As We Were

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Prologue: Where are they?

Crystal Tokyo – Three Years After Endless Waltz

It was another day in Crystal Tokyo. Mercury and Neptune were strolling through the streets of Crystal Tokyo, watching as the people went about their daily business. Mercury and Neptune did this often; they disguised themselves with a cloak and a hood and just walked around, experiencing the Crystal Village as the people did, as normal everyday citizens. On this day though, they were suddenly spotted by none other than a little girl no more than five or six years of age, and she squealed with delight and ran to them.

"Lady Mercury, Lady Neptune!" she cried out grinning with excitement and Neptune looked over at Mercury and gave a half smile.

"Looks like we have been found out," she commented pulling back her hood to reveal her wavy turquoise hair and Mercury returned the smile pulled her hood back shaking out her short blue hair.

"Indeed," Mercury agreed looking down at the little girl who looked as though she would die with all the excitement she held in her little body.

"I knew it was you, I have paintings in my house of all of the royal family," the little girl said proudly and Neptune laughed elegantly.

"You are a very smart young lady," Neptune told the girl who beamed with pride then turned to Mercury, frowning curiously.

"Lady Mercury, when will I be able to see the sky?" the girl asked earnestly and Mercury's face became one of sadness as she looked up at the sky.

It had been her idea in the first place. When the war broke out, Mercury had come up with a plan. Neo Queen Serenity would use the Silver Crystal to sink Crystal Tokyo beneath the Earth until the war was over. Mercury had figured out a way to bring oxygen from the surface down to Crystal Tokyo, and to grow food organically using technology. She had also created a bubble to cover the city while it was buried underground to protect them all from the heat at the Earth's crust. The bubbles atmosphere was run by a computer that decided if the weather would be fine, or rainy, or overcast, a hologram would show what type of day it was, and bring up a hologram of the sun and moon. It had been quite an ingenious invention. But that had been years ago, long before this girl had been born. They had been living underground for many years now, no wonder this young girl itched to see the sky she had only heard about in fairy tales. Truth be told, Mercury longed to see the real sky too.

"It will be very soon," Mercury promised the little girl who let out an excited giggle, dancing around with joy.

She caused so much of a racket that her mother came running out of the house to see what was going on.

"Amara, child why this noise…oh my, Lady Mercury, Lady Neptune it is an honour," the mother stopped short on seeing the royal members and sunk into a low curtsey.

"Mama, Lady Mercury said we will see the sky soon," Amara went running to her mother tugging at her apron and the mother flushed bright red with embarrassment, not looking at Mercury or Neptune.

"Hush now child and go in, its time for breakfast," the mother said gently and little Amara nodded obediently.

"Okay mama, good bye!" Amara waved goodbye to her new friends and ran into the house, leaving the mother outside.

"She is a sweet child," Neptune complimented the mother, wanting to put her at ease, but the mother was embarrassed at Amara's behavior in front of royalty.

"I'm sorry about her questions," the mother embarrassed and Mercury shook her head smiling. She didn't mind the questions. Mercury asked herself those questions every day.

"It is alright, it is natural for one so young," Mercury said and the mother bowed her head again, before scuttling back to her house.

"Have a good day," the mother called to them and Mercury and Neptune waved.

"You too," they chorused.

Satisfied that there would be no one else bothering them, Mercury and Neptune replaced their hoods and made a beeline for the Crystal Palace. They walked in silence, until Mercury could endure it no longer.

"I feel so terrible, lying to a child," Mercury confessed softly and Neptune turned to the girl, her eyes forgiving.

"Oh Ami, you didn't really lie, we are all hoping very soon we can return to the surface, and breath fresh air, and see the sun," Neptune looked up at the sky and sighed wistfully. It was clear to Mercury, Neptune was reminiscing about the old days, and her lover.

"Do you miss Haruka?" Mercury asked gently so as not to sadden Neptune too much and Neptune hid her face in the darkness of her hood.

"Every day," Neptune replied tightly and Mercury pursed her lips as they continued walking again towards the Palace, glimmering in the distance.

"I wonder what happened to the four of them, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Venus, its been two years since Neo Queen Serenity permitted them to travel to the surface, it can't have taken them that long to find out if the war has ended," Mercury mused and Neptune nodded, she had been thinking the same thing.

"I know, it bothers me too, what if something happened to them?" Neptune asked, fear entering her voice and Mercury placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"We would have felt it if they were in pain," Mercury consoled her and Neptune gathered herself together, knowing what Mercury said was the truth.

"Yes, I know, I just worry," Neptune admitted and Mercury could understand. She was worried too. The four women were their friends, their very best friends.

"Perhaps it is time we sent out another group of us to find out what has happened to them, and find out if it is time to rise Crystal Tokyo again," Mercury voiced her thoughts out loud and Neptune was delighted to hear her say it.

"We will have to speak with the Queen, shall we?" Neptune asked and Mercury nodded with determination,

"Yes, I think its time."

The two continued again, with purpose in their step towards the Crystal Palace and left to their own thoughts, they were thinking the exact same thing.

'Makoto, Rei, Haruka, Minako where are all of you?'

AN: Jeez. I can't believe I am starting another story, heaven forbid, when I haven't even finished the other ones. But I got this idea this morning and it seemed like a good idea at the time. I know this is short, but it's just the prologue. It gets better in the next chapter, we find out what happened to Mako, Rei, Haruka and Mina.