Who's That Kissing Riza Under The Mistletoe

December 22nd

Riza sighed, her and Havoc tried to put the Christmas tree up, for the third time today. Kain Furey put a mat at the door that said 'Merry Christmas'. Falman and Breda put lights on all the desks, well Roy on the other hand made a snoring nosie. Riza sighed again, "This sucks." Havoc said. The tree wobbled a little bit. Riza ran out of the way just in time, the tree fell over and landed on Havoc. "Poor Havoc." Kain said.

Roy opened his eyes, "Are you done yet?" he asked lazily. "If you would get your lazy ass up we would be." Riza yelled. Everyone's eyes widened it was the first time that Riza had let her self go. "Sorry." Riza said getting the tree of Havoc. "Hey guys," Maes Hughes said walking into the room. Everything was quite, "What's up. Do I smell funny or something." Maes asked.

"Hawkeye just ragged on Roy." Breda said. Riza rolled her eyes and made her way past Hughes. "Oh wait I forgot to tell you guys. Where having a Christmas party Friday." Maes said with a smile. Roy went back to sleep. "So Roy," Maes said well mostly yelled. Roy jolted up. "Do you think Elisya should wear red or green?" Hughes asked sitting on Roy's desk.

It was to late Roy wouldn't be able to fall back asleep now. "Why not purple." Roy asked scratching the back of his head. "Because, I want her to wear Christmas colors." Maes said. "Then both colors." Roy said. "Roy." Maes said, "she only has that cute green one with the snowflakes on it, or the one that is red and has santa on it." "The green one." Roy said taking a sip of his coffee.

"Green it is." Maes said with a smile. "What are you going to wear?" He asked. "I don't know, black pants and a red shirt." Roy said lazily. "So who is going to be your date?" Maes asked. Roy shrugged his shoulders, "don't care." Roy said. "What about you guys?" Maes asked spinning around on the desk.

"I'm going to ask Riza." Havoc said all dreamy eyed. "Hey, I was going to ask her." Breda said. Everything got quite. "She wouldn't go with any of you." Roy said. Havoc and Breda glared at him. "I'm bringing my wife, Elizabeth." Kain said with a smile.

"See this is pathetic, Furey can get a wife, but you can't." Maes said looking at Roy. "I don't care." Roy said leaning back in his chair, only for it to tip over. Maes sighed, there was a loud noise, it was thunder. Or it wasn't. They all ran to the window to see what had happened.

What they saw scared the piss out of them. Just a little bit of base, Riza laid half way under a car. Now one could move. Roy was the first one to take action. He grabbed his coat and ran out of the room. "Oh my." Maes said. Roy ran out of the building as fast as he could.

Slipping a little bit of the snow. The car must have slid, the roads where covered in ice. The man that was driving the car, had gotten out and was tiring to get her out from under the car. Roy's eyes widened, he got on his knees and leaned over her. "Riza, wake up." Roy called. She winced and opened her eyes. "Riza, just hold on." Roy said. By now Havoc stud behind him. "Havoc go get Armstrong." Roy said.

Riza gasped for breath. The man who had hit her was almost crying. About a minute later, Armstrong and Havoc made it back. Armstrong picked up the car, and put it down some where. Riza looked up and saw Roy in tear. He bent down and whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry."

Riza knew what he meant by it. Roy picked her up and ran was fast as he could to the clinic. Roy kicked the door opened and put her on the nearest bed. The nurse, looked and her and then at him. She sighed. Roy left the room, and went back to his office. He knew that when Riza first got up she would ask if her had his work done.

And he wanted to tell her, he did. He walked in and everyone looked at him. His face was a little red. He sat down in his seat and started scribbling on random papers. "Furey, I want you to go and stay with Riza, come get me when she wakes up." Roy said glancing up from his work. Kain got up and ran out of the room.

Roy coughed a little and started to wright again. About 30 minutes later, Fuery came running into Roy's office. "Riza is a wake." Kain said. Kain was the only one that was aloud to call her Riza. Roy got up and looked at Kain. "Make sure my work is finished," he said and walked out of the office.

He walked into the clinic. "Hawkeye." Roy said. "Sir." Riza said. "How do you feel?" Roy asked. "Well, I feel like I've been run over by a car." she said simply. "Did you brake anything?" he asked sitting on the edge of the bed. "No," Riza said. Roy breathed in. "I'm glad, I thought you would get hurt, because of my stupidity." Roy said with a small smile.

Riza sighed. She got up out of the bed. "I have to get home." Riza said. "I'll wake you home." Roy said. Riza sighed, knowing she couldn't change his mind. Riza was glad that she didn't brake anything. Roy grabbed her a coat and helped her put it on. He already had his coat on. They walked out of the building and walked down the Christmas filled streets.

Riza looked up at Roy, "I have to stop some were." Riza said. "Okay." Roy said. Riza walked into a book shop. They walked in and Riza smiled. "Well good evening Riza.' he said with a smile. "You to Ben." she said. "So who's this man?" Ben asked with a smirk. "I work with him." Riza said browsing through the books that where on the shelves.

"And why is he walking you home?" Ben asked. "Because, I got hit by a car." Riza said. "Not the first time." Ben mumbled. "Speak up." Riza yelled throwing a book at his head. "What was that for?" he asked. "I'm buying this book." she said placing a book on the counter. "Of course, a book about guns." Ben said. Riza sighed and took her purse out. "I'll buy it." Ben said.

"I can buy it my self." Riza said in protest. "It will be your birthday peasant from me." Ben said with a smile. "It's your birthday?" Roy asked. "On the 24th." Riza said. "So what are you going to get me?" Ben asked. "A swift kick in the ass." Riza said. "No that was last years." Ben said. "How about I shoot your nuts off." Riza said . "I think I'll stick with the kick in the ass." Ben said.

"What?" Roy was confused. "Sir, this is my twin brother." Riza said. "Oh." Roy said. Riza sighed and got her book and walked out of the store. "I didn't know you had a brother?" Roy said. "Yeah, we aren't very close." Riza lied. "Wow, you're not good at lying." Roy said with a smirk.

"Shouldn't you be on a date." Riza said with an annoyed tone. "I should, but you're more important to me." Roy said with a smile. This made Riza blush. Riza and Roy walked past a store, Riza stopped and fell back words. "Aren't you glad I came?" Roy asked catching her. "I guess so." Riza said trying to stand up. Roy smiled and told her to get on his back.

Roy carried her all the way to her house. Roy opened the door and walked in. He laid Riza down on the couch. "Thanks." Riza said with a smile. "Any time." Roy said. "I'm staying, I'll walk you to work tomorrow."Roy said. "Sir." Riza said. "Please, call me Roy." he said with a smile.

"Roy please don't tell anyone about my birthday." she said. Roy looked ta her, "why not?" he asked. "I just don't want anyone to know." Riza said. "Alright, but you get to sleep." Roy said helping her get up. Riza was asleep in her bed right away. Roy watched her for a minute before her want and fell asleep on the couch.

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