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Nothing could be worse than this.

Fox grumbled as he walked down the hallway to his locker, his left arm in a sling due to having been sprained and his stomach so bruised he could barely lean forward without yelping.

Next time I see that wolf, i'm gonna kick his fucking ass. Fox thought as he purposefully ignored the glances of the fellow students. They knew without question what happened to him.

He reached his locker and fiddled with the combination lock. Ok..what was it again?...1...turn clockwise...3...turn counterclockwise twice...9...Damnit, open already!

Fox proceeded to bang on his locker door until he was stopped by a soft voice.

" Um...You shouldn't bang on the door like that..."

Fox turned and froze at the vision of loveliness before him. It was that girl from the Nurse's Office. He stared as he took in her soft green eyes and blue fur, as well as her curvaceous figure that showed through her blue jeans and silver and blue shirt. Her tail twitched a bit and he noticed two silver cloth bands on it, giving her an exotic type look.

Krystal shifted nervously under his stare, her cheeks reddening under the chalk white face fur. She wasn't exactly outgoing around new people, and his staring wasn't helping any, " You're..having problems with your combination lock? "

Fox blinked dumbly as he continued to watch her. Her voice sounded like it was from the very lips of an angel. He couldn't look away from her if he wanted to.

Krystal took that as a yes and stepped around him to the locker, taking the lock into her paws and turning the dial this way and that. Soon, it was opened.

Fox blinked a few times. How did she know that combination?

" I've...had that locker before. It gets sticky sometimes. Just keep trying and it opens eventually..."

Krystal then turned and left, disappearing into the crowd, leaving an awed and confused McCloud behind.


The day passed rather uneventfully for Fox, the only thing interesting was the blue vixen that stuck in his mind. Who is she, and why does she captivate me so much? She had me so dumbstruck, I swear I almost forgot to breathe...

" Hey, vulpine! "

Ah, damnit.

Fox was pushed into the wall outside the school, surrounded by the wolf, panther and chameleon again, " What do you guys want? " Fox demanded with a growl.

Wolf O-Donnell smirked, " We've got a proposition for you, vulpine. "

Fox growled more, " No. "

" You'd be wise to hear him out, kid. " The chameleon said, his voice having a tone that unnerved Fox a bit.

Wolf grinned, " We're impressed by how much you held back your screams of agony. Not many can do that when I go all out on them. So, we've decided to make you one of us, the big boys of this school. "

" I'm not interested. "

" This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, vulpine. I suggest you take it. " The panther said smoothly. His tone of voice gave the impression of a suave, charismatic ladies man.

Wolf saw his bus and he and the others backed off a bit, " You've got tonight to think about it, vulpine. I want your answer before classes start, got it? " They then left.

Fox McCloud watched them leave silently before he saw Peppy arrive and got into the silver hover car, wondering what he was gonna do.


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