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Robin shivered against the cold. The sun was gone and he had heard wolves not far off. He had also heard Beast Boy cry out once, faint and very far away. And then there had been nothing from him. Seconds had dragged by like eons before merging in to never ending minutes. Still Robin watched the skies.

Again he was torn. Half of him was eager for Beast Boy to have found the other Titans alive and looking for them. The other side however argued that in his fevered state Beast Boy may have only imagined the sound and was now laying...

He firmly thrust the negative thoughts back with a shake of his head. Stubbornly he focused on the last place he had seen Beast Boy. As seconds ticked by he felt more and more chilled.

Any thing, he knew, could have happened. And if Beast Boy had imagined it ... Or lied ...

Robin clutched the stony bolder under him tightly. Beast Boy had lead the wolves off twice before. And each time he had been compromised. If he had tried the same thing now Robin knew that the only out come would be ...

"No . . . NO." He closed his eyes and shook his head again. Yet as time marched on the out side chill on Robin's body was met with a freezing twinge from the inside. Slowly his grip on the stone lessened until his hand was hanging limp at his side.

From some where close a wolf howled. Robbin shuddered and cowed down on the rock, his eyes searched the darkening ground at the tree line franticly. A feeling of loneliness crept up from his trembling heart and wrapped it's self around him until it was almost suffocating. Memories flickered vividly through his mind. Memories of long ago when he was alone. When his first family had died.

Stubbornly he closed his eyes and grit his teeth. "NO!" Cold and frightened he shivered and stood. He was about to get off the boulder tend the fire, to think of some thing else, when some thing caught his eye. He turned his head back to the sky and watched as a green spark roes and faded.

"Flare?" He asked him self. He squinted and tried to refocus his mask. A second green light flew up and faded. His heart stopped all together for a long moment as recognition flooded his trembling body.


He nearly fell off the bolder.

"From Stafire!"

A new chill, electric and violent, raced down his spine and he jumped to his feet forgetting his injured ankle. "YES! OWCH!" He bent over and rubbed his swelling limb. As he was standing he saw the faint glimmer of another star bolt and cheered. The action caused him to loose his already precarious balance. Desperate not to fall in to the fire he flipped over and landed hard on his feet. "ACK! OW!" Rubbing the limb he grinned and, over come with relief and joy at seeing the green balls of energy, he cheered and trust his arms in to the air. Thus a mix of limping and literal jumping for joy ensued. "YES! WHO HOO! OW OW OW OW! YES! PAIN! GO STAR! HURTS! . . ."

Raven, having forgone the patients to wait for Cyborg to clean out the meat filled compartment, had leaped in to the air and gone ahead. Ignoring the freezing chill she focused on the distant twinkling of tamerainian stars and pushed her self on harder.

Her communicator chimed and she picked it up. "Don't you want a lift?"

"No. Now forget the stupid meat and hurry up!"

"Roger that."

She turned her com off and thrust it back in to it's holster. She had covered half the distance already and forced her self to go faster. The wind scraped and clawed at her, but she ignored it. Despite her efforts to contain her emotions she felt them threatening to bubble up and overwhelm her. Focusing she forced the joy and relief she felt in to her speed. In moments she was at, then slightly past, the ground point where her two team mates were. She twisted around and hurried for a landing. The second her feet touched the ground she stumbled in to a run.

"Beast Boy!"

The green teen shifted slightly and looked up at her. She halted in her tracks as she looked his battered form over. His cheat was heaving in a strangled effort to breathe and his eyes were sunken and glassy. Starfire kept the star bolt she had formed and held it over head.

"He is injured, Raven. He is in much pain and can hardly speak." The Tammerainian looked near tears. "I am afraid for him."

"Let me see him." Raven said. She felt the now familiar feeling of worry wash over her. Forcing herself to be calm she walked over and dropped to her knees next to her team mates. With a steady hand she reached out and stroked Beast Boy's sunken cheek.

He looked up wearily. "Rae..."

She bit her lip and reached out with her arms. Tenderly she pulled him back and in to a gentle hug. Starfire backed away and stood.

"I was so worried I'd never see you again." Raven said quietly.

She felt Beast Boy shiver.

Forcing back another swell of mixed feelings she looked up at Starfire. "Where's Robin?"

"I am unsure. But Beast Boy has indicated that he was with Robin before he came to find us."

Raven nodded. "I'll stay here and guide Cyborg in, you go find Robin."

Starfire stepped in to the air and nodded. "I will find him." The tamerainian leaned over and kissed Beast Boy's hot cheek before drifting up and over the trees. A flash of green illuminated the aria for a moment then faded.

Raven turned back to Beast Boy and brushed her hand over his head. "Hold on, I'll do what I can for you."

He smiled weakly.

She un-clasped her robe and wrapped it around his shoulders before laying her hands on his chest. She closed her eyes and a warm glow filled the small aria around them. Beast Boy gasped as the smaller wounds littering his body faded and disappeared. His body seemed to melt and his breathing eased up. The raw pain had faded and he sighed wearily. He looked up and tried to speak, but she hushed him.


He nodded and leaned against her. A smile formed and spread as he closed his eyes again in bliss.

Robin stood panting and rubbing his throbbing foot. The Star-bolts had faded minutes before and now the skies surrounding the small camp were completely dark. From some where not too distant a wolf cried. While frightened he may now have to face the wolves alone he was overwhelmed with relief that his team mates were once again together.

And alive.

He was about to feed the fire when he heard his name being called. The voice was faint and feminine.


Scrambling up on to the rock he scanned the horizon. "STARFIRE!"

He heard his name once again being called. A thrill raced through his cold numbed body and he quickly reached for his last flash bang. Holding it firmly he called again and threw it hight in to the air. Then, quick as lightning, he chased it with a bird-a-rang. The two collided and for a moment the camp was lit bright as day. In the trees along the clearing gold eyes shone for a moment, embedded in wild and wicked looking shadows. Hungry long faces gazed out at him, waiting.

He forced his attention up and on the dark star-less sky.

Then, just over the tree tops, a faint green light appeared. It grew and grew, and became brighter and brighter. And as each second passed Robin felt as if he could contain his excitement less and less.

Finally the green glow materialized in to a womanly, heavenly, form.


Starfire came to a halt and hovered over the tree lined clearing. Standing top-less and battered Robin was gazing up at her wide eyed and open mouthed. Again her hearts seemed to knock together and fight for a space in her throat. This time however she was able to force them back.

"Robin? Is that really you?"

He nodded, slowly, his expression still a mix of awe and and disbelief.

She drifted down and reached out, her whole body tingling with excitement. Biting her lip she tentatively skimmed Robin's cheek with the very tips of her fingers. He was feverishly warm, and some how chilled at the same time.

But more impotently he was real.

With a second wild tamerainian scream of joy she rushed forward and clung to him. The sudden rush of motion and energy caused them both to loose their balance and fall towards the ground. Starfire slowed the decent and gently laied them both down, with her hovering only an inch above him.

"Robin! Oh I missed you!" She kissed his forehead and held him tighter. "Robin!" Then, slowly, she ducked her head under his chin.

For a moment they lay still and silent before she felt his arms reach up and wrap them selves around her quivering body.

"I thought I'd never see you again." Robin finally whispered horsely.

She pulled her head back and looked in to his masked eyes. "I thought you had been killed."

"No. Never." He reached up and brushed the orange hair out of her moist green eyes.

"Robin ..."

For a moment they locked their gazes together. For the moment he could not feel the chilled air or the pain in his limbs. "Yeah?"

She tried to formulate what she wanted to say, but the chime of her communicator interrupted her. Closing her eyes she rested her forehead on his chest for a moment, before drifting up and pulling out her communicator.

"Starfire here."

"Yo, Star, where are you now?" Cyborg demanded.

She smiled and lifted her hand in to the sky. "I will show you." She turned the communicator off and returned it to it's holster.

Robin sat up. "What were you going to say?"

She smiled. "I don't know. I can not. Your words of Earth, and my words of Tameran can not communicate what I have to say." She smiled brighter. "I will have to show you." Quietly she leaned forward and gently kissed him. At that moment she let a star-bolt go.

Batman sat, coiled and perched, on Gotham's South Clock tower. He was glaring at two men as they scrambled franticly down an ally. One man was holding a bag of money, the other was toting a gun.

Batman tensed. He was ready to swoop down and apprehend the fleeing robbers, when a ribbon of green energy streaked across the sky. He tilted his head and looked up in wonder. It was not, as it appeared to be, the aurora borealis, as it was not coming from the north. It was streaming from the west in a serpentine rush.

The thugs were forgotten for a moment as he watched the green luminescence dance and ripple across the black star-less Gotham sky line.

Standing he gave the sky a small glare. "What on Earth?"

Cyborg blinked back the blinding green light and shook his head. "DANG!" He smiled and rubbed his organic eye with a chuckle. When the vision returned to both of his eyes he reached for his communicator. "Ray, did'ja see that?"

"I did." Her voice was soft and easy.

Cyborg's smile widened. "Where are ya? I'll give you two a lift."

"I can teleport Beast Boy and I to Robin's location. I know where it is now."

"I think the whole planet knows where that is now."

"Possibly." There was static for a moment before her voice returned, a slight edge to it. "I'm going to teleport now."

"Roger that." Cyborg turned his communicator off and replaced it to it's holster. With both hands on the flight stick he grinned and pushed the T Ship in to full throttle.

Robin gasped as Starfire let him go. Wide eyed and shocked he tried to formulate some thing to say, but his mind was reeling.

"Did ... did I do some thing wrong?"

He shook his head 'no' slowly. "N ... no." He sat up a little straighter and again tried to think of some thing intelligent to say. "It's fine, perfectly fine. You could do that again if you wanted. Well, no, I don't mean now ... I mean I think it isn't wrong. I think that ..."

Starfire reached out and placed her hand over his mouth. "Robin."

He blinked and stared at her.

"I understand." She pulled her hand away and then hugged him.

"Explain it to me?" He mumbled, dazed.

She giggled and looked up at him with a bright smile. "Once again I don't think words could explain. I'd have to ..."

He half grinned. "Show me?"

She Smiled and leaned towards him. A dark wind raced between them, however, and they both looked past the fire to where a dark mist was taking shape. Black and green wisps shimmered and danced just beyond the flickering yellow flames. Two red yes glared out over the fire as the forms soilidified. Standing firm and foreboding Raven looked down at the limp, cloak en-shrouded, Titan in her arms.

"Raven." Forgetting Starfire's presence Robin stood and hurried to Raven's side. He looked down at Beast Boy's limp form. "Is he ..." He swallowed the sudden, though familiar, lump in his throat.

"No." Raven said gently. "But he's still in pain. He fainted just before I could teleport him."

Starfire drifted up and over the fire. "Where is Cyborg?"

"He's on his way." She knelt and lowered Beast Boy to the ground. Robin knelt next to him and reached out to brush the wayward green hair back. "Is there any thing you can do for him?"

"I've already done what I can." She looked up and touched Robin's shoulder. "What about you?"

He glanced up and frowned.

"Hold still." She placed her other hand on his bare chest and closed her eyes. Robin felt the warmth of her energy flowing over him. He felt his arm twist and his ankle burn. With a hiss he fought the urge to pull back.

"Easy." Raven said quietly.

"It hurts." He flinched and leaned away.

"Your wounds are infected." She let him go. "I'll treat you when we are back at the tower."

He rubbed his arm and nodded, now dizzy.

Starfire leaned closer to Robin and wrapped her arms around him. "We will be home soon."

A voice, weak and rasping drifted up. "Rob ..."

Robin pulled out of Starfire's embrace and leaned over Beast Boy. "Hay." He reached down and squeezed Beast Boy's shoulder. "Cyborg is coming. Then we are going home."

A small smile spread over Beast Boy's face. "I get ... to ... take a shower ... first."

Robin nodded and laughed quietly. "Sure. Any thing else?"

He shook his head and closed his eyes. "Tired."

Robin dipped his head. "You can rest now. Were safe."

"You too."

Robin took a shaking breath. "Yeah, me too." He settled back on to his feet and closed his eyes. A weariness he had been until now ignoring crept in to his body and through his bones. Every ache and pain that had been a half silent whisper now began to murmur and demand his attention. The fear that had heretofore been giving him his adrenalin edge was fading. He let his shoulders sag and his body relax. "Yeah. Me too."

Arms, warm and soft, wrapped around his cold shoulders. He could tell by the hair that was suddenly cascading down his back and side that it was Starfire. He lifted his un-gloved hand and laid it on her thin fingers. Feeling the last few days catching up on him he leaned back in to Starfire's embrace. For a moment he felt as if he could fall asleep there in her arms. A low rumble interrupted the peace, however, and he reluctantly sat back up.

Raven stood again and drifted in to the air. She waved her hands and brought burning chunks of wood up. Then, using the glowing wood, she guided the T ship in as it landed.

Robin smiled and stood, though be it some what unsteadily. The bite of his ankle caused him to wince. Starfire caught the expression and wrapped her arm around him. "I will help you."

"Thank you."

The main cockpit opened with a hiss once the ship was down. In the steam and rising mist Cyborg's outline rose out of the craft like a phantom. His one red eye swung around and locked on to the three standing Titans. Suddenly, with the force and volume enough to shake the tree branches free of their snow, Cyborg shouted. "BOOOOH YEAH!" With a mighty leap he cleared the T Ship's nose and hit the ground running.

Robin braced him self, half expecting the towering Titan to plow in to him. But as Cyborg neared he slowed down to a jog, and then slowed further until he was standing next to his team mates. A grin was plastered over his broad face, spanning nearly ear to ear. For a moment he stood, just looking Robin over. Then, with inhuman speed, he wrapped his chilled metallic arms around Robin, Starfire, and Raven.


Starfire returned the hug, Raven remained motionless, and Robin laid his head against Cyborg's smooth chest plate.

"Enough of this." Raven said, though her voice was devoid of it's usual dryness. "Every one is happy again, we know."

"Do not rain on our sun-shine party!" Starfire retorted with glee.

Cyborg laughed and let the three Titans go. He then rested his hands on Robin's shoulders and looked him over again. "You ok man? You look like hell walked all over you. What happened out here?"

Robin answered with a frown. "I'll be all right. And more than I'd like to talk about right now."

"I'll bet. Where is BB?"

Robin's frown deepened. He dipped his head and moved aside. Cyborg looked past him and the grin vanished as his eyes caught sight of Beast Boy's prone body. Quickly he glanced over at Robin. The Titan leader refused to meet his questioning look. Cyborg gave Robin's shoulders one more squeeze before letting him go. Quietly he walked over to the green teen and knelt in the soft muddy grass. Ever so gingerly he reached down and rested his hand on the small green chest.

"What happened out here?" The joy was gone from his voice. He looked up, his organic eye showing the fear and sorrow his cybernetic one could not.

"Hell froze over." Robin replied darkly, huskily.

"We need to get him back to the Tower ASAP." Raven said. "I'll get some blankets and we can prepare him for the flight." She rose in to the air and drifted back towards the ship.

Cyborg nodded mutely.

"I will assist you Raven." Starfire turned and followed Raven.

Cyborg watched as Beast Boy fought for a full breath of air. "How long has he been like this?"

"Sense yesterday."

Cyborg turned and looked up at Robin. "And he managed to fly fifteen miles?"

Robin blinked. "He made it fifteen miles?"

Cyborg turned back to the downed Titan. "Yes. A little over, in fact."

Robin took a tentative step towards his two team mates and sat down. "Last night he ..."

Cyborg looked up. "He what?"

Robin opened his mouth, but the words wouldn't come.

"What happened?"

"He ..." Robin lowered his gaze and shook his head. He felt Cyborg's large hand rest on his back.

"He's alive and we'll be home in about an hour. Why don't you just drop it until then, OK?"

Robin nodded. With caution he lowered him self down next to the fire. Again he felt his foot and arm begin to murmur their complaints. Cyborg again gave Robin's shoulder a Squeeze.

"Before we ship out I want you to eat some thing." Cyborg said quietly. "You look like might pass out on take off."

Robin nodded again, numbly. He closed his eyes and sagged some what.

"Scratch that, you look like your about to pass out now."

"Tempted to." Robin's voice was small and filled with exhaustion. He then looked up at Cyborg. "Are you guys all right? What happened to that jet?"

"Were fine. We blasted that jet out of the air. But you have no idea how worried we were."

"I might." He brought his hand up to his four-head and let out a trembling sigh. "I thought you guys were . . ." He shook his head and closed his eyes again. Cyborg rubbed Robin's arm.

"Hay, were all here and alive. That's what counts."

Robin nodded. "Yeah."

Raven returned with Starfire behind her. "Here." The gothic girl opened up one of the blankets and wrapped it around Robin's shivering shoulders. She smiled ever so slightly as he leaned in to it's soft material.

"And for Beast Boy." Starfire added. She drifted over to the green teen and knelt. "Should I lift him to wrap him?"

"Yes. But gently Star." Cyborg replied. She nodded and slid her arm under his back. As she was lifting him his nose started to twitch. Raven drifted over to help and as she approached he opened his eyes. A small lopsided grin spread over his face.

"Girls... one at a time..."

Cyborg laughed and Raven smirked. Starfire blinked in confusion.

Robin half chuckled after a moment. His gaze was growing a distant.

"I smell... beef..." Beast boy said. "And pork chops. And... turky..."

Raven, who was pulling the blanket tight around him, rolled her eyes. "Cyborg stuffed the T-Ship full of meat. He thought we were going to be here for a while." Satisfied with her work she helped ease Beast Boy back down.

"Hay, I had no idea we'd find you guys this fast!" Cyborg protested, his hands raised in self defense.

Robin looked up, trying to stay focused.

"Meat?" Beast Boy asked, his ear twitched.

"Much meat." Starfire replied. "So much that he could not close the canopy and..."

"ROBIN!" Beast Boy interrupted as he yanked his arms free of the blanket.

"What?" Robin asked, half startled.

"Cyborg brought meat! WOOT!"

The Titans blinked as Beast Boy grinned.

"Yes... and?" The Titan leader asked, his eyebrow quirking.

"Don't you get it? We can feed the wolves!"

"What?" Cyborg gasped. "Feed MY meat to some mangy critters?"

Robin smiled. "How much meat did you bring?"

"The whole supply." Raven replied with a glance over at Cyborg. "Plus some he had hidden away some where."

"As I was saying, the canopy would not close because of all the meat Cyborg had placed in it." Starfire added. "You have no where to sit for the ride home. Unless we empty the cockpit."

Robin pulled the blanket tighter around his body. "Do it. And make sure all of the plastic is off and stashed away."

Cyborg sighed. "All of it?"

"Yes, every last scrap." Robin said firmly.

"I'll go do that now." Raven said. She floated up and drifted back towards the ship.

Beast Boy, grinning, tried to give a shout for joy, but it turned in to a harsh cough. "I'm glad..." he managed, "that the wolves will be all right now."

Cyborg tried to look pleased. "If it's important to you buddy."

Beast Boy nodded and coughed again. This time it was deep and harsh and blood again appeared on his parched lips.

"Take it easy." Robin said quietly.

Beast Boy took a few calming breaths before the coughing subsided.

Cyborg stood and folded his arms. "Well, now that you two are awake, I say it's time you had some chow before the flight. Any requests?"

"Soup." Robin replied. "Hot soup."

"Any thing warm and vegetarian." Beast Boy added.

"I will go and make you a feast!" Starfire declared as she hovered. Both Beast Boy and Robin winced.

Cyborg grabbed her around the waist and set her back down. "Hang on, Star, you get to watch 'em and make sure they don't fall asleep."


"It's important."

She smiled. "All right." She sat down and fixed her gaze on them. "I will not let you sleep until you have been fed!"

Beast Boy yawned. "But I'm so tiered."

"When a tamerainian warrior is in danger of dozing from the G'orger-foofs it is custom to sing the song of arousal."

"Song of arousal?" Robin asked.

Cyborg coughed. "Maybe just tell them about how you took that space jet out with your own bare hands."

Robin and Beast Boy smiled. "Did ya' really?" The green teen asked weakly.

"I managed to damage it." Starfire said with a nod. She looked up at Cyborg who was now making his way over to the T Ship. "It was Cyborg who finally shoot it down though."

"You could have been killed." Robin's voice was small and tight. "I should have..."

"Don't start." Beast Boy grumbled.

Starfire looked at one, then the other. "There has been much between you two, has there not?"

Robin looked away and Beast Boy lowered his ears. The smallest Titan then coughed. It was small, but harsh. The one little cough sparked another more violent one, and then another and another. Robin reached out to steady him.

"It's been a long few days."

Starfire nodded. "Yes." She floated over and sat down next to Beast Boy. "Friend, maybe you should sleep. I will awaken you when your food is here."

Beast Boy nodded and closed his eyes. "Thanks Star."

She leaned down and kissed his forehead. "You are welcome."

Robin gave Beast Boy's shoulder a squeeze. He then settled back and rubbed his masked eyes with his palm.



She stood and walked over to him. "You should rest too." She eased her self down and wrapped her arm around him. "Rest."

Robin debated for a moment weather or not he should rest. Before he could decide, however, Starfire had pulled him close and rested her chin on his head. She was warm and the feeling of her around him was comforting. His body relaxed under her gentile embrace. Without his consent his eyelids began to slide closed. He heard Starfire's voice, but couldn't quite make out the words. Then, the next thing he knew some one was nudging his shoulder.

"Robin. Wake up and eat."

He blinked and looked in to the cold blue eyes of Raven. She was kneeling in front of him. Past her Starfire was hovering in front of Cyborg. They both were talking in hushed voices.

Robin then noticed that he was laying on the ground. "Did I fall asleep?"

Raven nodded. "Yes." She smiled and reached down to help Robin up. Once siting she handed him a small bowl of hot veggy soup.

For a moment all he could do was look at it.

Raven frowned. "I know you are probably not hungry ..."

"I am." Robin said quickly. He picked up the spoon and took a small bite. The moment the savory taste registered his stomach snarled. Robin closed his eyes in a small moment of bliss and sighed.


He nodded and looked up at her with a grin. "Best! Soup! Ever!"

She stood and for a moment looked as if she wanted to laugh. "I'll give Beast Boy his then, and leave you to your meal."

He nodded, the second and third bite already in his mouth. As he downed the fourth and the fifth he heard Raven trying to revive Beast Boy. There was a rustle of fabric, and then happy, 'yummy', sounds. Raven did chuckle then, but quickly silenced it. Robin looked up and saw that Beast Boy had forgone the spoon and was simply downing the soup straight from the bowl.

Robin glanced at his own spoon. Then back at Beast Boy. With a shrug he set his spoon aside and finished his small meal in two large gulps.

"Yo, you guys are make those wolve look like they have table manners!" Cyborg called.

Starfire giggled. "Now that they have been fed can we go home?"

Cyborg looked both Robin and Beast Boy over. "Yeah, I think they can handle take off now. But I want you girls right on top of that canopy until we level off for the flight."

Robin wanted to protest being baby sat, but knew that Cyborg was right. "How long before we take off?"

"As soon as you guys are settled in." Cyborg replied as he walked up to Beast Boy. "Think you can walk?"

Beast Boy lowered the bowl and looked over at the ship. It was nearly three-hundred yards away. His ears fell again and, with a little cough, shook his head 'no'.

Cyborg knelt down and, with all the care of an elephant picking a flower, scooped Beast Boy up in to his arms.

"'Sall right man, I gotcha'."

Robin Stood with a grunt and stumbled forward. Pain, as hot and blinding as lightning it's self, shot up through his leg. He hissed and tottered for a moment. Raven hurried up next to him and steadied him.

"I could carry you as well."

"Just let me lean on some thing." Robin tried to smile, but the searing pain was still pulsing through him.

"Stubborn." She replied. But she did not attempt to lift him.

"And a good thing too." Cyborg added.

Starfire landed next to Robin and took his arm. "Please, allow me."

He blushed, ever so slightly. "Uh..."

"Raven can put that fire out while we head over to the ship." Cyborg said with a small wink to Beast Boy.

"Yeah, cuz she's a cold woman." Beast Boy replied. He tried to laugh at his own joke, but it came out as another cough.

Raven rolled her eyes and relinquished Robin to Starfire. "What ever. Lets just hurry up and go."

As Cyborg took the lead Robin struggled to keep up, despite the slow pace. Starfire leaned close to his ear.

"You should be carried."

"I'm fine." He murmured through clenched teeth.

She gave him a doubtful look, but like Raven, did not argue.

Beast Boy coughed again, more violently than he had before, and mumbled some thing. Cyborg replied in a wiper that only Beast Boy could fully make out. The rest of the walk was silent. Though while they made their way over Robin stumbled a time or two. Starfire had held him up however, and Raven was hovering close by just in case.

When the Titans finally made it to the T Ship Starfire did not ask Robin if he wanted help up, but lifted him with out a word instead. She set him down gently as Raven lifted Cyborg and Beast Boy up to the Ship's top as well.

"I will ready the cock pit." Raven announced.

Starfire sat down on the ship's wing and Robin joined her. Cyborg stayed on his feet and watched Raven while she worked, all the while whispering to Beast Boy.

Robin gazed out over the landscape as his mind tried to adjust to the new situation. Despite his best efforts, however, fear was still griping him tightly. From the shadows he could see the wolves moving about. He hardly noticed as Starfire wrapped her arm around him.

"It's ready now." Raven announced.

Starfire helped Robin to his feet and over to the sheltered opening in the ship.

Spicy and sweet, the sent of sausage drifted up and mixed with the pine of the woods as Robin lowered him self down in to the T Ship's back cockpit. The seat had been folded in to the floor and the floor it's self was covered in blankets. Once he was settled in side Cyborg gently lowered Beast Boy in to the small space. The green teen moaned and rolled to his side.

"We'll be home soon." Raven murmured as she ran her finger tips over his hot jade cheek.

He smiled weakly. "Can't wait."

As Raven floated up and away Starfire came close. "Here, you may take my communicator. Raven and I will share her's."

Robin took it and smiled. "I missed these things."

"Yeah, we noticed yours was busted up." Cyborg said. "Some thing happen to BB's?"

"Lost it." Beast Boy mumbled. He curled tighter and rubbed his nose.

"That explains why we couldn't reach you." Raven said quietly. She frowned and crouched down on the ship's frame. "When you two didn't respond to our hails..."

Starfire interrupted. "It is in the past. We will not think of it again."

"Lets head home Titans." Cyborg stood and gave Robin a broad smile. "That is, when you give the command."

Robin nodded. "I was ready to go home days ago."

Starfire reached up and grabbed the canopy. "I shall not be far from you. When you look up, you will see me."

"And I'll be right beside her." Raven added. Her quite and small smile returning.

"Thanks." Robin said, his voice weary.

Starfire closed the canopy and drifted back. Next Raven floated away. Cyborg gave Robin 'thumbs-up' and headed towards the pilots' cockpit. All at once the air flow stopped, and the inside of the cockpit grew still. As nature was abruptly shut out and away from Robin and Beast Boy both of them sighed. Silence engulfed the two like a thick blanket. Only Beast Boy's ragged breathing could be heard. Robbin listened for a moment before turning and looking down at his team mate. "I'm sorry."

The green eyes fluttered open and rolled until they were looking at Robin. "You said that all ready." Each word rasped.

"I know but ..."

Beast Boy drew in a deep breath. "Star's right. In the past, forget it."

All Robin could do was nod. He sat back and pulled his knees up, trying to give Beast Boy as much room in the small space as possible. He was just starting to find a comfortable position when a long and lonely sounding howl tore in to the silence and sent his heart thundering in to his throat and ears. Beast Boy stiffened and curled up tighter.

"It's ok." Robin took a breath and tried to calm his racing heart. "They can't get us in here."

Beast Boy, trembling slightly, pulled the blanket up and over his head. Robin hesitantly reached over and placed his own shaking hand on his team mate's shoulder. "It's ok."

The com, still in Robin's hand, chimed and for a second he wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with the small device. Then, after turning it on, he brought it up to his mouth. "Robin here."

"Yo, those mangy critters are swarming over my meat. I hope you are happy now!"

Robin shifted and looked out over the half frozen clearing. Nearly a dozen wolves were rapidly devouring the prime cuts and choice stakes. Standing in the center of the frenzied mass was the Alpha. His body was tattered and streaks of blood were still evident on his matted hide. The smallest wolf emerged from the snarling, biting, yapping mass with a length of ribs hanging from his ivory fangs. He trotted up to the limping leader and dropped it at the large beast's feat. Then, with cold yellow eyes, the Omega looked back at Robin and licked his hungry chops.

The ribs, possibly one of Cyborg's beloved beef BBQ special packs, was laying bleeding in the snow. The cut was about the same size as Beast Boy's thin body. The thought send a cold shiver down Robin's spine and he sat back down. Dizzy and numb he lifted the com up. "Just glad that's not us down there right now."

"Copy that Robin. Yo every one, next stop, home!" The com fizzled and Robin clumsily shoved it in to his holster. Wearily he looked back down at Beast Boy. The youth was still and struggling for a full breath. Gingerly Robin reached over and felt Beast Boy's head. The fever was more vicious than he had been before. Wrinkling his nose Beast Boy looked up and gazed dully at Robin.


"I know. We'll be home soon."

Beast Boy, giving Robin a tiny smile, nodded weakly. Then, with a heavy sigh, he closed his eyes. His body relaxed and Robin knew he was finally standing down from his protective watch. Once more Robin brushed back the hair out of Beast Boy's eyes, then laid his head back on the cockpit wall. He looked up in to the dark star-less sky and watched as green and black energy swirled above the ship.

"It's over, Beast Boy, we're going home."

He closed his eyes and, for the fist time since the violet space craft had descended upon the planet, he allowed him self to relax. All at once the adrenalin that had been surging through his body seemed to drain. He took a breath and his shoulders sagged. As the reality of the ship around him set in he felt the invisible weight of stress and hunger settle on his shoulders. The weight crept through his back and down in to his numb legs and through his arms and hands. Last it drifted up and, Despite his best efforts, began to tug at his eyelids. Finally, some where between the cave and the downed half of the T-Ship, Robin eased him self down on to the cockpit floor next to Beast Boy, and fell asleep.


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