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Fox McCloud sighed as he shifted his backpack to his shoulder, looking over his schedule for what must have been the billionth time now. He had it memerized, but he was nervous. Unbelievably nervous. Which is understandable considering the circumstances.

The first day of high school freshmanhood is really quite nerve wracking.

Fox looked up and watched as many mammals, birds and reptiles alike all chatted within their little cliques. He had no idea which one he should try to get into. Maybe the jocks? He was an athletic sort when he thought about it.

Fox shrugged a bit, he would figure that out once he had a good grade foundation. Peppy wouldn't allow anything less than the best from him. One would immediately think Peppy was demanding, but a couple days with him would change that dramatically.

One of Fox's vulpine ears twitched as he heard the bell ring, and he got up from one of the commons' tables and started toward his first hour class.


After many minutes of getting crushed into lockers and being slammed into walls, Fox made it to his first hour class, Extended Algebra.

Fox took a seat near the door, setting his heavy backpack beside his seat as he looked around at the other students in his class.

Most of the students seemed like the nerdy, over-acheiver type. He could have sworn they all had tape on their glasses from bullies breaking them for kicks. They all buried their noses in huge books on Psychology or Trigonometry. Fox's head started to hurt just imagining what kind of text the book held. Those were probably just for light reading, he'd bet.

The bell rang, signalling the start of class. Fox snapped to attention as the teacher Mr. Meyer, a rather old looking Koala, stepped up to the board. Wonder how long until his retirement. Probably not too long.

" Now students, we are going to start off with quadratic equations. Who here can come up to the board and do the problems I wrote? " It was then that Fox took notice of the complicated, yet not that difficult to accomplish, problems neatly written on the board.

Surprisingly, Fox was the first person to raise his hand.


After the bell rang, Fox packed up his completed math homework and left to his next class, Human Anatomy. Honestly, he didn't understand why the class was required. It's not like they would ever need to know where the human intestines or colon were located in the near future. At least he didn't think he would.

Fox took a seat in the middle desk in the middle row, looking around. The students seemed more diversified now. Jocks, class clowns and preps seemed to fill the other seats, chatting away about who did what or who banged who last summer. Fox shook his head disgustingly at the latter.

The class starting bell rang and their teacher Mr. Frost, an Arctic Wolf, walked in, " Sorry i'm late everyone. Had to help Mr. Mlodzik with the pottassium cyanide. You know how jumpy he is with chemicals. "

The adolescents, save Fox of course, nodded dully.

Mr. Frost smiled enthusiatically, " Alright! Now today, we are going to get down and dirty with the human insides. Who would like to come up and handle one of the many human organs I have? " Fox wondered how the young teacher actually got his hands, er paws, on real human organs. Fox shuddered involuntarily, not wanting to speculate.

Mr. Frost looked around, then laid his eyes on a blue falcon that was flirting with the girls around him, " Mr. Lombardi! Thank you for volunteering! Come on up and see what it's like to hold a real human colon! " The falcon froze, staring at him in disbelief.

" That is, unless you're too scared. "

That seemed to ruffle the bird of prey's feathers the wrong way. He got up and walked over, maintaining, or trying desperately to, a cocky disposition as he walked up to and stared down at the human colon. Fox watched with interest.

The falcon brought up a wing and slowly reached down to the colon, then stopped as if he were reconsidering. He tried again, but stopped again. If it weren't for his feathers, Fox could swear he would see beads of sweat falling down his temples.

The falcon finally chickened out, hurrying back to his seat embarassingly. Mr. Frost shook his head, " At least you tried, Lombardi. Anyone else want to try? "

Fox watched the poor falcon stare down at his desk as everyone watched another student walk up to the front desk, feeling a little bad for the guy.


Fox shuddered as he walked out of the classroom, trying to forget the utterly gross feeling of the human eyeball. I swear if I end up having to repeat that class..

He didn't get a chance to finish that thought as he was suddenly rammed forcefully into the wall. He fell to the floor before looking up to see his attacker, " Hey, move it vulpine! "

Fox blinked at the rather muscular junior before him. He had grey fur with white in some places and was very tough and gruff looking as he glared at him. Great, two hours and already i've got a bully pissed at me.

Fox narrowed his eyes as he got up. No way was he gonna be like a whiny little freshman and let some arrogant dumbass push him around. That wasn't his style, " Make me, lupine. "

The wolf growled some at him, then went to shove him. Fox effortlessly dodged.

" Think you're slick, eh? "

Fox then felt two pairs of hands grab his arms and pin him to the wall. The hands belonged to a tall and dark furred panther and a green scaly chameleon. Fox struggled, but to no avail.

The wolf walked up to him, cracking his knuckles in an attempt to intimidate him, " Say your prayers, you little shit. Even your ancestors will cringe in fear of what you're about to experience. "

Fox rolled his eyes. Good lord, what's with all these cliché speeches thugs always give?

The wolf growled more at this and punched him hard in the stomach. Fox felt the air leave his lungs at the sudden attack, feeling like he'd just been hit by a hovercar or something, but didn't cry out in pain.

" Come on, I wanna hear you cry and beg for mercy. " The wolf kept punching him, but the vulpine never uttered a sound.

Fox bit down on his lip when he felt his self restraint start to give way, his sharp teeth cutting into the skin and making ruby red blood trickle down his chin. All he knew was unbelievable pain from the wolf and yells coming from somewhere until he finally blacked out.


" Do you think he'll be alright, Nurse? "

" Oh yes, he's just unconscious now. He's lucky he didn't suffer any broken bones, I must say. "

" I wonder who did this to him..."

" Probably O'Donnell. I swear that ruffian needs to be expelled. It's a wonder he hasn't already. "

" Oh! He's waking up. "

Fox slowly opened his eyes, looking around his surroundings. He was lying in a cot with a blanket over him and he seemed to have a cold sensation on his stomach. He guessed he was in the Nurse's office. I wonder who brought me here..

" Are you alright, young man? "

Fox looked over to the Nurse who had just spoken, her being a brown colored rabbit, " Yeah, I think so. Just feel kinda banged up.."

" That's to be expected. Just lay here for a while and keep that ice on your stomach. You should be fine in a few hours. " So that was what the cold was from. Fox held the ice over his bruises.

" Uh, Nurse? How did I get here? "

" Oh, Mr. Frost saw the fight and managed to stop O'Donnell and his gang right after you blacked out. Then Krystal, bless her heart, brought you here all by herself. "

" Who's Krystal? "

He then heard a soft and shy voice say, " Me. "


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