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(It's a normal day Shigure has a letter)

Shigure: Kyo, Yuki, Tohru

Kyo: what?

Yuki: what?

Tohru: what?

Shigure: we got a letter!

Kyo: really? We got a letter! Wow like that ever happens (sarcastically)

Yuki: who's it from?

Shigure: mmmh it doesn't say it just says to Shigure, Kyo, Yuki, and Tohru how strange

Kyo: well open it

Shigure: ok he opens the letter

Shigure Kyo and Yuki

I'm coming for a visit yay! I can't wait to see you guys again!

And I want to meet this Tohru girl

I hope you're all good. Make sure you tell the rest of the Sohmas that I'm coming ok?

I'll see you in a week!



P.S. I'm taking Kohaku with me he begged to come

Shigure: oh Flamery is coming over how nice

Tohru: who's she? Another zodiac?

Shigure: Flamery is not a zodiac but more like the zodiac leader see there are four zodiac leaders and they stand for: love friendship courage and wisdom actually Akito is one anyway Flamery is the phoenix of love she is the one who planed the zodiac party and Kohaku is the lion of courage. They are supposed to take care of the zodiacs on earth.

Kyo: take care of us how? They've never helped me before! And Akito just makes it worse!

Shigure: I don't understand it much ether

Tohru: which one is Akito?

Shigure: Akito is the chained dragon of friendship

Tohru: chained? What does it mean?

Shigure: he wears the chains of misery

Kyo: friendship? He's not friendly!

Tohru: maybe that's why he's miserable! He needs a friend! I'll become his friend! Then maybe he'll be nicer!

Yuki: Tohru please don't try he'll hurt you

Kyo: anyway he causes misery so he should die miserable!

Yuki: at least we agree on something

Shigure: that's not nice but it is true

Tohru: do they change forms when you hug them

Shigure: who?

Tohru: the zodiac leaders

Shigure: oh, no they don't. They are supposed to only change when it's absolutely necessary

Yuki: well we should tell the others that Flamery coming

Kyo: I guess so but I'm not going to Akito's to tell him

Yuki: me neither

Shigure: I have work to do

Kyo: no you don't all you're going to do is sleep

Tohru: I could go tell him

Kyo: no why don't you go tell Kisa and Hiro?

Tohru: ok

To be continued

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