Title: First Impression

Author: Pentangle

Rating: K

Characters: Glorfindel and Erestor

Warnings: none

Summary: Isn't it great when people hit it off right away?

A/N Takes place before "Beginning" my other Glor 'n' Stor drabble


"Erestor, may I introduce Glorfindel, who is to be charged with our Valley's defenses?"

"Lord Glorfindel."

"Lord Erestor."

"May I show you to your temporary quarters?"



"...and finally up these stairs and to the left. First door." (Erestor)

"Thank you…Pardon me, but have we met before?" (Glorfy)

"Perhaps. I have lived many places. Why do you ask?"

"Because when I look at you I smell smoke."

"Do you."

"I smell smoke and feel anger."

"I am not responsible for how you feel."

"I am not so sure. What is your House?"

"We care little for such things here."

"Nevertheless, you have one."

"For the peace of this house, do not persist."

"I will ask your Lord."

"He will not answer."

"Your reticence answers me!"

"You assume much."

"Do you like music? What is your favored instrument? The Harp?"

"You are insulting!"

"And you are a -!"

"Beware! You go too far!"

"I cannot hear you for the screams."

"Our lord will not have us brawling about the halls."

"I will discover who you are. Then I will demand an accounting."

"You may be surprised. I bid you good-night."

"This is not ended!"

"It must be. Good-night!"


The end (for now…)

A/N For those not obsessed with the history of Gondolin, it may surprise you to know that it wasn't only Morgoth who was responsible for its fall. Two houses, the Mole and the Harp, took part in the treachery or were, shall we say, (cough) more interested in self-preservation than they should have been.

Also, this is part of the back story to my characterization of Erestor and Glorfindel in my Young Aragorn stories. So they do become friends. After a long time (and three or four more fics!).