She sat silently in the corner watching the dynamics of the strange group of travelers as they interacted. Interfering would be too risky, she might cause discord. Some of the relationships and mentalities of the group were strung on a very thin thread.

One in particular intruiged her. Fai D. Flowright. He wore a mask of fake smiles and real ease. He understood bitterness, anger, hate, betrayal, pity, sorrow, and negativity in general. Either he was in denail, or he also knew how useless and senseless these emotions were.

Earlier in the day he had come over and tried to tease her. It was the first time in her memory she remembered anyone doing so without malicious intent. The way he acted it was truly an art form. He could sense her hesitance and slight fear, and adjusted accordingly. Without being obvious, every time he teased her he would slightly flinch in anticipation of my retaliation. It continued until I did what he expected of me, I teased him back.

He was an experienced mastermind, and she felt an emotion she had never felt before. Maybe, just maybe, here was a person who could truly understand her without needing to use her as a crutch. Maybe here she could find a sympathetic friend.