I was a preditorial beast, a hungry and angry looking unmanned jet. The whole body was sharp and straight like a dart. It's deep violet skin gave off the same light as a thundercloud rolling in from the sea. Streaks of silver raced along it's dagered edge, like razor blades. The rise and fall of steel where the canopy ought to have been gave the machine a signal gleaming eye. Under that eye was a slit where it's one and only weapon was held, an energy ribbon wave that could tare in to concrete as easily as a hot knife through butter.

The jet roared through the sky above the Rocky Mountain range. Just behind it in a desperate struggle to keep up were the two halves of the modular T Ship. Robin was in the left half, leading his team while Cyborg and Beast Boy were seated in individual cockpits in the right half of the ship. Raven and Star fire were racing between the two halves, both enshrouded by the black velvet energy Raven was projecting.

The super sonic game of cat and mouse had been in progress for nearly three hours now. It had started when the jet had descended from the sky like a phantom. The deadly metallic weapon had then unleashed a rain of raw energy upon the Earthen cities with cruel and inhuman indiscretion. Every human, regardless of age race or status had been a target in this hunter's path.

When the Titans had arrive the jet had abandoned its deadly onslaught and tried to escape. Now, as it soared between two mountain peeks, the Ti tens were trying desperately to come up with a plan to stop the deadly assault craft. While it was an apparently skidish machine, it was also, apparently, invulnerable.

"I'm open for ideas now." Robin's voice drifted through all of the communicators.

"Dude, we can still try the SUPER SLUSHY BOMB!" Beast Boy replied.

"And for the last time." Robin's voice held just a hint of irritation. "We will NOT be using that idea."

"Man! It would TOTALLY WORK!"

"BB, all of that Tofu has finally gotten to your brain." Cyborg groused.

"I have an idea." Raven said gravely. "If we can't penetrate it from the out side then maybe it's possible to destroy the jet from the inside out."

"How?" Robin asked.

"You said that there is a small space in the jet's center, did you not, Cyborg?" She asked.

"Yeah, apparently this thing could have a pilot, if you were maybe three feet tall." Cyborg replied. "You could fit in there, bit it would be a tight squeeze."

"I'll teleport my self in side and try to destroy this thing from with in."

"How?" Robin asked again. "That sounds extremely dangerous."

"It could be." Her voice was dry. "If any one has a better idea I would like to hear it."

"Giant snow ball." Beast Boy said. "It would work."

"I do not see how, friend." Starfire drifted close to the right half of the T Ship."This vessel is made of Tokonic Alloy." Starfire's voice held worry. "My people once used this alloy for armor. Mere snow will not stop it."

"But if you would just hear me out..."

"Beast Boy." Robin admonished. "No. Raven, what sort of danger will this put you in?"

"None if I can get the timing just right. I will teleport in and use my powers to try and rip the jet apart. If that doesn't work when I teleport out I will take as much if the ships parts out with me as I can."

"I don't like the sound of it." Cyborg said. "Your powers couldn't penetrate the ships hull last time you through stuff at it. What makes you think you can get in now?"

"Last time I was throwing solid objects at the jet. They bounced off the hull. I will be teleporting through the hull."

"What do you think Star?" Robin asked.

"It may work, unless the hull has been double plated from the in side out. It was common to double plate our armor in case of..." She trailed off.

"I case of what?" Beast boy asked.

Starfire ignored the question. "Robin, I do not believe Raven's idea will work. But I have one."

"Why not?" Raven demanded.

"Tameranians had weapons that we kept under our armor. If accidently detonated it could tear the armor apart and that would tear in to more armor. Double plating was the only way to ensure such accidents were not detrimental to our own people."

"Grizzly." Cyborg mumbled.

"Indeed." Starfire said with an uncharacteristic amount of seriousness. "There are few things that will destroy this jet."

"Are you sure it's this tongue alloy?" Beast Boy asked as he pressed his nose against the canopy of his cockpit.

"Tokonic." Starfire corrected. "It is the only thing I can think of that could hold up to our attacks."

"Then my plan is a dud." Raven grumbled.

"Well what do we do then?" Cyborg asked.

"It has to be running for some reason." Robin replied thoughtfully. "It must have a weakness."

"Or it could have been programmed to do that because there's some thing out there that can blow this thing out of the sky." Cyborg argued.

"That's possibility." Robin admitted. "But if there is a weakness we have to find it."

"I agree." Raven said.

"As do I." Starfire added.

"Ideas?" Robin asked.

"Snow ball." Beast Boy mumbled.

"Any ideas OTHER than that one?" Robin asked.

There was silence for a long moment. Finally Starfire spoke. "Our armor was not easily defeated. Only after many years of battles did Tokonic Alloy look as though it should be remade."

Robin growled in frustration. "All right gang, we have to come up with some thing. We haven't thrown every thing we have at it yet. Lets try an all out attack."

"Sounds good to me." Cyborg replied.

In moments the five teens had brought up all the weapons they possessed and closed in on the mechanical savage. With a command from Robin they opened fire. Star-bolts mixed with sonic waves. Black energy encased objects mixed with a volley of cannon fire.

"This isn't working." Beast Boy said, agitated.

"I has to." Robin tossed a quick glare over at the other half of the T Ship. "We have to take this thing down!"

"Snow ball!" Beast Boy said, he sounded slightly angry. "Think about it, it's the only thing we haven't tried!"

"We have not tried throwing you at the jet." Raven grumbled.

"Friends, please." Starfire drifted back while still throwing her energy balls at the jet. "This is not a good time to fight each other."

Beast Boy folded his arms as a deep frown crossed his face. "It would work."

The members fell silent again as their volley continued.

"This making any apparent dent, Cyborg?" Robin asked.

The metallic human sighed. "No."

"Titans, fall back."

As the teens eased of of the jet it sped up and started gaining altitude.

"Whoa! What's it doing now?" Beast Boy asked.

"Trying to leave the atmosphere!" Robin pushed his half of the ship forward. "We have to stop it!"

"HOW?" Cyborg asked. "We just gave it all we've got!"

Robin gripped the flight stick tighter and thought for a moment. "We don't know for sure if that thing is double plated, do we?"

"No." Cyborg replied. "But I ain't going to approve of Rae's plan."

"It's all we have left." Raven said darkly.

"No it isn't!" Beast Boy pressed him self against the canopy. "Just hear me ou..."

With a sudden roar of it's engines the Jet shot up wards.

"AFTER IT!" Robin shouted.

As the Titans pressed hard in to the chase the jet started to loop back.

"It's going to go behind us!" Beast Boy yelped. "Fall back!"

"Scatter!" Robin ordered. The Ti tens separated as the jet completed it's loop. As each took off in different directions the jet pulled left and followed Robin.

"Crud! He's got my six!" Robin pushed the ship's half in to a violent roll, only to be matched by the jet. "It's offensive now! Every one watch your tails!"

"Robin, can you not get the jet lost?" Starfire asked.

"What?" He asked, all ready too focused on out flying the jet to un-tangle her words.

"He can't loose the jet." Cyborg replied. "Robin, I have an idea though, try to lead it this way, maybe we can get a nose shot off."

"I'll try." Robin grit his teeth and pulled the T ship's half around. As the Gs increased so did the dark areas around his vision. He shook his head, trying to stay awake. "This ... isn't working .. to well..."

"ROBIN!" Starfire cried.

He had just enough time to look back and see the silver ribbon of energy rushing towards him before he lost consciousness.