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Spooky Kisses

Halloween morning Rikuo and Kazahaya were up before the sun. They were in the park making some new additions to the haunted house they'd set up. Up until today the house had been G rated for all ages. G rated as in Casper-like ghosts, kiddy goblins, circus type mirrors, lots of cobwebs and rubber spiders and snakes, black cats, comic witches and Scooby Doo type soundtracks. Now they were switching out the kid stuff for more adult horrors like vampire bats, coffins, bloody bodies and body parts, animatronic hands to grab at unsuspecting feet, gruesome monster statues, axes, scythes and of course the Reaper. The new soundtracks would include howling wolves, screams and evil laughter like in Thriller.

It had already been a busy month for the men of Green Drug Store. Of course the decorating of the store and orphanage had been done since the first of the month. Everyone had been in the holiday mood for a change so the days and weeks flew by. The store was a popular place in their neighborhood and the customers knew they could count on Kakei to provide them with all sorts of costumes and lots of candy for the kids.

In addition to the extra holiday business, the four handsome men had wanted to create a haunted house in the park for everyone to enjoy. It was the park Kazahaya had sponsored for Earth Day and still did. A section of the park was sectioned off for the haunted house built for kids and adults alike. It was a huge success and all proceeds went to the orphanage and other causes. So with taking part in the haunted house, running the business and spending time with 'their kids', the guys were running on adrenaline.

Rikuo wandered about the house nodding. It was a first for all of them to do something like this but with their unique experience with the supernatural – this was supremely easy. He chuckled and went to look for Kazahaya. They were practically done and some friends would be by in a few hours to open it up. Day or night, a haunted house on Halloween was a popular attraction. Rikuo was anxious to spend a little alone with his favorite human candy. They didn't have to back at the store until ten and he thought they'd go out for breakfast after a little 'exercise'.

Kazahaya plugged in the skeleton and watched it light up then he waved his hand before the spindly decoration and a haunting laugh erupted from between the bony jaws. He laughed along with it before unplugging it again. "Done!" With a satisfied smiled he put his hands on his hips and looked around. It was now a haunted house fit enough to send a few people running scared from the building. Ordinarily it would frighten him too but it was daylight, and he knew how everything worked plus he'd been inside the real thing so this was nothing in comparison.

"Babe!" Rikuo approached and smiled to see his lover smiling back at him. "Finished?"

"Yep! Just need to put a few things away and we can take off. Grab that box okay?" He picked up another box and headed for the little room where attendants could take a break and where they kept extra items in case of malfunction or something got broken.

"Sure." Rikuo's tone was very happy because that's exactly where he wanted to be. All entrances and exits were locked and though they were in a public park, they were very much alone. He walked into the room and watched Kazahaya put the box down then begin to straighten things up. It was a nice setup really. There was a hot plate, mini fridge, chairs and a heater since it had gotten really chilly when October rolled in.

While Kazahaya fixed things neatly, Rikuo got out the blankets he'd brought with them and laid them out in the center of the room then turned on a small radio followed by the heater. Next he started to strip.

Kazahaya had been busy thinking about all the things they had to do before that night's party so it took him a few minutes to register the warmer air and the music. "Huh? Rikuo, why'd you turn that on? We were just about to leav-…" He closed a box then turned to see Rikuo shucking his underwear. "Rikuo!" Kazahaya looked around as if there were other people there to see them. Logically he knew there wasn't but they were in a public place! A park! With kids! And old people! "Rikuo – put your clothes back on!" He said in a loud whisper then winced and rushed forward dropping to his knees to pick up Rikuo's briefs and trying to put them back on.

A sexy chuckle left Rikuo's lips. He'd intended to do Kazahaya first but since he was already down there. It was instantaneous – his semi-hardness firmed before Kazahaya's wide eyes. "All you're doing Babe is making it harder. Might as well take it in your mouth Kazahaya, you know you want to." Rikuo whispered not so no one could hear but because the moment seemed so intimate.

Kazahaya growled in frustration and quickly bent over to wrestle with the underwear. Rikuo wasn't lifting his big feet no matter what he did. There was no way to get his underwear back on or his clothes for that matter if Rikuo didn't help and he most definitely wasn't helping. He sat up on his knees and there before him was a waiting, heavily aroused ramrod. His mouth began to water as he looked at it then turned his gaze up to Rikuo. Already his eyes were heavy-lidded and his mouth was just open in anticipation.

As always Rikuo's lust infected him and his pants began to feel a little tight. "But we're outside!" He protested weakly.

"Nuh-uh. Double plywood, inches of insulation, layers of decorations and its early still Babe, no one about. It's just you and me." Rikuo leaned down and raised Kazahaya's arms then squatted to lift the heavy sweater and T-shirt he wore. "Come on Babe, we've got time and I want you. I want you here and now." Rikuo cupped his hands around Kazahaya's jaw and lifted his chin. He lowered his mouth and brushed lightly against his lover's lips and when Kazahaya opened his mouth, he slipped his tongue inside. He swept it over the roof, curled it with Kazahaya's then tried to taste his throat. He always wanted Kazahaya and now was no exception. When two hands settle on his hips, Rikuo groaned.

He strained up into the kiss wanting Rikuo to swallow him whole or the other way around. Kazahaya took his hips firmly, squeezing them then reaching around to grab the tight muscles of Rikuo's ass. It was hard but soft; it trembled at his touch and pushed into his hands. Gripping each cheek, he pulled them open exposing that intimate place to the air and felt Rikuo shudder. He was lost. Kazahaya was lost in lust and in love for this man.

Feeling himself held open only increased his desire and Rikuo pushed Kazahaya down on his back. Finally they broke the kiss so they could breathe but Rikuo didn't go far. "Kazahaya…you do tempt me." He kissed his eyes, the strong jaw, nibbled on an earlobe then buried his face in Kazahaya's neck where he knew it would send tingles down his lover's spine. "You tempt me so much that I could make love with you anywhere and damn who was watching!" Rikuo bit his shoulder then licked the bite.

Kazahaya moaned and lifted his chest wanting more contact with Rikuo's body. His pants felt like a wall between them and though he hated to remove his hands from Rikuo's warm back, he just had to rid himself of his clothes. "Naked…must be naked with you!" Up on one elbow, Kazahaya kissed Rikuo's collarbone then resting his chin on his shoulder moved his hands to his zipper.

Rikuo chuckled and held Kazahaya up until he heard the rasp of the zipper then once again pushed Kazahaya down. "I'll do it." He was already between those long runner's legs so he didn't have to move far. "Babe, you're about the bust the seams!" It pleased him to no end that Kazahaya became this aroused for him.

"Just take it out…I need you Rikuo." Kazahaya admitted with no shame. He lifted his hips offering all to his lover. Kazahaya gasped as Rikuo inched his pants carefully down and over his erection. He reached out for his lover when Rikuo moved to remove his shoes and fling his pants away. Kazahaya had already laid back and lifted his hips to push down his briefs when Rikuo grabbed his wrists. "What?"

Rikuo looked him over. Hair wild, eyes a little desperate, lips wet, body hard and ready. "I said I'd do it. Put your hands back over your head Babe. Please." He softly asked of Kazahaya.

Kazahaya took a deep breath as Rikuo kissed each palm then let his hands go. He raised his arms up then let them drop back onto the soft blanket. His nipples tightened and his stomach jumped and that was all just from the touch of Rikuo's eyes. He been tied up and left to Rikuo's mercy many times but suddenly this act made him feel more vulnerable because he'd done it willingly at Rikuo's request.

Rikuo inhaled deeply at seeing Kazahaya laid out before him. Lean muscles flexed and showed themselves tantalizingly. Hard nubs begged for his touch and he leaned forward to lick at them until they grew another inch. He ran his hands down Kazahaya's rib cage seeing the ribs beneath that protected the heart that beat rapidly for him. Rikuo dipped his tongue into the cute belly button and smiled when Kazahaya's hips bucked. Finally he hooked his fingers into the Halloween orange briefs his lover wore. It made him laugh softly at the grinning jack-o-lantern on the front.

Kazahaya moaned. He repeatedly offered his hips up urging Rikuo to hurry. He didn't. As his briefs were slowly being pulled down, Rikuo kissed each hip bone tenderly. Kazahaya knew his erection was right there, ready to pop out but somehow Rikuo hadn't released it yet. "Please…damn it Rikuo…honey please…" He begged.

Rikuo froze. Normally Kazahaya didn't call him pet names. Only occasionally did the tender endearments flow from his lips. Kazahaya had told him that he liked saying his name but when the endearments came out, he was feeling especially loved. Knowing that, he could deny Kazahaya no longer. He reached in and wrapped his hand around the warm flesh. It was hot and oh so hard. "I got you Babe." One handedly he removed the briefs. "I got you. You're leaking; let me take care of that for you." His hand slid up and down feeling the veins beneath the skin. Rikuo circled the tip with his thumb painting it with Kazahaya's pre-cum.

"…Don't make me wait honey, let's do it together." Kazahaya lifted one hand asking to be let in on the loving. He knew Rikuo was as in as much need as he was.

Rikuo lowered his head and licked the shiny head of Kazahaya's penis. He pushed Kazahaya's legs open wider as he took in more of the trembling flesh.

Kazahaya's body jerked violently and he gasped unable to take in a breath as Rikuo sucked on him. He lifted his legs to rub them against his lover. Unexpectedly Rikuo let him go. "Don't -!" But Kazahaya felt his arms being grabbed and suddenly he was in Rikuo's arms. He held tightly to his lover and kissed him deeply. They stroked everywhere for several precious moments.

"I couldn't resist tasting you Babe." Rikuo whispered in his ear. This time it was him who held Kazahaya open and gently slipped the tip of one finger in his lover. Kazahaya moaned and tightened his sphincter. "But I like the idea you had. Let's taste each other. I want you on top!" Rikuo pumped his finger and in response, Kazahaya bit his nipple forcing a groan from him.

"Yes, yes!" Kazahaya pushed back forcing that finger deeper. He closed his eyes in pleasure then let go of Rikuo with great hesitation.

Rikuo understood the hesitation but knew more pleasure was coming. He pulled out his finger. Quickly he got on his back and held out his arms. Smiling he watched Kazahaya straddle him. He grasped the lean thighs and stroked them as Kazahaya got in position over him. Immediately above him hung that length of flesh that was just in his mouth. Rikuo teased Kazahaya by tickling his inner thighs just to see his hips move and that dick jump.

Kazahaya moaned and grasped Rikuo's thighs forcing them open. Leaning down he sucked on the inner thigh hard enough to mark the flesh and held Rikuo still as he jumped from the stimulation. He gave the other thigh the same treatment until Rikuo pulled on his hips. Smiling Kazahaya finally lifted his head to the beautiful example of an aroused male. From the hairs curled around that staff, Kazahaya let his tongue sweep all the way to the tip. He did that several times on each side before letting his tongue dip into the opening. When Rikuo groaned, Kazahaya swallowed him.

His fingers clenched into Kazahaya's marvelous ass. He savored the sensation for a moment before bringing that near-to-bursting male hardness to his mouth. Squeezing in time with his sucking, Rikuo set about to bring his man pleasure.

Music played in the background locking out outside sounds and wrapping them in an intimate atmosphere. They heard each other's moans and the wet sounds of their sucking. It only intensified the need to please each other.

Kazahaya reached down and cupped Rikuo's scrotum. He squeezed and played his fingers about teasingly and Rikuo responded by forcing more of himself down his throat.

Rikuo slipped that same finger back into Kazahaya's backside. Temporarily he let Kazahaya slide of his mouth but stroked him with his strong hand while his lips and tongue caressed Kazahaya's full balls. When Kazahaya's whole body shivered and a high keening sound left his busy throat, Rikuo knew his lover was close. "Babe!"

Kazahaya tightened one hand around the base as Rikuo once again engulfed him. His other hand moved from balls to Rikuo's ass, finding his prostate easily. Two fingers entered his lover and from Rikuo's grunt, knew he was on the edge.

It became a race to see who would cum first. They sucked, they pushed and they enjoyed it. Pleasure ruled them and with great effort they focused on the other instead of what their bodies were feeling. Kazahaya let go first but Rikuo was right behind him. Their bodies shook and trembled like they were sick but it was a climax only one who was being loved could give and receive. Throats worked, lips tightened and tongues tasted.

At last Kazahaya lifted his head. Rikuo was still hard and he kissed the tip before sliding forward to rest his head on Rikuo's thigh. He felt himself move over Rikuo's tongue and lips before cool air touched his wet flesh. Rikuo's hands still touched him, softly stroking him, calming his muscles. Mutual satisfaction let them doze for a few minutes.

Rikuo opened his eyes and saw a ghost grinning at him and it made him smile. This time the ghosts just watched and didn't join the fun! He shook his head remembering the previous Halloween. Lowering his eyes he saw one of the cutest asses ever! And he wanted it. Once was never enough for him. He could feel Kazahaya's breath drying his wet dick and it got his juices flowing again. With a glance at his watch, Rikuo saw they had almost three more hours before they were expected back and two hours before anyone showed up here. Plenty of time for another round of lovemaking! Oh Babe, I can never get enough of you!

Kazahaya was happy. They always loved well and this was no exception and there was the thrill factor of doing it in public so to speak. He kissed the hard thigh and rubbed his face against it. He was about to suggest they get dressed and get out before someone showed up when a wet finger entered him yet again. "Rikuo?" He questioned and looked back over his shoulder.

Rikuo grinned at him. He was already moving, scooting backward underneath Kazahaya. "I hope you didn't think I was done because I'm not!" They were so good together that Kazahaya moved with him without thought.

"But Rikuo…we shouldn't!" It was a token protest and Kazahaya knew it even as he said it. That finger had stayed with him as they'd moved and he felt the desire come upon him, just as intense as before.

"Butt? This butt? Yeah I should." Rikuo was on his knees behind Kazahaya. His lover was on hands and knees. He bent forward to kiss those clenching cheeks.

Kazahaya breathed shallowly as Rikuo aroused him. He lowered his upper body until he was resting on his elbows. "Ah!" His tongue! God his tongue!

Rikuo gave him everything – lips, tongue, fingers and hands. He enjoyed Kazahaya fully but his erection was begging to join the fun. "Here I come Babe!" He lifted himself and inched forward on his knees.

Kazahaya widened his stance and planted his knees in the blanket readying himself for that forceful thrust. Rikuo rubbed against him, teased his entranced then gripped his hips. "RIKUO!" He closed his eyes tightly.

"Kazahaya." Rikuo whispered once inside. He stroked his hands down the slope of Kazahaya's back. Over his back, over his ass and over his trembling hardness. "Hey Babe, let's make it a Halloween to remember!" Smiling he began thrusting.

It already is! He couldn't get the words out but surely Rikuo knew for he sounded out his pleasure with each thrust. Better than any candy! When it was time, Kazahaya reached out behind him and Rikuo took his hand. Fingers locked, they celebrated Halloween.

With much laughter they finally dressed and cleaned up any evidence of their love making. They breakfasted at Denny's and both polished off two huge plates of food. They walked home full of good food and happy to be together. Rikuo teased Kazahaya whenever he got the chance. He hadn't allowed Kazahaya to put his briefs back on. He'd tucked them deep in his pocket and when the opportunity arose, one large had would find its way down the back of Kazahaya's pants which was surprisingly often.

Kakei and Saiga shared a knowing smile when the boys came home. It wasn't because Kakei had gotten a vision of what the boys had been up to but because they knew what the teens looked liked when they'd been wholly satisfied. And of course they wanted to smile like that too so Kakei made a few preparations before Rikuo and Kazahaya stepped in the door.

"Everything all set?" Kakei asked helping Kazahaya off with his jacket.

"Yep! We walked back by and they already had a line of people. We could hear some people screaming." Kazahaya saw they didn't have any customers in the store and took the opportunity to kiss Kakei on the mouth. Most everyone knew about them but still they didn't publicly show their affection.

Kakei blinked in surprise then caught the boy's chin and took a deeper kiss. "Did you do some screaming too Kazahaya-kun?" He laughed at the teen's blush then went to hang up the coats.

Saiga sat behind the counter and scooted out of the way when Rikuo moved to join him. The boy kept a stash of chocolate back there and sure enough he went directly to the candy and put two pieces in his mouth. Though his eyes were covered, not much was hidden from his eyesight. Quick as a snake, Saiga was dipping his fingers into Rikuo's plump pocket. "What's this?" Though Rikuo was almost the same size as Saiga, the boy still couldn't meet Saiga's skill and the tussle didn't last long. Saiga spun away from Rikuo and held up his prize. "What?" He laughed with his belly. "Damn – pumpkin briefs! You'd never wear these!" Saiga looked over his shoulder at Rikuo who was frowning but looked embarrassed. "These are the kid's! So that means you've got a bare ass!" Saiga wore a delighted smile as he held up the brightly colored underwear as he looked over at Kazahaya.

Kazahaya had been tying his apron but now looked out the store windows to make sure no one was watching Saiga swing his underwear around his finger. He nearly jumped a foot as two slim hands went under his sweater and into his waistband. "Kakei!" He hadn't heard him behind him. Kakei was very sneaky. "Kakei!!" The man had unzipped his pants and was trying to pull them down. "Hey! No! The store's open!" He fought with Kakei for control of his pants.

Saiga draped an arm around Rikuo's neck. "What naughty reason did you keep the kid's undies? You should have known we'd find out. Maybe you should take off yours too." His other hand made its way in to Rikuo's pants. "Damn, I was hoping you already had but…" Roughly Saiga pushed Rikuo forward against the counter then gripping the waistband of his briefs, pulled them up tight between his cheeks.

"Saiga quit it!" Rikuo tried to push himself up but in the process felt his briefs disappear. Seconds later his ass was on display for Saiga. Years of practice stripping Kakei, ensured Saiga's quick success.

Kazahaya wasn't faring much better. Kakei knocked him off balance and while trying to stay upright, lost his pants. Immediately he bent over to pick them up doing exactly what Kakei wanted.

"Got mine!" He yelled to Saiga.

"Me too!" Saiga chortled.

Saiga made sure he was between Rikuo and the windows so as not to cause a scandal but he patted each cheek lightly. "Damn these things make a great thong!" He said speaking of Rikuo's underwear. "Did you two have fun this morning?" Saiga cupped Rikuo between the legs.

"Yes, tell us Kazahaya-kun." Kakei said softly. He was keeping the boy's legs spread wide with his own feet. One hand circled over the teen's ass as the other gripped his penis. He didn't worry about being seen. Though they were in the middle of the store, they were behind several shelves. Kakei knew he could easily slip into Kazahaya with none the wiser.

Saiga was grinning like a little devil as he stroked Rikuo. There wasn't any resistance at all now. Life was so fun with the boys around. He was about to move aside the thin barrier when something caught his eye. "Dammit." He whispered and reluctantly withdrew hand. "Customer!" Squatting he took a bite of the tight ass. "Leave that underwear where it is – I'll be back!" He took another bite then helped Rikuo pull his pants up.

"Eeek! Kakei! People are coming!" Kazahaya squealed and again tried to pull up his pants but Kakei wasn't letting him.

Kakei just tightened his hold and peered over the shelves to see who was coming. When he saw who it was, a huge smile lit his face. "Oh him, he'll pick up his prescription, buy some candy for the kids and be on his way in five minutes. No reason for us to stop Kazahaya-kun." Kakei said cheerfully as his hands never stopped moving.

"What?! You've got to be kidding!" Kazahaya's voice was a high squeak and he tried again to get away as the bell over the door signaled the customer. He froze for a second then struggled forcefully with Kakei.

"I'd stop that if I were you." Kakei said quietly in Kazahaya's ear. He used the tone that brooked no argument and which often scared the boy into obedience. Kakei reached into his pocket and pulled out two foil packets. "Put these on us Kazahaya-kun so we don't make a mess." When the boy hesitated Kakei bit his earlobe – hard. "Deny me – us and you'll regret it later." Kakei promised then smiled when Kazahaya snatched the condoms from his hand. Of course he wouldn't have done anything since of course he knew Kazahaya would give in!

"Morning!" Saiga greeted the old man. After hearing what Kakei had said, he'd immediately pulled Rikuo's pants back down to the floor. The counter was tall enough to shield them. He gently tapped the bottom of Rikuo's cheeks.

He tried to play it off, like he wasn't half naked before one of their regulars but Rikuo could feel warmth on his face. Rikuo leaned heavily into the counter. He nodded to the man and wondered how Kazahaya was doing.

True to form the customer asked for his prescription then went to browse for Halloween candy. Three shelves over and back to the left, Kazahaya trembled. A huge erection stood out straight from his body. He bent over slightly so his head wouldn't be seen and felt kisses trace over his ass. Kazahaya bit his lip.

Saiga spent a few moments retrieving the prescription then moved to stand beside Rikuo. He leaned over the counter and chatted with the customer as Rikuo rang up the purchase and trembled. Saiga had slipped a free hand back between the teen's legs. He tickled the inner thighs and let two fingers run over brief-covered hardness.

Kazahaya's mouth opened ready to let out a moan but Kakei covered it with his hand as he penetrated the boy. There's a customer in the store and he's fucking me! The sheer naughtiness of the situation just got him more excited.

Rikuo suddenly coughed and covered his mouth. "Excuse me!" He blinked rapidly and had to fight to keep himself from going up on his toes. Two large fingers had just greeted him intimately.

The customer stepped back not wanting to catch any germs if Rikuo was sick. He wished them a Happy Halloween and left the store. Rikuo felt himself pulled backwards and his briefs joined his pants. Suddenly Saiga was sitting down in the chair and was maneuvering the pants bound Rikuo to his lap. Somehow Saiga's hard dick had emerged already covered by a condom (supplied by Kakei) and wanted to find a new place to hide. He smiled as Rikuo groaned loudly.

Everyone was conscious of where they were, what they were doing and just what could happen at any moment and so it was hard and fast fucking. There was no tenderness, no savoring of the contact but how fast each of them could reach that point where they couldn't see, barely hear and only feel. Kazahaya got there first of course and took Kakei with him. The two slid down into the floor exhausted. Another few minutes went by and they listened to the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh knowing that their lovers were racing to catch up to them.

Rikuo's thighs shook badly as he raised and lifted himself. Because of his trapped legs, he didn't have the leverage he needed and Saiga had to help him but they were getting there. When Saiga's large hand rolled a condom and began pumping him, Rikuo found the strength rise and drop as quick as he could. They were going explode together.

Kakei patted Kazahaya's ass lightly. "Let's get dresses sweetie, we've probably pushed our luck. We'll have customers pouring in here soon." He got to his feet just as the two large men achieved heaven. Kakei smiled and helped Kazahaya to rise and the two left the store to clean up.

Rikuo's head dropped back onto Saiga's shoulder air puffing from his lungs. "You're a perverted bastard, you know that?" He hummed as Saiga stroked his softening penis.

Saiga laughed and bit his neck. "Man's got to be good at something. Mine's is fucking your ass Rikuo!" Minutes passed and neither found the strength to move.

"You two better get up. I see a bunch of neighborhood kids heading this way!" Kakei said before he'd even entered the store. He and Kazahaya had laughingly washed each other and freshened up as best they could in the past ten minutes. Kazahaya still wasn't wearing any underwear but he was presentable.

Rikuo popped up like he'd been sitting on a spring and stumbled forward just catching himself on the counter, ass out for all the world to see. "Shit!"

Saiga laughingly helped him out. With his own dick sticking out the front of his pants, Saiga quickly pulled up the teen's pants, not well but he was covered. Next, he wrapped his arms around Rikuo's waist and walked the boy in front of him to the back so they too could clean up.

The following hours were tame in comparison to the morning but still fun. While washing up, Saiga cut off Rikuo's briefs to be sure he too would be naked under his pants and so both boys, whenever the opportunity arose, were teased and aroused unmercifully. Business was really good since they'd had it posted all week that they would be closing early that Saturday. At three they locked the doors, grabbed a quick meal then hurried over to the orphanage to help the kids dress up then take them out trick-or-treating. Hinata and some of their other friends were manning the haunted house so that after getting the kids home and checking out their candy, the guys had the rest of the night free. PARTY TIME!

Kazahaya and Kakei loved to dress up for the annual Halloween party, their mates – not so much. So the two of them had got together and debated over what they should wear leaving Saiga and Rikuo to come up with something on their own. Very quickly, Rikuo thought of something he and Saiga could be – Men in Black. All they needed was a pair of black suits and shades which of course Saiga had. Rikuo did have some fun with the costumes as he went looking for toy guns they could carry to kill any stray aliens.

Kakei and Kazahaya took a little more time and when they finally figured out what they wanted to wear – they kept it a secret. They wanted to surprise everyone. Saiga and Rikuo had to dress upstairs just to ensure they wouldn't peek.

Saiga was tempted beyond all belief to 'see' what they were wearing when they appeared in some over large sweatsuits and scarves around their necks but Kakei had threatened to deny him sex for a month if he looked so he'd walked out first and told Kakei to sit in the backseat of the car so he could resist temptation. Saiga liked sex – a lot and if he spoiled the surprise, he was sure that Kakei would make that threat a reality and keep him from the boys as well so he was going to be as good as gold!

Rikuo on the other hand kept looking in the backseat and would every few minutes take a guess. Neither wore any make-up or hats or masks. He knew for fact they wouldn't go as themselves but everything he thought of, the two just vetoed it with huge smiles. All either of them would say was they would like it. It irked Rikuo but it excited him too. Some of their more erotic moments had happened during parties – with or without costumes!

They went to their favorite hotel where all their parties were held. Kakei sent Saiga and Rikuo in first and told them to prepare the crowd. Saiga didn't have to do much for when he and Rikuo showed up without Kazahaya and Kakei, everyone questioned them. He just shrugged and said Kakei was coming shortly and to be prepared. He and Rikuo were also booed for their lack of creativity this year so Rikuo took pleasure in killing them all with his five foot ray gun.

"Do you think we'll win an award this time?" Kazahaya asked as he pulled off his sweatshirt. They were in a small supply closet that Kakei somehow had a key for.

"We may not win best costume or most original but we should win something. I mean really – they won't be able to take their eyes off of us!" Kakei laughed as he stepped out of the sweatpants and watched Kazahaya do the same. "I may have you wear that in the store Kazahaya-kun. I'd have to beat them away with a stick!" His eyes glowed as he looked Kazahaya from head to toe.

"No way! You do it Kakei." Kazahaya returned the look and smiled. "Of course, Saiga wouldn't be able to stand it and he'd probably rape you right then and there if he doesn't do it on the dance floor!" The two of them laughed feeling extremely macho and sexy.

They checked each other over and made some adjustments then hand-in-hand made their way to the ballroom. Kakei poked his head around the door and was spotted immediately by Saiga who signaled the DJ. Earlier, Kazahaya had given Rikuo an unmarked CD to be played for their entrance. Kakei winked at the crowd who began to gather and wait with anticipation. Rikuo and Saiga moved to stand in front. They would be the first to see their lovers.

Super Shooter by Rip Slyme sounded out over the surround sound speakers. Some people immediately recognized the song while others began trying to guess what this particular song meant. Those who knew only smiled and laughed. Others clapped and inched forward to see better for if they knew anything about Kakei – the costumes would be as authentic as possible.

Kakei entered first walking like he was on a mission then smiled at everyone. "Do you like?" The room exploded in cheers and laughter then they turned their attention to Kazahaya who ran in the room and took a shooting stance. Yep, the happy sounds only escalated.

Gantz suits are made of some super tight material and are supposed to bestow great strength on the wearer. On Kazahaya and Kakei they granted the power of super sexiness. Both men were in superb shape, lean but still muscular and everything – everything was well displayed and emphasized.

Rikuo and Saiga looked at each other and saw matching expressions of surprise and delight. Neither would have guessed these outfits. They'd watched Gantz with Kazahaya of course so knew they knew the anime. Their guys weren't any character in particular but that didn't matter because they looked so damn good. Amidst camera flashes they closed in on the Gantz team.

"You got us!" Saiga said shaking his head and reaching out to touch Kakei's chest. It was smooth to the touch but the material wasn't thin despite its close fit. "Damn I wanna strip you naked right now!" When a hand reached out and rubbed Kakei's arm, Saiga turned to the person. "That's a bad idea." He said softly and the hand was withdrawn but there was much laughter too because many others were dying to touch the suit and the body in it.

Rikuo had put an arm around Kazahaya's waist and was stroking the black hip. "Babe…damn!" Was all he could say and was dying to run his hands over Kazahaya.

"Hey you guys, do like the girls in the manga! Strip off parts of the suit and let us take some pictures!" One guy called out and many liked this idea. "Pants first!"

Saiga growled and Rikuo tried to hide Kazahaya behind him but the men of Gantz only stepped away from their protectors.

"Oh we don't mind posing but it will be with our suits on! I don't want my lover locked up for murder and I think Kazahaya would rather have Rikuo at home too – not somebody's jailbait!" The two even had the smaller handguns that they used in Gantz. Standing back to back they pointed and shot into the crowd. PICTURE TIME!

There some normal action-like poses with the guys fighting and shooting. Of course some poses were somewhat sexual. Kazahaya blushed through most of these which only made him sexier. Kazahaya in the starting position for running. Kakei with his hands clasped behind his head, legs wide. Kazahaya standing holding his gun next to the bulge in his suit. Kakei sitting down with his back against the wall, knees up revealing the mass at the apex of his thighs. Both men bending over and looking back over their shoulders. This was all they'd had planned but Kakei was feeling daring and grabbed a chair, sat down and had Kazahaya straddle him placing the crave-able right there before his lips. Winking at the sexually frustrated Saiga, Kakei placed his lips on the teen's straining penis while holding Kazahaya's ass. Though embarrassed Kazahaya also did something unexpected and got Kakei out of the chair and bent him over it. He stood intimately behind Kakei and his hips did a little wiggle and the catcalls urged him to keep going.

Saiga broke it up there and if he hadn't Rikuo would have. There was just so much they could take. There were some protests but they gave up quickly because this was a party and they did come to have fun. The dancing, talking and eating resumed.

"You are so going to get it when we get home." Saiga said as he held onto Kakei's butt as they got some food. "I can't believe you just did that – without me!" He squeezed hard.

Kakei smiled and shrugged. "Your fault, you're the one who didn't want to dress up with us. It took us the better part of an hour to get these things on and we're going to make the most of it! Right Kazahaya?" He laughed to see Rikuo glued to Kazahaya's backside.

Kazahaya stood on tiptoe to see over Rikuo's shoulder. There was a permanent flush on his face as he looked back at Kakei. "Yeah! This is fun!"

"No this is torture! All that sexy posing." Rikuo said his hand flat on Kazahaya's tummy. "I haven't read the manga but I demand you do some posing for me when we get home. Half-naked of course." Even though they were about to eat, Rikuo took a bite of Kazahaya's ear. He wanted his neck but it was covered by the high neck of the suit. "You're all but naked now but I can't touch your skin. You two are evil!" He said with a half smile as he looked back at Kakei and the both of them laughed.

They ate, talked and danced with all their friends. Kazahaya and Kakei were very popular and were felt up by seemingly everyone on the dance floor keeping them hard most of the evening. They did win a contest though it was made up at the last minute for sexiest and most tempting costumes. They were having lots of fun but as the time approached ten o'clock, their energy started to wind down. The day had started early and they'd filled the hours with work and sex, enough to tire even these guys.

"What do you say we head home boys?" Kakei said leaning against Saiga's chest. "I'm pooped!" He smiled as he said it. He'd indulged and had a little too much to drink. All he could think about was a tumble with Saiga, maybe have the boys join them then sleep until Sunday evening. He was sure they'd be active for another couple of hours so leaving the party early had its benefits.

Rikuo reached out to brush Kazahaya's hair back from his face. His lover's eyes were a little too bright. It wasn't because he'd drunk any alcohol but simply because he was running on adrenaline. "What'd say Babe? We can cuddle under the covers, eat candy and watch Scooby-Doo. After I have some fun getting you out of that suit that is!" Rikuo grinned at Kazahaya. Their kids had introduced the young man to Scooby and now they owned all the DVDs about the Great Dane and crew.

Kazahaya looked at the party goers and wanted mix and mingle and dance some more but the thought of Rikuo stripping and loving him followed by good old Scooby Doo sounded even better. "Yeah, let's go!" Kazahaya blinded them with his smile.

Everyone was surprised to see them leaving so early but they wished them a Happy Halloween then gathered around to watch them leave, Kakei and Kazahaya especially.

Excited by the idea of more great sex, they hurried to the car. They were quiet at first listening to the radio then Kazahaya spoke up. "Big difference over last Halloween huh?" None had spoken of the real haunted house they'd visited last year. The ghosts had scared them but more than that, they'd pleasured them. Being fucked silly by ghosts was kinda hard to deal with. "I wondered if you'd make us go back Kakei. And they came to the apartment! Well their voices did." Kazahaya wrapped an arm about Rikuo's waist and shivered.

Kakei shook his head with a wiry smile. "I admit we wanted to scare you guys but even I was clueless about the ghosts in that house. Ghosts usually scare people or try to communicate something but I've never heard of ghosts who wanted to have sex! No Kazahaya-kun, I had no intention of going back there. We had fun but…" Kakei shrugged.

"But it was ghosts!" Saiga said as he drove to a stop behind the store. "We got enough freaky things going on in our lives without adding ghosts who give good head!" He shut off the car with a sarcastic laugh. "But enough of that! I'm ready for you guys to pose for us! Then we're going to take those things off of you – what is it anyway? Spandex? Those guys at the party had the right idea; I'm going to take some pictures too!" He laughed with lustful anticipation.

Kakei and Kazahaya looked at each other with conspiratorial smiles. Just like the characters in the manga, putting on the suits took time and they'd had the same idea. Helping each other get dressed took over an hour and in between they'd been snapping pictures the whole time. Later they would share them with the guys.

In the downstairs apartment, there were several jack-o-lanterns that Kazahaya lighted and turned on strings of ghost lights. Smiling he went to the CD player to play a mix he'd made of spooky but not too spooky sounds. "A little atmosphere."

Saiga just shook his head and went in search of his camera. Kakei wanted to sober up a little so he made some chocolate flavored coffee. Since it tasted like chocolate, he'd just ensured that Rikuo would be twice as vigorous in his love making. Kakei smiled. Rikuo took off his shades and placed the gun on table. Next went the tie and jacket.

"So we wanna do this in here or in the bedroom?" Saiga said checking the batteries then snapped a couple pictures of Kazahaya with his Gantz gun.

"Here we go." Kakei entered with the coffee. "How about we start here and end in the bedroom?" He suggested.

"Mmm, this is good." Rikuo said taking a long drink. "Put your foot up on the table Babe then point the gun at Saiga." He directed his lover. Under Kazahaya's suit, his dick was a hard tube. It had been all night, he had to be dying for some relief.

"Oh stop and let him drink this before it gets cold. There's more in the kitchen." He told Rikuo when the boy drained his cup.

Rikuo got his coffee, Kazahaya took a moment to sit and drink his. Saiga made Kakei go through a couple of poses before they too sat to finish their drinks.

"Naked time!" Saiga announced and pulled the fair headed men to their feet. "Release those dicks!"

Kakei grinned and turned to Kazahaya. The suits were very well made so that you couldn't tell how the opened to get them on and off. Kneeling Kakei's hand seemed to disappear but then he was pulling the fabric away from the rest of the suit. It took a few minutes but soon enough, Kazahaya stood there with his ass and genitals showing. The rest of the suit was still intact. "Voila!" Kazahaya's erection bobbed before his face so Kakei took a taste.

Saiga's laugh was pure sex as he snapped pictures.

Rikuo whistled. "Very nice, now I get what those guys were talking about! That is nice! Your turn Kakei." He urged.

Kazahaya sighed as Kakei let him go and he knelt carefully to do the same for Kakei, the exact same.

"Okay, okay – come on guys, just a few more pictures then we can get down to business." Saiga said stripping off his jacket and shirt. The action was getting him hot.

Rikuo took it step further and just stripped completely. He moved about the room behind Saiga imagining all of the things they were going to do.

Ten more minutes was all Saiga could stand before he finally put the camera down to strip. "Just so you know, if you ever want to get me to do something – wear those suits! Damn I'm horny!" He started towards the couple.

They were on their knees, butt to butt, unbelievably hard and dripping. Kazahaya looked back at Kakei and they rubbed against each then froze.

The lights flickered. The music went silent and then darkness. Everyone held their breaths then the ghost lights flickered back on and the flames returned to the candles in the pumpkins providing an eerie glow. The music began again too but not the mix made by Kazahaya. It really couldn't be called music since it sounded like whispering and nothing loud enough to be understood.

"Uh kid – ha, ha very funny. That's pretty freaky now turn it off." Saiga said with no humor in his voice.

"NO! That stuff isn't on my CD! I didn't do anything!" Kazahaya's voice was full of panic. Looking for comfort, he pushed back against Kakei.

"Rikuo?" Saiga looked at the teen's frowning face.

"We didn't do this Saiga. All the haunting we've done is at the house in the park!" He sounded more angry than scared and hurried over to turn the player off. It was silent for ten seconds before it started up again. Rikuo hit the button several times but the sounds didn't stop. "Dammit!" Finally he unplugged the system and the sounds continued. That's when Rikuo got scared.

"Saiga, maybe we should go back to the hotel for the night." Kakei said about to rise to his knees when he felt a hand on his back keeping him down. "What?!" He looked back to Kazahaya whose eyes had gone wide. "Something's here! Oh!" Not just one hand but several now were holding him down and touching him.

"Say what?" Saiga asked as he and Rikuo inched towards each other and searched the room with their eyes.

"Yes we are here. We asked you to come back for another memorable night but you did not. And so we have come to you! You gave us much pleasure last All Hallow's Eve and we want more! Relax and enjoy yourselves – we will!" A familiar ghostly voice said followed by laughter. The whispers were replaced with louder voices commenting on the hard bodies of the four men.

"Again?" Kazahaya asked and physically jumped when ghostly hands pushed him upright. The next thing he felt was his still hard dick being touched by a wet tongue. "It's happening again." He said softly looking to Rikuo and blinked at what he saw.

Rikuo had been pushed over a chair. You could see his ass being manipulated and his asshole wide open. Rikuo was groaning but it wasn't from pain.

Saiga was on his back, legs in the air over ghostly shoulders and the same thing was happening to him. The hairs around his ready penis were being parted by ghostly fingers and when Saiga thrust his hips up, he was obviously pushing that penis into a ghostly mouth or ass.

"Yes Kazahaya-kun, again." Kakei moaned. He didn't know how many hands were touching him but he couldn't really care as he was fucking and being fucked at the same time. "…God…"

Kazahaya couldn't say much else because now, just like this morning, his dick was inside a warm mouth while he was on his knees and his bottom was being readied for a ghostly dick.

It was an hour and a half before midnight and for that entire time they were having sex. One climax only led to another one. In each way they could have possibly thought of to have sex – it was done. They were used thoroughly and enjoyed every damn minute of it!

Even as the seconds counted down to 12:01, all four men were in the throes of deep release. Throughout the living area of Saiga and Kakei's apartment there were murmurs of satisfaction.

Fine boys. Lovely men. Such hard bodies. Such hard dicks! Wonderful fucks! Our time this year is over but we have SO enjoyed it. Being with you is the highlight of our visit. Be assured we will ALWAYS seek you out on All Hallows Eve for more undeniable pleasure. Be well young friends and we'll wait anxiously for next year to come and cum! Until then…

They were laid out all over the room. Suddenly the other lights came back on and the CD Kazahaya had made was again playing. The other sounds were of them panting heavily. Saiga was on his side, one leg up high over the other. Kakei's legs dropped to the floor with nothing to support them and he lay as if broken. Rikuo was sort of in a chair. His legs were over the arms of the chair but the invisible body that had been beneath him was gone so he fell backwards out of the chair and onto the floor spread eagled. Kazahaya had been on top of a ghostly figure, another behind him, another kissing him and yet another just touching him. He dropped face forward onto the couch, bottom still in the air as if waiting for more. He turned his head just enough so he wouldn't suffocate and didn't move again.

Saiga moved first as he began to get cold lying on the floor. He groaned as his muscles protested all movement. "Bloody hell…" He looked about the room noting that everything was the same as it had been before the ghostly visit, well except the mess they'd made as they'd been ravished. Saiga pushed up then limped over to the thermostat and turned it up then headed to the kitchen. After several glasses of water to soothe his throat, he went back to see if anyone else had moved.

"Do you see my glasses?" Kakei's voice whispered as he heard Saiga approach. He'd lost them in a serious lip lock with a ghost. It wasn't as if he'd needed them to see the ghosts – feel them yes, see them no.

Saiga glanced around, walked to a corner and stared at them. He didn't want to bend over, didn't think he could and stand up again. Using his foot, he slid them back over to Kakei. "I can't help you up. My back won't let me." He sounded so pitiful; he had to laugh at himself.

"I think…maybe I…" Kakei rolled over onto his side moaning. After a few minutes he pushed up on an elbow, found his glasses and put them on. "Oh my…we've got some cleaning to do." Kakei blinked. It looked like they'd had a cum party and they had. "But first…" With much effort he got to his knees and crawled to a chair and used it to push himself to his feet. Thankfully Saiga was there to keep him from falling down again. He cuddled close in his lover's arms for several minutes.

Kakei too visited the kitchen. He laughed as he remembered he was still wearing his Gantz suit. The ghosts' touch had been so intimate that it had been like he was naked. "Ghost powers I guess but damn now I've got to try and get out of this thing!" He blinked again because he was already so tired and it took so long to get suit on and off.

Back in the living room, Saiga nudged Rikuo with his foot. "Get up, you'll catch cold on the floor." The teen looked dead he was so still. "Are you alive? Was it so good you died and went with them?"

Rikuo smirked letting Saiga know he was still alive. "Just toss me a blanket. I'll move tomorrow or next week. Yeah next week sounds good." He yawned deeply and slowly lifted his arm to rub a hand over his stomach. "There were more of them this time weren't there?" He squinted up at Saiga.

Saiga shook his head. "Probably. Double-teamed, each time?" He asked softly and grunted as Rikuo nodded. "Yeah well… Get up - seriously. It's too cold down there. I'll check on the kid." Saiga looked around at Kazahaya and chuckled. "He's in the perfect position but neither he nor any of us can do anything about it!"

Still limping and holding his side, Saiga went around the couch so he could lean against it and touched Kazahaya's bottom. "Hey kid, come on. Get up. Kid? Kid?!" He'd been rubbing that little ass comfortingly but got absolutely no reaction. "He's not responding! Kakei!"

Kakei tried to hurry and was breathless as he finally reached the couch. It hurt like hell but finally he bent over enough to check Kazahaya then breathed a sigh of relief. "Passed out. He's fine." He straightened with a groan.

Fear had gotten Rikuo to move. He was on his knees having crawled to Kazahaya's side. Now he rested his head against Kazahaya's black-clad back. "Babe…"

"Help me?" Kakei asked of Saiga and Rikuo. He'd need both their help undressing.

It took almost a half hour to get the rest of the suit off since they were all so damn tired but moment by moment they weren't as stiff. Once Kakei was finally naked they went to work on Kazahaya knowing that if they stopped now…they'd never get it done.

Kazahaya was now on his back and breathing easier even with Rikuo's head on his stomach. Saiga and Kakei were letting the wall support them.

"I want a hot bath but I don't think I have the energy. Let's go to bed. Tomorrow – today we'll clean up – everything." Kakei said and with effort and the goal to shut their eyes and not move again, somehow they got Kazahaya off the couch, down the hall and in the bed then collapsed next to him.

Luckily they'd already decided to close the store on Sunday. Nothing moved in that bed except for the rise and fall of their chests. Morning came and went. Afternoon arrived and still no movement until about three.

"…Pee. Gotta…pee…" Kazahaya murmured and with regret pulled away from warm arms and bodies. His kidneys demanded that he get up. He crawled over limbs and hit the floor heavily. "Damn…pee…" He crawled the rest of the way to the bathroom. Holding onto the toilet he was able to stand up and relieve himself.

Rikuo, Saiga and Kakei were woken by his movements and relieved to see the he was fine. They smiled sleepily as they watched him crawl quickly into the bathroom. In mere moments the three of them rushed after him. Kazahaya had started something when he said pee and now they all had to go. One after the other they used the bathroom then looked at each other as they weaved unsteadily on their feet.

"Hey." Kazahaya said and they all smiled at him.

Working together, they found toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean their teeth then scrubbed each other down before rinsing off and filling the large tub. When the bathroom was full of steam, the four of them sank into gloriously hot water.

Kazahaya sat under Rikuo's arm and played tootsie with Kakei. "I'm starving but I don't ever want to leave this bath." He turned his head and kissed Rikuo's collarbone.

"I know what you mean sweetie." Kakei said sinking lower until his chin was wet. "We had quite a workout."

"Hmph! What gets me is that I didn't get any of you!" Saiga grumbled as water dripped off his shades. "You had those damn sexy suits on and I didn't get to reap the benefits! Damn ghosts!" Saiga splashed his hand in the water.

Rikuo laughed. "You got your brains turned to mush from ghosts and shot your cum all over the place and you're complaining about suits that Kakei and Kazahaya can where anytime?" His look said he couldn't believe what he'd just heard the man say.

Saiga opened his mouth to retort but when he saw they were all looking at him like maybe he had lost a few brain cells; he closed it and pouted making them all laugh.

Everything got quiet again as they let the hot water soak out the soreness and make them feel human again. The water cooled and all they did was add more and it was then that Kazahaya moved until he was in Rikuo's lap.

"You okay?" Rikuo asked. "You passed out last night." Gratefully he held Kazahaya close to his heart. It wasn't sexual. They had had so much sex that it didn't even cross his mind but this was the man he loved and would always want to hold him.

Kazahaya kissed his shoulder then put his head there and slipped his arms around Rikuo's back. They were chest to chest each feeling the other's heart beat. "It was so…intense. Two at a time – every time! And hands everywhere! It was like I wasn't even wearing my suit!" He felt a tingle down his spine as he remembered. "I just…wow I didn't think I could cum…you know…like that." He whispered and hid his face in Rikuo's neck.

Rikuo stroked his back. "Yeah me too. I think all of us." He said seeing Kakei nod.

"I think we had some supernatural help in climaxing that many times in such a short amount of time. One after another? That usually doesn't happen." Kakei said and slid closer to Saiga who followed Rikuo's example and pulled his lover into his arms.

"They'll be back. They said they'd be back next year." Saiga said quietly. "I get the feeling that even if we went away somewhere – they'd find us." If comforted him to kneed Kakei's back and hear him hum from his ministrations.

"Yeah, I got that feeling too." Rikuo sighed. "We're haunted by ghosts, ain't that some shit?!" At first he was angry but then he smiled and laughed. "Well I think we can say we're the only ones to enjoy being haunted. We'll always have great sex on Halloween!" He squeezed Kazahaya tightly.

"There is that." Humor returned to Kakei's voice. "Guess we'll have to prepare next year – get lots of rest, vitamins, cover the furniture!" He laughed as he groaned thinking of the cleaning they had to do.

Everyone was feeling better. It helped to think this was a normal situation instead of a supernatural one. After all, each of them had powers no one could explain so why should they freak over being given so much satisfying sex that it left them unable to move?

Kazahaya sat up to look at Rikuo. He blinked and smiled at him. "I love you and only you though. You know that right?"

Rikuo blinked. "Yeah Babe of course and I love you. Was that what was worrying you? Ah Babe, having sex with ghosts doesn't mean we don't love each other! It's just a fact of our lives now. I guess that's what we get for hanging out in haunted houses! Come here." He took Kazahaya's face and kissed him gently.

"Yeah, about that." Saiga said making Kakei look at him. "No more haunted houses! Neither my health nor my dick could take any more ghosts!" They all laughed.

Feeling better, Kazahaya turned so he could see Saiga and Kakei. Grinning he said, "Guess we won't be calling the Ghost Busters, huh? I ain't afraid of no ghosts' – dick!" He fell back into the water laughing and the others slid beneath the water to tickle him.

It had been a hectic Halloween filled with many surprises and much more sex but as always even that much more love. Really what better treat is there than that?

First to Michael Jackson – thanks for the thrills and Rest In Peace.

Wow, I think I'm out of Legal teasers! Umm…It's quite legal to scare the pants off someone as long as it's done in good fun but wouldn't it be more fun to scared into having good sex? lol How's that?^^ Everyone please have a safe and happy Halloween!

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