he turned away abruptly, his hands covering his face.

L touched his lips. "Wh… why… do you keep doing that?"

"Er… doing what?" Raito tried to say away from the obvious answer.

"You know…"


"Y-you did it first!" Raito accused as he pointed his index finger at Ryuuzaki while covering his mouth; as if he was trying to "hide" it.

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah! Last night! After that date with Misa! And I think you picked that theme for a crossword puzzle on PURPOSE!"

"Of course not. And as for that… I told you that it was nothing. What you were doing was something."

"What makes mine different from yours?"

"Well, for starters--"

"Just shut up," Raito interrupted as he licked L's bottom lip, in a motion to make them close. His lips made it slowly to L's ear as he whispered huskily to it. "…I wasn't done."

His mouth then connected to Ryuuzaki's neck, kissing and licking every spot he could reach, and his hands held Ryuuzaki's back and pulled him down, as if slowly guiding him back to the floor.

"I don't… think…"

"Hm?" Raito's head perked up, but his hands snaked to the crotch of L's pants.

"Can't… can't think," L half-moaned to the foreign touch.

"That's what I thought," the Kira suspect smirked, as his hand continued to play with L's pants zipper.

"No…" L finally gathered his thoughts. "Think of Misa, Yagami-kun." He put his hand over Raito and removed his hands from the zipper.


"She's your girlfriend."

Raito sighed. This was the third attempt today and he still never finished. And it ended with the subject of Misa. How could that be any worse?

Ryuuzaki pushed Raito off of their current position and stood up.

"Ryuuzaki, I--" Raito paused. What did I say that for? What am I gonna say? I had no reason to say anything… I guess I just wanted him to come back.

"What is it, Yagami-kun?"

"Um… let's just pretend this never happened, okay?"

The detective blinked. "Okay, Raito-kun," he smiled, and offered Raito his hand. It was almost automatic for Raito to smile back at the detective, as rare as it was, but he did, and took his hand.

"Oh, and Raito-kun?"


"Merry Christmas."

"Oh… you too."

But maybe… I don't wanna forget... I should have said something else…

- - -

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