Hi everyone! You guys have inspired me to try to write a fic for Legal Drug. This is a one shot but if you like it I may try to write more. This is my first for Legal Drug so please R&R and tell me if I should try again or just read the manga.

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Rikuo walked downstairs and put on his apron. He glanced around noting how cheerful the store looked with all the Christmas decorations. Then he noticed there were a few new additions. Saiga had been busy this morning, as always, he was up to some mischief. Rikuo knew he could put up with it but Kazahaya; well he was sure going to get some entertainment from this day.

Kazahaya came downstairs humming Christmas carols. He'd been in a good mood ever since hanging decorations last night. Smiling he looked around the store, it was going to be a good day. Kakei came in from his office.

"Good morning boys. Why don't you start with these boxes over here."

"Morning Kakei-san, sure thing!" Kazahaya went and got a box and began stocking the shelf with lotion.

Saiga appeared behind Kakei and grinned at Kazahaya even though the boy didn't see it but Rikuo did. The fun was about to start. Rikuo turned to watch with that sly half smile of his.

Kazahaya was unaware all eyes were on him as he happily stocked the self, and then all of a sudden a strong arm came around his waist. "Waaaaa!"

"Well, well, look who I caught under the mistletoe? Something young and fresh and ready for a kiss." Saiga leered down at Kazahaya, holding him close from behind.

"What? Kiss?" He looked desperately at Rikuo for some help. Saiga as usual shocked and confused him so much he couldn't think. "What's Saiga talking about?"

Rikuo shook his head and smiled. He pointed up at the ceiling. "It's mistletoe. If someone catches you beneath the mistletoe, you have to give'em a kiss. Don't worry, I don't think Saiga will take complete advantage of you."

"Kiss? You can't kiss me – I'm a guy!"

"So? You're pretty enough to be a girl. Don't worry I'll be gentle." Saiga was having some fun. Kazahaya was so easy to tease.

"No way! Let go!" Kazahaya bent forward trying to escape. That was a mistake. Saiga dropped his hand to grip his hip, which brought him tighter against his hard body.

"Keep wiggling around like that and you'll get more than a kiss!"

Rikuo couldn't help it, he started laughing. Kazahaya was completely red in the face and in a compromising position .

Seeing no help coming from Rikuo he looked over to Kakei. "Kakei-san, you don't want Saiga-san kissing me do you?" Kazahaya pleaded with his eyes.

"I trust Sagia, he won't be too rough and it's only a little kiss to celebrate Christmas. Absolutely no harm in it." Kakei just leaned back against the wall and enjoyed Kazahaya's torture.

"See, everybody's on my side. You might as well prepare yourself." Saiga forced Kazahaya back against him and grabbed his chin in his hand. Their faces mere inches from each other.

Kazahaya tried to move but it was no use, Saiga was just too big. Kakei and Rikuo were just watching and didn't look like they were going to help. His heart was racing, Saiga was really going to kiss him. A small part of him was aroused but he was also anxious. This would be his first kiss and it was coming from a man! As Saiga leaned in Kazahaya just closed his eyes.

"That's it, relax and enjoy it." Sagia grinned at the other two before leaning closer and kissing Kazahaya on the forehead. "There that wasn't so bad was it?" He released Kazahaya who slid to the floor, totally spazzed by what had just happened or hadn't happened.

Rikuo was almost on the floor as well from laughter. "You should know better than to take Saiga so seriously. Idiot!"

Kakei let them get it out of their system before helping a still weak Kazahaya to stand. "Okay we've had our fun, it's time to open the store. You're a good sport Kudo-kun."

Kazahaya leaned against the shelf breathing hard then turned hard looks on Rikuo. "Stop laughing, it wasn't that funny!"

"Oh yes it was!"

As the day passed Kazahaya got to have a few laughs at Rikuo's expense. He began to feel slightly better as it was Rikuo's turn to be tormented. Girls usually came in to see Rikuo but when they found out there was mistletoe hanging in the store, droves of them showed up. All seemed to want Rikuo to explain certain products while standing under the mistletoe. It was fun to watch him avoid the places where it hung but everywhere he turned were giggling girls.

Kazahaya smiled as Rikuo frowned, he started humming carols again. "What's wrong Rikuo? I thought you liked the tradition of mistletoe but I don't see you taking advantage of it. It's not like there aren't plenty of girls willing to let you kiss them." Kazahaya smiled at him before turning back to the shelf he was working on. He jumped when Rikuo appeared beside him.

"Ah! How do you move so quietly, as big as you are?" Suddenly the store was empty but for them.

"Are you jealous? No one's asked you to come under the mistletoe." Rikuo placed his hands on the shelf behind Kazahaya, boxing him in. "Would you like me to finish what Saiga started?"

Kazahaya shivered as Rikuo leaned close and spoke softly into his ear. Ever so softly he felt Rikuo rub his face against his. "N- no! Let me go! We've got customers." More girls just came in much to Kazahaya's relief.

Rikuo didn't move back right away but whispered, "Saved, for now." That should take away some of Kazahaya's mirth. He turned away to deal with yet another group of giggling girls.

Kazahaya wondered what he meant by 'for now.' For the rest of the afternoon he stayed out of Rikuo's way but he still laughed as he watched him come up with excuse after excuse to stay away from the girls.

It was now close to closing time and there was one young girl left. It had been a long day thanks to Saiga's mistletoe and both boys were ready to call it a day. They just had the one customer left and they could lock up. Kazahaya wished she would just ask Rikuo for help and be on her way. Instead she called on him to help her. Rattled he spoke.

"Don't you mean him? Don't you want his help?" He jerked a thumb over at Rikuo.

"Oh no, he looks too mean. Please, I just need a little help with this." She was a pretty girl about Kazahaya's age and height. Maybe she did have a genuine question about a product.

Kazahaya looked up but she wasn't standing under any mistletoe so he decided it was safe to help her. She was holding two different kinds of lotion and wanted his opinion on them. Getting lost in the discussion of lotion he led her back to the shelf and suggested a different kind. Kazahaya found the lotion he thought she'd like better and handed it to her.

She smiled softly up at him, "Thanks Kazahaya." She glanced at his nametag. As she went to take the lotion she tripped and fell against him.

Kazahaya was shocked to feel the girl in his arms bring her hands up to circle his neck. He was about to ask if she was okay when she kissed him. Since his mouth was already open she slipped her tongue inside.

"Mmph!" He was being kissed by a girl! A real French kiss too! Soft lips caressed his and her tongue ran over his. Kazahaya could feel himself getting turned on by this girl. She was even rubbing herself against him. He just put his hands on her waist and held on. Finally she leaned back and brushed his hair to the side.

"Thanks for the help and the kiss, Kazahaya." With one last brush of her lips she stepped away to see Rikuo, Saiga, and Kakei all staring with their mouths open. She walked over to the register to pay for her lotion but ended up leaving the money on the counter because no one moved to help her. Giggling she went to the door turned and blew a kiss to Kazahaya. "Merry Christmas."

It wasn't until the girl was gone that anyone spoke. Saiga started laughing and leaned his elbows on the counter. "Well I'll be damned! Who'd of thought it would be the kid to get the kiss and not Rikuo." He glanced over at him, "Feeling left out?"

Rikuo was still staring at Kazahaya who still looked dazed. His eyes were huge and him mouth slightly open and still wet from the kiss. Kazahaya brought up his hand to touch his lips. To Rikuo it looked like he was reliving the kiss and it made him look really sexy with his mouth open like that. Suddenly he had a craving for chocolate and Kazahaya. That snapped Rikuo out of his trance.

"Nope. The girls were all over me today and he got the attention of one, so what?"

"So, he got kissed and you didn't." Saiga looked over at Kazahaya again. His eyes were still huge but it looked like he was finally paying attention. "Hey, lover boy? Was she a good kisser? Must have been, look at those red cheeks."

"All right, that's enough teasing. Let's close up now." Kakei went to lock the door while the boys began straightening and cleaning up. He passed by Kazahaya on his way to the office. "Better memories than last year, hmm?"

Kazahaya gave a weak smile and finished his work. Since it Rikuo's turn to cook, he went up first.

Rikuo was on automatic while cooking. He could still see Kazahaya after the kiss; he looked more than ready for another. Just seeing him like that all flushed with wet lips made him crave chocolate and chocolate made him think of Kazahaya. He snapped out of it with Kazahaya came in.

"Wash up, food's ready."

"Yeah, sure." Kazahaya gave him a questioning look, trying to guess his mood. He didn't look mad but he was reserved and not showing much emotion at all. Actually he wanted to talk to Rikuo about the kiss. It had been great and he wanted -well, he wasn't sure what, maybe for Rikuo to be happy for him especially since Saiga-san had almost given him his first kiss.

Rikuo wiped off his hands and threw the towel over his shoulder. Picking up the plates he brought them to the table. They ate in silence with Kazahaya stealing glances at Rikuo. Sighing Kazahaya figured Rikuo was mad and made no attempt to talk to him. It wasn't until they were finished eating that Rikuo spoke.

"I cooked – you clean." He stood and tossed the towel over Kazahaya's shoulder. When those big eyes looked up at him, he decided to satisfy his craving for at least one thing and headed to his room for some chocolate.

In his top drawer he kept several bars of the stuff. Lying back on the bed he placed the first bite in his mouth and closed his eyes in ecstasy. The candy melted on his tongue and he moved it around slowly. Kazahaya must have felt like this during that kiss – satisfied and wanting more at the same time. Rikuo ate more thinking of his soft lips.

The moment the towel touched him; thoughts of chocolate entered his mind. Kazahaya's mouth watered and he licked his lips. He really wanted some, he couldn't think of anything else as he washed dishes. The moment he finished, Kazahaya decided to go downstairs and get some. It must be hormones still raging from that kiss making him want chocolate so. He heard Rikuo come in and sit on the couch but didn't look up. Finally done he turned to tell Rikuo he was going downstairs for a moment when he saw what he'd been craving.

Rikuo was watching TV and didn't see the look on Kazahaya's face. He was now on his second bar of chocolate. After just licking his lips he looked up as Kazahaya stood before him. "What -?" It was then he noticed the towel over Kazahaya's shoulder and he understood what happened. Kazahaya was again overwhelmed by his,Rikuo's desire for chocolate. Rikuo felt a tightening of his body as he saw that sexy look on Kazahaya's face.

Kazahaya straddled one of Rikuo's legs and moved in close. Taking the hand holding the chocolate Kazahaya first took a lick then bit off a piece. Slowly he closed his eyes savoring the taste.

Rikuo watched as he rolled the chocolate around in his mouth and felt himself become hard. It didn't help that Kazahaya was almost lying on top of him. When he saw him swallow he asked huskily, "Do you want more?"

Lids heavy, Kazahaya looked at him and nodded, "Yes."

Breaking off another piece, Rikuo fed Kazahaya more chocolate and gasped when the boy grabbed his hand to lick off the melting sweet. Rikuo put a piece in his own mouth while Kazahaya looked like he wanted nothing more than to take it out with his tongue and into his own.

Together they ate the chocolate, one piece at a time, not saying a word. The last piece went into Kazahaya's mouth but seeing some on Rikuo's fingers he began to put those chocolate digits in his mouth, sucking lightly.

Rikuo groaned to feel those soft lips around his fingers. Kazahaya's hair brushed his arm as he finished up. Shy eyes looked up at him. Rikuo was entranced, what was it about Kazahaya, that the boy could turn him on so. Again he looked at soft wet lips and noticed some chocolate there. Unable to help himself, he wrapped an arm around Kazahaya's back, holding him tight. "It seems you missed some." His voice was husky as he brought the boy's face to his own.

Kazahaya shivered to feel Rikuo's tongue on his bottom lip. It was like before, surprise, anticipation and then pleasure. Rikuo was in control and he was sucking on his lips then moving between them. Both groaned as they shared their first kiss. It went on and on before they broke apart needing to breathe.

Rikuo was shocked at what they were doing but it felt right. He could feel Kazahaya trembling against his chest but neither moved away. Finally Rikuo spoke.

"Well Kazahaya, it's been an interesting day for you. You've received three kisses today. Which was you're favorite?"

Kazahaya looked up at Rikuo, eyes dazed, lips parted, sexy as hell and …