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Summery: Pretty much how Sky and Bridge became roommates. One-shot.

Of Roommates and Powers

Bridge Carson looked unsure of his surroundings as he made his way through the many hall of S.P.D headquarters. Eyeing his map again, he searched for the room he had been assigned…And found himself in the cafeteria. Sighing at yet another failed attempt at finding the dreaded room, he turned around, glanced at the map yet again, and went forward. Technically he wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow, but decided that he might at well get there before the other cadets so he could get a little more comfortable with his surroundings.

It took him half an hour, but he finally found it. Checking to make sure he got the right room number Bridge stepped forward as the door opened and found himself looking at another cadet. He had been informed that he had a roommate, but he was sure that he was the first new arrival. The other cadet, a blue eyed, light brown haired boy, lay on his bed reading the S.P.D handbook.

"Shit." He mumbled under his breath as the very serious looking cadet eyed him curiously. "Sorry, I must have gotten the wrong room number. Sorry if I bothered you." He turned to leave, but the other cadet stopped him.

"Wait, what's your name?" Turning around, Bridge cocked an eyebrow before answering.

"Bridge…Bridge Carson."

Smiling ever so slightly, the teen with blue eyes kept talking. "No worries, you've got the right room. My names Schuyler Tate, but everyone calls me Sky. I'd appreciate it if you did the same."

"No problem." Replied Bridge as he started unpacking the small amount of things he had brought with him.

"So, how old are you anyway?" Asked Sky. "I'm 16."

"14" Mumbled Bridge, his focus still on unpacking. Sky was visibly surprised. In all S.P.D history, nobody under the age of 16 had entered the school, and him and Drew where the once to set that record, having taken the test and joined the second Sky had turned 16.

One of Bridge's hands, protected by a leather glove, accidentally slammed against the edge of his bed. "Damn!" Bridge yelled, taking off the glove, which now had a tear in it, to inspect the damage. Checking the bleeding wound to make sure it wasn't too bad, he looked around for something to wrap it up in.

"Here." Came the unexpected voice of Sky as he threw a small role of bandages at Bridge, who easily caught it. Watching as his obviously younger roommate wrap up the cut, Sky became slightly curious. "So, why do you wear gloves? It can't be the weather, it's 70 degrees out there."

"Um, its…nothing…You don't wanna know." He said as he looked at his torn glove. Throwing it to the side, he searched through his things until he found another one.

"Sure I do, that's why I asked." Sky liked knowing about the people around him. It gave him a slight advantage in case anything happened.

"I…I've got a special…power." Bridge seemed embarrassed about that, trying to hide his ashamed face. "Just…Just don't laugh or anything. Please." The younger boy looked up at Sky with pleading eyes. Sky could see all the pain and fear in those large eyes. Instantly, he knew what his roommate had gone through.

"Don't worry, I won't. Why would I make fun of someone like me?" A smile grin played on Sky's lips as he looked at Bridge's questioning glare.

"Wha…..? You have a power too?"

Sky nodded at his roommates bewildered gaze.

"What is it?" He could see the interest in Bridge's face.

"Just watch." Sky looked around for a second before picking up his manual and throwing it in the air. Without hesitation, he moved his hand in a circle above his head as a blue shield-like think appeared above him. The book bounced harmlessly off and landed on the floor.

A grin spread across Bridge's face as he stared in wonder at Sky. "Wow." Was all he could say.

"What's your power?" Asked Sky after a few seconds.

"I…I can read auras." Noticing Sky's questioning cocked eyebrow, Bridge continued. "I can read your emotions, who you are…Sometimes what you're thinking."

Intrigued, Sky sat down. "Really? How?"

"I…Here, let me show you." Sky watched as Bridge took off one of his gloves. He seemed a lot more relaxed now then he had been when he first came in, which relieved Sky somewhat. Bridge, like Sky, motioned his glove-less hand in a circle in front of him, except instead of blue, green followed the hand. "Your, pretty serious but….can be a complete goof off when your around your best friend…Drew? Although, you seriously need to lay off the handbook."

Now it was Sky's turn to be amazed. "Wow."

"So, who's Drew?" Asked Bridge, breaking the momentary silence while putting on his glove.

"My best friend."

"Is he in S.P.D too?"

"Yeah, we enrolled together."

"That's so cool! I wish I had a best friend to enroll with." Bridges face had lightened up a lot. He had changed from the small, scared boy to the joyful teen he truly was in a matter of minutes.

"I'm sure you will." Sky replied with a smile of his own. Just then, the door swished open as a teen stepped in.

"Sky! You ready to rock this place?" The brown haired teen, grinning madly, asked.

"Yeah, sure!" Sky stood up and stood next to Drew before eyeing Bridge, who suddenly went back into his little shell. "Hey, Bridge, you coming?"

Looking up a bit timidly, he was reassured with Drew's; "Yeah, you in, um…?"

Grinning, Bridge happily answered as he stood up. "Bridge."

"Cool." Said Drew as the three teens exited the room, talking and laughing down the hall.

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