So I just wanted to post the 'general' timeline that I had for CY just in case you guys wanted to see when a specific event may have happened AFTER Harry's birth. I didn't do one for their 7th year but this may help in keeping up with some of the stuff in the sequel...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some of these may have changed in the actual story but this is the very FIRST copy of the timeline that I sent to MoonyNZ...I lost my last copy of it when I changed computers so this is all I could provide. I'll try to fix this at a later date but most of it looks about right...I think Hermione may have met Voldemort sooner...pretty sure she does...and stuff like that.

After Graduation- Harry's Birth

Graduate- June, 1978

Day after- Potter's Death; Caradoc Dearborn disappears

July 2, 1978- Hermione, James, and Sirius enter the Auror training program

July 8, 1978- Lauri leaves for environmental program in States; Frank and Alice announce engagement

July 16, 1978- Lily gets accepted into Charm Research Program

July 23, 1978- Attack in Edinburgh; Order fight back

August 18, 1978- Frank and Alice wed

August 21, 1978- Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy wed

August 22, 1978- Attack on muggle mall

September 3, 1978- Graduate from Auror program

September 15, 1978- Hermione and Bellatrix duel ALMOST duel...

November 16, 1978- Lily announces date for wedding (June 3rd)

October 29, 1978- Lauri visits; James proposes; Lauri and Remus break-up

December 24, 1978- Death Eaters attack muggle party

January 1, 1979- Sirius almost killed during Death Eater attack

February 14, 1979- Lauri returns for good; Remus proposes

March 5, 1979- Hermione meets the Weasley's

March 31, 1979- Stephanie Rezzet found dead

June 3, 1979- James and Lily wed; Death Eater attack

August 10, 1979- Regulus Black found dead; Order meeting

September 11, 1979- Narcissa Malfoy pregnant

September 19, 1979- Attack on Braxshire; Hermione's birth

November 8, 1979- Lily pregnant, Alice announces pregnancy

January 9, 1980- Remus and Lauri elope

May 12, 1980- Sirius proposes to Hermione

July 31, 1980- Harry James Potter born

Dates and events subject to change at will of the author :D

Harry's Birth - Halloween '81

August 8, 1980- Dumbledore tells Potter's and Longbottom's about prophecy

August 13, 1980- (Friday) Lily and James go into hiding; Peter becomes secret keeper; Death Eater attack on muggle village

September 17, 1980- Remus and Lauri get arrested for breaking law

September 20, 1980- Hermione saves them from Ministry

November 1, 1980- Hermione meets Voldemort face to face

December 25, 1980- Harry displays powers; visit from Dumbledore

January 11, 1981- Hermione visits Hogwarts; meets Barty Crouch Jr.

January 21, 1981- Longbottom's attacked, taken to St. Mungo's; Neville put into grandmother's care

February 2, 1981- Lauri is pregnant

February 16, 1981- Hermione and Sirius attend Quidditch match

March 8, 1981- Order mission gone wrong, three dead- Benjy Fenwick, Martellus Jones, and Sean Thomas

April 7, 1981- James and Sirius attacked by Death Eaters during a mission

April 20, 1981- Lucius visits Hermione and warns her

May 2, 1981- Dumbledore leaves on "secret" mission

May 5, 1981- Sirius and Hermione go to Cinco de Mayo celebrations

June 15, 1981- Dumbledore returns and sends Hermione to Derbyshire

June 27, 1981- Death Eater attack becomes disastrous; Hermione returns

July 31, 1981- Harry's 1st birthday party

August 19, 1981- More deaths as Death Eaters attacks become frequent

October 28, 1981- Dumbledore and Hermione talk; Hermione discovers answer

October 31, 1981- Lauri goes into labour; Voldemort attacks

If you see anything that doesn't match up with the story, PLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEE tell me so I can fix it. Also, in case any of you didn't get the email. The second part is now up and titled "Memories of a Dream."

Much Love,