What I don't own: "My Life as a Teenage Robot" and all characters from the show, as well as Greg and June Carbunkle and the original idea for this story.
What I co-own: Gin Kohana
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A/N: This story came from a picture drawn by very own Nintendo Maximus. He and I have been communicating a lot about MLaaTR, ever since I wrote Phoenix Fire a while back and created the fully human version of Jenny. He had already created Greg and June, who are Brad and Jenny's kids, but he asked me for ideas for Greg's romantic interest. Between the two of us, we created Gin Kohana. As a cute Christmas picture, NM drew human Greg (he was originally half-robot, before I wrote Phoenix Fire), with many lipstick stains on his face, saying to a giggling Gin, "Hey, I thought you said we were under mistletoe...?" I loved the picture so much, it sparked the idea for this story, so here we are. I see this happening when Greg and Gin are about 12 or 13. All other character's ages are adjusted accordingly (meaning I don't know anyone else's ages). To see the picture, visit http (colon slash slash) www . deviantart . com (slash) deviation (slash) 26616825 (remember to take out the spaces and put in the proper symbols)

TheMistletoe Trick

Greg Carbunkle sat eagerly by the front window, watching the street in front of his house. It was Christmas Day, and his family was on their way for Christmas dinner and presents.

Greg grinned when he saw the first car pull into the driveway. A short, white-haired woman stepped out, walked around to the back of the car, and extricated two large bags of gifts from the trunk. As the woman approached the front door, Greg hopped down from the window seat and ran to open the door for her. "Grandma!" he yelled in delight.

"Merry Christmas, Gregory," Nora Wakeman said with a smile. Greg took one of the bags from her hand and gave her a large hug. They set the packages under the Christmas tree just as a second vehicle came onto the property. A minute later, a tall, gangly man with black hair entered the home, followed by a robot woman.

"Merry Christmas, Uncle Sheldon and Aunt Jessie!" Greg said, embracing them both.

"Merry Christmas Greg!" Jessie Lee replied. "Where are your parents and sister?"

"In the kitchen," Jenny called through a doorway. "We'll be out in a sec!"

"Hey, Greg, what's this I hear about a new girl at school?" Sheldon asked. "Your mom was telling me about her last time we talked."

"Oh, yeah, Gin. She's gonna come over later," Greg explained.

"Is she your girlfriend or something?"

Greg blushed. "No way, Uncle Sheldon. If she was my girlfriend I'd have to kiss her and all that other mushy stuff."

Sheldon chuckled. "Just wait, Greg. Someday, you're gonna want a girl to kiss you."

Greg studied Sheldon's face for a bit, trying to determine if he was serious, before shuddering in disgust. "Gross."

By this time, Jenny, Brad and June Carbunkle had all come into the living room. "So, where are my little brother and that fiancée of his?" Brad asked.

"Right here," Tuck Carbunkle said, walking into the house. He stomped his feet on the entry carpet, as it had started to snow and the white powder was all over the soles of his shoes. Following closely behind was Lucy Nolan, Tuck's childhood sweetheart and fiancée. Tuck was carrying the gifts, and Lucy had a casserole dish in her hand. "It's too bad Mom and Dad are in Miami; they could have been here to celebrate with us."

"Well, I'm sure they're having fun and enjoying their retirement," Brad said, helping Tuck put the gifts under the tree.

Tuck turned around and scooped Greg into a big bear hug. "Merry Christmas, Greg-man!" he said enthusiastically.

Greg laughed and replied, "Merry Christmas, Uncle Tuck!"

The family sat down and promptly began opening gifts. Brad and Tuck were as bad as Greg and June, shaking the gifts to try to figure out what was inside. Jenny and Jessie were taking photos like mad, for scrapbooks and family photo albums.

By the time the gift giving was over, Greg had amassed a GameStation XP, along with three games and an extra controller; five pairs of socks; two sweaters; three pairs of pants; a new Silver Shell action figure and first-edition #1 "Adventures of the Silver Shell" comic book for his collection (from Sheldon, who was the creator and writer of said comic); and $30 in iSongs gift cards for his iMod MP3 player. He took his gifts upstairs to his room and put everything away.

As he was coming downstairs, he heard a knock at the door. Everyone else had moved into the dining room for dinner, so he answered the knock.

"Hey, Gin! Merry Christmas!" Greg said. "Come on in."

"Thanks, Greg. Merry Christmas to you, too," Gin Kohana replied with a smile. Greg and Gin walked into the dining room.

"Everyone, this is Gin Kohana, my friend from school. Gin, this is my uncle, Sheldon Lee, and my Aunt Jessie. You already know my Uncle Tuck and my grandma."

"It's nice to meet you, Gin," Sheldon said with a smile.

"And you, Mr. Lee," Gin replied. Greg showed Gin to her seat, between him and June, and the group began to eat.

After dinner, Greg and Gin went up to Greg's room and played with Greg's new GameStation XP. A few hours later, at about 8:30, Gin announced that it was time for her to leave.

"I've got to get home. I'll see you tomorrow?" she asked as she put on her gloves.

"Of course! I'll be at the park all day."

"Okay." She put on her hat. Greg helped her wrap her scarf around her neck.

Gin smiled, and looked up briefly. "Mistletoe."

"Huh?" Greg asked. He tried to look up, but Gin kissed him swiftly on the cheek. He blushed as she continued giving him little pecks on his cheeks and nose. Getting caught up in the moment, Greg grabbed her by the scarf and pulled her in for a proper kiss on the lips, lingering for a few seconds.

When Greg and Gin finally parted, the boy's face was covered in stains from Gin's lipstick. He looked up, but saw nothing. "Hey, I thought you said we were under mistletoe…?"

Gin covered her mouth with her hand and looked away from Greg, suppressing a giggle. "No, all I said was 'mistletoe'. I never said that there was any up there."

Greg looked at her with astonishment for a moment. "You mean…" Suddenly, he blushed bright red. "Well, anyway, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Good night, Greg. Merry Christmas." With a final wave, Gin set off down the street toward her house.

Greg's mind was full of confusion and wonder as he walked into the living room, where the adults were having a discussion over coffee and cookies. Sheldon looked at him, and burst out laughing. "Didn't I tell you, Greg?"

Blushing once again, Greg just walked back up to his room, muttering something that sounded suspiciously like "crazy uncles".

That night, as Greg was lying in bed, his mind kept drifting back to that moment. He couldn't help but remember how soft Gin's lips had felt. Reflecting back on the whole day, he realized that it had been a very good Christmas—mostly because of Gin's unexpected mistletoe trick.