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Kohaku: you

Akito: no you

Kohaku: no you

Akito no you

Flamery: both of u shut up!

Akito: why did u have to marry him! He's a moron! And he'll end up killing you like he tried to do with hatsaharu

Kohaku: you bastard!

Kohaku throws a punch at Akito but he blocks it

Akito: get out of my face

Kohaku: gladly

He tries to leave but Flamery grabs him

Flamery: can't we please get along?

Kohaku & Akito: no

Flamery: could you pretend?

Kohaku & Akito: no

Flamery: would it kill u?

Kohaku & Akito: could

Flamery: look u agree 3 times now

Akito: please sis join me for diner

Flamery: of course

Akito: follow me

They follow him to the diner table

Tohru: excuse me Shigure?

Shigure: yes Tohru?

Tohru: why is it that Akito dies?

Shigure: because he has the core

Tohru: are Flamery and Kohaku gonna die?

Shigure: no

Tohru: why?

Shigure: the reason the chained dragon dies is because he went to earth when he wasn't supposed to so the 3 other leader gave him the curse of dieing before it was his time

Tohru: is there anyway the curse can be lifted?

Shigure: I don't know neither does he

Tohru: that's so sad

Kyo and Yuki walk in

To be continued

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