Who's That Kissing Riza Under The Mistletoe

Chapter Four

December 25th

Riza sat at her desk. Tonight was the Christmas ball. She was bored out of her mind. Havoc and Breda where playing cards. Roy had to do paper work. Furey was bugging Havoc so he could play cards to. "Please let me play!" Kain cried. "No." Havoc said. "Please, please." he said. "Nope." Havoc said. "Damn it all! Just let him play cards already!" Roy yelled. "Yes sir." Havoc said dealing some card to Kain.

Maes busted into the room. "Roy look at the new picture of Elysia!" Maes yelled putting a picture of his daughter in his face. "Maes I will burn that picture if you don't get it out of my face." Roy said. "Okay." Maes said putting the picture in his pocket. Riza was now reading a book trying to block the noise. "So Riza." Maes said sitting on her desk. Riza rolled her eyes and moved her seat to the other side of the room.

"That's cold." Maes said getting of the desk and walking over to her. "What?" she asked giving him a death glare. Maes backed away. "Never mind I see someone's on the rag." Maes said. "What was that." Riza said standing up. "I love you!" Maes yelled running away. Riza moved back to her desk and started to read again. She was reading a book called Cry No More. She sighed, 'I don't want to go to the stupid Christmas ball'

Roy slammed his head on the desk. "This is so unfair!" Roy cried slamming his head on the desk a couple more times. "I'm going to gt some food." Havoc said standing up and scratching his ass. Breda and Kain followed out of the room. Falman fell out of his chair and fell asleep on the floor. "Can we go get food?" Roy asked. "Fine, go." Riza said looking down at the book again.

Roy got up and walked to the door. "Are you coming?" Roy asked stopping at the door. "No you go ahead." Riza said looking up. "Okay." Roy said walking out of the door. Riza sighed. "You guys something's up with Hawkeye." Roy said. "She's probably still mad about the pic me and Maes took." Havoc said. "Maybe." Breda said. "I don't think so, she never acts like this." Kain said.

Roy shrugged his shoulders, and got in line to get food. "What's up?" Maes asked. Roy and Maes sat out side by them self. "Nothing much." Roy said taking a bite of his burger. "What's up with Riza?" Maes asked. "I don't know." Roy said shrugging his shoulders. "What did you do?" Maes asked taking a sip of his coffee. "I told her how I feel about her." Roy said. "Did you get her—" Maes looked around "pregnant."

"NO!" Roy yelled. "Oh okay I was just wandering." Maes said. "You just want to be a godfather." Roy said rolling his eyes. "So." Maes shot back. Roy got up. "You might want to get to work if you want to go to the ball." Maes said. Roy flicked Maes off, and started to walk back to his office. Roy walked into his office. Riza was asleep. Roy sat down at his desk and started going over all of his paper work.

Havoc was dealing up another game of cards. "Alright, lets make some bets." Havoc said lighting a smoke. "Okay I bet my watch." Breda said putting his pocket watch on the table. "I already have one. Bet something else." Havoc said. Breda looked around. "I don't have anything." he said. "I bet my pack of smokes." Havoc said. "I bet my glasses." Kain said putting on the table.

Breda looked around and walked up to Riza. He lifted under her shirt and took her bra off. "I bet Riza's bra." Breda said. "You shouldn't do that!" Kain cried. "No way its fine with me." Havoc said. Riza moved around in her sleep. "Let hope she doesn't wake up." Breda said. Roy rolled his eyes. "I hope she shoots you." Roy said signing something.

"What do you got?" Havoc asked looking around. "I got a full house." Kain said laying his cards down. "Sorry, I got 3 queens." Breda said with a smile. "Sorry, yes you should be royal flush." Havoc said. He took all the stuff. "Now lets she what size Riza is." Havoc said picking up her bra. "Hold on lets make a bet." Havoc said. "I think its a size B" Breda said. "I'm not in this." Kain said. "What about you Roy?" Havoc asked. "Yeah, I want 20 bucks if I guess it right." Roy said.

"Lets make it 30." Havoc said. "She's a size C 36." Roy said with a smirk. Havoc looked sick. "No 30 bucks." Havoc cried. "Alright I would like my money." Roy said putting his hand out. "Damn it all." Havoc said giving Roy the money. "How did you know?" Breda asked. "A man never tells his secrets." Roy said smirking. Riza got up rubbing her eyes. "Alright where is my bar!" She yelled putting her hand is front of her chest. "Shit." Havoc said.

Roy looked back down at his paper work. "HAVOC!" Riza yelled. Havoc dropped the bra and ran out of the room. Riza grabbed her bar and quickly put it on. "I'm going to kill him." Riza said running out of the room. "Help me!" Havoc yelled running past Ed. "What up?" Al asked. "Riza's trying to kill me." Havoc said like a little girl. "HAVOC!" Riza yelled running up to him. She slapped him across the face.

"You touch my bar one more time and see what I do to you." Riza said glaring at him. "What's with the sign?" Ed asked pointing to the poster about Riza. "Havoc and Maes thought it would be fun." Riza said glaring at Havoc. "I think I just pissed my self." Havoc said. "That's nice." Ed said "no, maybe I shit my self" Havoc said. "Are you going to the ball Riza?" Al asked walking with her back to the office. "Yes." Riza said sighing.

The rest of the day was kinda fun. Maes and Ed bothered Roy the hole time. Havoc and the others played cards, Riza was watching Havoc. "I promise I won't touch your bras anymore." Havoc said. Riza looked at him, "that wasn't the first time you touched my bras." Riza looked pissed. "Shit I said to much!" Havoc yelled running out of the room. Riza looked like she could kill someone.

The office door opened and Maria Ross looked into the room. "Found you." she said grabbing Riza's arm. "Let me go!" Riza cried trying to run back to her desk. "Sciezska, Gracia help me." Ross said. "No!" Riza cried when the two other woman came into the room and dragged her off. "I thought you where my friends." Riza cried and the dragged her down the hall. "We only want to make you look nice." Ross said.

"Get your hands off me!" Riza yelled running away. The guys watched as they three girls dragged Riza off. "There a little scary." Kain said. "I agree." Havoc said. "Okay, Riza just sit there and don't move." Gracia said with a smile on her face. Riza was tied to a chair. "Sorry Riza." Sciezska said pulling a lot of makeup out. Riza's eyes grew big. She started to move around in the chair. If she didn't have tape over her mouth she would be screaming her head off.

"I call hair." Gracia said. "Makeup!" Sciezska said with a huge smile. "Dress!" Ross smiled. Kill me now Riza thought. Gracia went to curling her hair. "When we're done with you, you'll look so good." Gracia said. Sciezska was putting eyeliner and blush on her. Well Ross was debating on a blue or red dress. Sciezska took the tape off. "You guys are sick!" Riza yelled. It was almost 5 when Ross found what dress Riza was going to wear.

Ross chose a light blue dress that didn't have any sleeves. It came with a baby blue hang over. And at the bottom where white flowers. It clung to her curves and the only problem was that she looked like she wanted to kill someone. The make up was perfect, and her hair was curled with light blue ribbons that looked white. Her lip stick was clear and her eye shadow was a light blue. She sighed. "Thanks a lot I look like a chick." Riza said. Gracia was wearing a green dress and Elysia had a matching one. Ross wore a dark blue one.

Sciezska was wearing a pink dress. "Let's go." Ross said dragging Riza out of the room. Sciezska was going with Havoc. And Ross was going with Denny Bloch. Gracia had left with Elysia to go find Maes. "Later." Ross and Sciezska said walking to find there dates. Riza sighed, running as fast as she could in high heels to her office. Shutting the door behind her. "Okay lets see I'm only 3 stories up it wouldn't hurt that bad if I jumped." Riza thought walking to the window.

"On second thought maybe I'll just go the ball." Riza said turning around. "Nice Riza jump out the window." Roy said. "Well its better then everyone seeing me like this." Riza said. "I like it." Roy said. "Shut up." she said sitting down at her desk. "Are you coming?" Roy asked fixing his tie. "I guess." Riza said standing up. Riza and Roy walked down the hall. "You go first I have to get something." Roy said turning around. Riza shrugged her shoulders and walked into the mess hall. "Hey Riza." Ross said walking over to her.

"Your just in time to find out who the winners are for the King and Queen of ice." Gracia said. "Lady's and men, and the fat guys." Maes said. Breda looked up from his food and flicked him off. Maes laughed. "Alright, now King Bradley is going to announce who the King and Queen of ice are." Maes said. Everyone clapped. "Alright. Maes the votes." Bradley said putting his hand out. Maes got the votes and put an envelop in his hand. "Alright the runners up are." he paused. "Ed Elric and Elysia Hughes." he said. Ed had decided to be little Elysia's date tonight.

Ed and Elysia walked up the steeps. The got little crowns. "And the winners are." he paused. "Are you sure?" Bradley asked. "Yeah I'm sure that what everyone thought." Maes said very proud of him self. "Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang." Bradley said. Roy walked up so full of him self. Riza looked pissed. "Anything you want to say?" Bradley asked giving Riza the micro phone. "Yeah." she said. "I hate you Gracia Ross and can't forget Sciezska. Oh and can't forget the stupid men that started that dame poster Maes and I really, really hate you Havoc. And you touch my bras one more time and you won't be able to have kids." Riza finished handing Bradley the micro phone.

"That was fun." Bradley said with a smile. Everyone danced the rest of the night. "Okay everyone." Bradley said. "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here." he said. Everyone left. "You know you guys suck." Riza said glaring at everyone. Roy and Riza started to walk home. "Riza I want you to have this." Roy said handing her a ring. "You know just in case." Roy said with a smile. Riza rolled her eyes and out the ring on.

December 26th

Riza woke up with a bad hang over. She looked sad. "It had to be a dream right?" Riza asked her self. She looked down at her hand and there sat the ring Roy gave her. "Okay maybe it did." Riza said with a smile getting out of bed. She couldn't wait to get to work.

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