As We Were

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Shara – Rei

Joy – Makoto

Ariana – Minako

Ace – Haruka

Chapter7 – Crystal Tokyo

Duo and Joy were sitting in the back of the ship, their faces flushed bright red with embarrassment. In Joy's arms, Duo Junior was wailing his head off.

"Will somebody please shut that kid up!" Wufei yelled from the pilot seat, speaking aloud what everyone had been thinking and Joy bristled with rage but Duo merely laughed, enjoying Wufei's discomfort.

"Its good for kids these days to have a good scream, shows their lungs are working," Duo said as though he had read it from a medical book and Wufei gave him an annoyed look, his left eye twitching.

"Duo there is nothing wrong with that kids lungs, how do you get him to shut up?" Wufei demanded and Joy had never been more embarrassed.

"I'm sorry everyone, he's been sick and irritable, and the plane must be making him feel worse," Joy tried to excuse her sons behavior and Ami placed a comforting hand on Joy's shoulder, although her face was screwed up with distaste.

This was why Ami had never wanted children, they were cute when they were sleeping, and darn cute when you dressed them up, but the crying, the crying was something Ami couldn't stand.

Shara was watching Joy and Duo try to comfort DJ, but nothing seemed to be working.

"I wish Minako was here to sing for her," Shara said loudly so she could be heard over DJ's squealing and Hotaru eyes brightened.

"You can sing just as good, why don't you sing for him?" Hotaru asked wanting to hear Shara's voice and Shara shook her head embarrassed by the thought of singing in front of everyone.

"I couldn't possibly," Shara said shying away from all the attention she was receiving and Heero stroked her hair gently.

"Yes you can," Heero told her, and Shara smiled a little and nodded accepting the screaming DJ from a relieved Joy.

"Dancing bears, painted wings, things I almost remember, and a song someone sings, once upon a December," Shara sung this sweetly and Duo Junior paused to listen, ceasing his crying. Ace sat forward, listening eagerly to the music, as did Joy and Wufei put the spacecraft on autopilot so he could turn and listen in. Hotaru and Rini smiled, remembering this lullaby as one their Rei had sung to them often.

"Someone holds me safe and warm, horses prance through a silver storm," Hotaru sang in her quiet voice taking over from Shara and DJ giggled a little clapping his hands while Wufei secretly wished he could hold Hotaru safe and warm.

"Figures dancing gracefully, across my memories," Rini picked up the rest of the song, getting to her feet and waltzing around the cabin smiling.

"Far away, long ago, glowing dim as ember, things my heart used to know, things I almost remember…" Shara paused here and looked straight at Ace, who suddenly had a flash of memories flow through her as Shara finished, "And a song, someone sings, once upon a December."

The entire cabin broke into applause, even Trowa. No one noticed that Ace had slumped forward and was unconscious until MIchiru screamed.

An hour later, Ace had been moved to the sleep chamber and was resting, she still hadn't gained consciousness. Michiru had opted to stay with her, the others were all silent, each thinking of their destination, Crystal Tokyo. DJ had fallen asleep in Shara's arms and she had in turn returned him back to his proud father who was nursing him now. Joy was sleeping quitetly on Duo's shoulder exhausted, Heero had his arms around Shara's shoulders, Trowa was sitting up front with Wufei taking over from Ace, Ami and Qautre were engrossed in a diverting conversation and Hotaru and Rini were whispering in a corner.

The metal doors slid open and a flushed Michriu entered the room, brushing a lock of hair from her forehead. It was strange to see Michiru so disheveled.

"How is Haruka?" Hotaru asked curiously and Michiru smiled.

"Still asleep, I feel so foolish for screaming," Michiru admitted coming to sit beside her and Rini placed a hand on Michiru's shoulder.

"You weren't to know she had passed out," Rini said gently and MIchiru smiled daintily, still terribly embarrassed.

Wufei pulled the aircraft to a halt as they came to a large crater in the earth. A beeping sound told them this was where the excess seismic activity had begun, and that meant beneath the surface was Crystal Tokyo.

"We are here," Rini said, her eyes shining with fondness and Shara smiled.

"Let's go home," she said taking Heero's hand and Trowa stood up blocking the exit, wondering if everyone had gone crazy but him.

"Home? What is going on here? Who are all these girls?" Trowa asked eyeing everyone suspiciously and Quatre was the one who answered.

"Come with us Trowa and find out."

At the entrance to the crater, Rini made everyone stand in a circle, Michiru and Saturn were carrying Ace between them. Ace was still unconscious but she was murmuring a little, starting to stir. Rini took out her crystal and closed her eyes concentrating. A pink light washed over the group and when the light faded they found themselves standing in the lobby of an amazing white palace that looked terribly familiar to the girls.


Shara turned at the sound of her name and was engulfed in a warm hug before she could move. Heero stepped back a few paces, observing, not wanted to interfere.

"Odango atama," Shara whispered affectionately and Neo Queen Serenity pulled away from her slowly, tears glistening in her eyes.

"You haven't called me that in years," Neo Queen Serenity whispered back and Shara couldn't help the flood of tears that came to her eyes.

"Endymion!" Shara cried out seeing the man standing beside Neo Queren Serenity.

"Rei, it has been a long time," King Endymion moved in to sweep Shara up into a hug and Shara hugged him back tightly. Heero felt the jealousy and moved before he realized to stand beside Shara, glaring at Endymiion.

New Queen Serenity looked over at the man who stood beside Shara and raised her eyebrows curiously and Shara giggled lightly, brushing away her tears.

"Usagi, this is my husband Heero," Shara introduced him and Heero came forward, his face emotionless.

"Your…husband?" New Queen Serenity's mouth dropped open and her husband discreet;y shut it for her.

"Heero this is Neo Queen Serenity and her husband King Endymion," Shara complete the introductions and Heero inclined his head to both the Queen and King.

"Your majesties," he said formally and Neo Queen Serneity beamed, moving closer to Heero staring at him in wonder and disbelief.

"It is an honour to meet you, I can't believe Rei found someone who would actually marry her!" Neo Queen Serneity blabbered before she could help herself and upon relaising what she had just said she covered her mouth with imbarassment her face turning a shade of red.

"Usako," Endymion scolded her trying not to smile.

"Oops, I ddin't mean it that way!" Neo Queen Serneity tried to excuse herself and Shara laughed good-naturedly.

"Sure Usagi," Shara teased and Neo Queen Serenity looked over to the young woman with chocolate brown locks and squinted a little.

"Makoto is that you? Oh it is, I've missed you so much! I've missed your cooking too!" Neo Queen Serenity ran and wrapped Joy in a hug before Joy could protest, and, although Joy knew this woman could stop her from being with Duo, Joy wasn't afraid of her, netiher did she resent her. All Joy could feel in her heart for this woman was affection.

Neo Queen Serenity looked over at Duo curiously then at the baby in his arms that was sleeping like an angel.

"Whose baby is that?" Neo Queen Serenity asked frowning a little and Joy tried to speak up and explain.


Duo saw is wife was struggling and so sought to help her out as he bounded forward grabbing Neo Queen Serneity with one free hand pumping it up at down.

"This is my baby, I am Joy's husband Duo and this is our son Duo Junior," Duo said letting go of Neo Queen Serenity's hand to place an arm around Joy's shoulder and Neo Queen Serneity frowned again in confusion.

"Joy, who is Joy?" Neo Queen Serenity asked and Shara knew it was time to explain and she went forward and placed a hand on Neo Queen Serneity's shoulder.

"A lot has happened since we have been gone Usagi, let me explain what happened and what I remember," Shara said and Neo Queen Serenity nodded.

"Lets go to the study, we will have coffee and talk, and I am guessing your explanation will include why Haruka is passed out?" Neo Queen Serneity said, her eyes twinkling with mirth and Shara half smiled.

"That and more Usagi."

Once they were all seated in the study, Ace was draped on one of the couches, the others sitting on the floor, armchairs or standing. Trowa still wasn't quite sure what was going on, but it seemed interesting, his only concern was the safety of the package he carried in his pocket. He hoped this wouldn't take too long.

Once Neo Queen Serenity had made sure everyone who wanted one had a coffee or tea, she sat down on the arm of the chair Endymion was seated in and smiled at Shara.

"Okay, lets hear it," she invited Shara and Shara got to her feet addressing the group.

"We left Crystal Tokyo to see if the war had finished. We walked through the desert for days until we reached a small shack which was owned by Duo, after speaking with him Haruka wasn't quite convinced and we walked to the nearest town and using some of the small jewels you gave us we bought an aircraft and flew out into space," Shara closed her eyes as she remembered what had happened, as though it were happening right then.

In the Past…

"So it really is over," Mars leant on the control board of the spaceship staring out of the dirty windscreen of the space craft they had hired. The sky was bare, apart from a few transport ships passing by. No battles, just peaceful sky.

"Yeah I guess it is," Venus agreed from where she was standing behind Uranus' chair. Uranus had insisted she pilot the craft, and she seemed to be enjoying it immensely.

"All right, we can go out into the world and meet some guys," Jupiter said grinning suggestively and both Mars and Uranus rolled their eyes. Uranus because her orientation didn't flow in the firection of men, and Mars because she wasn't interested in them, never had been since she was a teenager and had her heart broken by Kaidou, her father's pupil.

"Oh Mako, you have a one track mind," Mars said reproachfully but Jupiter merely chuckled throatily and Venus smiled widely at all of them.

"I can't wait to go shopping, I will buy anything as long as it isn't a long flowing gown, they were fun for the first few hundred years, but now all I want is a miniskirt and a shirt and the chance to run amuk on the surface," Venus said rubbing her hands together eagerly and Uranus looked over at her, trying to hide a smile at Venus' blunt attitude.

"Minako, that's terrible of you to say, the royal tailors are doing the best they can with their knowledge of clothing, besides it wouldn't be seemly for princesses to wander around in short skirts, not that I would mind of course," Uranus smiled teasingly and Venus giggled trying tp appeal to Mars who had her arms folded.

"We don't have to be princesses out here, right now, we should take full advantage of this situation, we are out in the world for the first time in hundreds of years and no one knows we are princesses," Venus pleaded with Mars getting on her knees and Mars frowned pursing her lips thoughtfully.

"We have to get back and report to Queen Serniety," Mars said and Venus and Jupiter looked at eachother and smiling cheekily.

"Aww…Rei don't you just want to hit the shops and see what fashion is like now? To see how the world lives now?" Jupiter begged joining Venus on the floor and Mars felt her resistance melt. How could she say no to the two of them when they pulled those faces?

"Perhaps it would be a good idea to get to know a few more things about this time, what do you think Haruka?" Mars left it up to Uranus to decide and Uranus smiled briefly.

"I would like to buy a present for Michiru before we go back," she replied and Venus and Jupiter gave each other a high five and hugged eachother with joy.

"Then its settled, lets stop at the next space station and get directions for the closest mall," Venus commanded the group and Jupiter agreed heartily, while Mars rolled her eyes and Uranus chckled to herself.

A few minutes later Uranus cursed loudly and profanely startling the other three girls in the control room.

"What's wrong Ruka?" Mars asked worried and Uranus hit the control panel with a clenched fist.

"Damn it, that scummy dealer gave us a ship with no fuel, we need to refuel," Uranus explained cursing again and slamming the control panel again.

"Well isn't that a refueling station?" Venus said quite innocently and Uranus peered through the window for a moment.

"Looks like it, I will try and contact them," Uranus said pushing the commenucation button and after a few moments, a face popped up ontheir video screen. It was a scruff looking middle aged man, wearing a dark green beret, and a scowl.

"Who are you?" he demanded and Uranus and the other gathered around the screen.

"We request permission to land, we require fuel," Uranus said and the man frowned a little looking at the four girls.

"Who is your crew?" he asked and Uranus gestured to the girls as she replied,

"Just the four of us,"

"Please standby," the man spat turning off his monitor and Uranus gave the screen the finger.


In the space station, a certain blone haired young man strode into the communications room, after receigin notivce that a ship was approaching.

"Who are they?" Zechs demanded and the man from the video screen, Zechs communications officer shrugged.

"No idea sir, its just four girls, they want fuel for their ship," the officer replied respectfully and Zechs eyed the space craft through the window.

"Do you think they are spies from the Preventors?" he asked the officer who shook his head half smiling.

"I doubt it sir, why would the preventors send a bunch of girls when they have the ex-Gundam Pilots?" the officer said reasonably and Zechs could see his point.

"True," Zechs pondered a few moments, before making his decision, "Very well, allow them to come aboard, fuel their ship and send them on their way."

"Sir?" the officer said, not expecting his Commander to allow them on board and Zechs grinned slightly. His officers knew he was a hard Commander, but he also had a sister and he was a gentleman, and at heart, he couldn't really let four girls run out of fuel in the middle of the galaxy.

"Just do it, I have a soft spot for damsels in distress," Zechs said sriaghtening up his uniform he strode out of the room stopping to advise his officer, "I will greet them myself, refuel their ship and send them on their way."

"Permission to land granted," the officer popped up on the girl's screen to relay his message and disappeared before they could respond.

Mars nudged Uranus and frowned, something seemed really off about this space station. Uranus shrugged as she maneuvered the space craft to land. She had noticed as well but had no explanaiton. Once the ship had landed, the four of them disembarked the ship and found themselves in the hallway next to their ship's docking door. They also found about fifteen men just sitting around doing nothing at the docking door. They were dressed in soldiers unfiroms, there were young and old, but mostly middle aged. As soon as they saw the four girls, their eyes widened with interest and some nudged each other eaderly.

"Oooh, girls," they heard one of them murmur and Jupiter and Venus sahred a look. They were looking for men, but they were looking for Princes, not pot-bellied middle aged losers.

"I ain't seen a girl for three months straight," another muttered from the back, all fifteen of them staring and Uranus and Mars looked at each other to stop from laughing.

"Ugh, men sure have gone downhill since Old Tokyo, where are the hunky young men?" Venus whispered to Jupiter who shook her head.

"Not here that's for sure," Jupiter replied edging way from one man who had dared to step closer to her.

Meanwhile Uranus had noticed something she didn't think was qwuite right and as she looked at her companions it was clear they had not noticed.

"Rei, this is meant to be a refueling station right?" Uranus whispered, all the while smiling pleasantly and Mars smiled as well and spoke uder her breathe.


"Well do you see anything wrong with this picture?" Uranus said and Mars looked around again, not seeing anything really out of place.

"Umm…" Mars struggled and Uranus tugged on Mars' hand wanting her to concentrate.

"They are all wearing uniforms, soldiers uniforms, something doesn't seem right, maybe the war isn't over," Uranus surmised and Mars suddenly noticed what Uranus meant. If the war was over, why were this band of obvious ex-soldiers banded together on this refueling station, if that was indeed what this station was.

"Greetings ladies," the four girls turned to see Zechs standing before them in a dark blue uniform, his blonde hair brushed neatly, his blue eyes looking them all over, until they came to rest intently on Venus.

"Hello," Venus said before she could help herself, she couldn';t take her eyes off his handsome face nad Zechs smile dcharmingly at her.

"I am Zechs Marquise," he introduced himself and paused obviously waiting for their intorcudtions.

"Rei Hino," Rei said quickly before any of the others could speak and they all picked up on her choice of name. Rei Hino was her old identiy, seldom used except by her friends, obviously Rei didn't trust this handsome young man with her true identiy as the Princess of Mars.

"Haruka Tenoh."

"Makoto Kino."

"Minako Aino."

"Pleaseure to meet you all, I understand you require fuel," Zechs addressed this question to Minako who blushed before responding,


"Well if one of you will come with me I can get you organized and ready to leave," Zechs invited them and Venus smiled at him with an innocence Zechs found refreshing.

"Ill go with you!" Minako offered and Makoto piped up as well, not wanting to miss out on spending time with the only cute guy they had seen in hundreds of years.

"Me too!"

"No Makoto, you stay with me, Haruka, will you go with Minako and Mr Marquise?" Rei said strongly and Makoto looked voer at Rei suspiciously but did nothing. Haurka nodded and as she passed by, Rei whispered in Haruka's ear "Keep an eye on her."

Rei and Makoto watched them go, and as soon as they were out gone Makoto turned to Rei and raised an eyrbrow questioningly. Rei opened her mouth to pseak but her attention was taken by a young man with a petrified look on his face. He came running down the hall and whispered something to the middle aged man closest to him. The middle aged man paled and passed the message on, and it passed through to all fifteen soliders. The solders who had previously been standing around doing nothing, were suddenly moving around with purpose after receiving the message. Rei and Makoto watced the men in silence their backs agains the docking door. The soldiers were all preparing their guns and Rei started to get a really weid feeling in her stomach and her face turned white. Something bad was about to happen, Rei could feel it. Makoto noticed Rei's paleness and took her hand urgently.

"Whats wrong with you Rei?" Makoto asked and Rei shivered a little.

"I get a weird feeling about him that Zechs Marquis, this whole situation is really scaring me, I feel like something terrible is about to….ahhh!" a blast hit the entire space station forcing the floor to shudder and both Rei and Makoto went flying into the enarest wall.

Makoto and Rei felt the space station shudder more, it felt like someone was shooting at the space station from the outside. Men were yelling at each, running this way and that in dissaray. Then it clicked.

"They are under attack, quick Makoto, go find Mina and Haruka and meet me back here, I will look after our ship in case anyone tries to use it for an escapecraft," Rei spat her orders to Makoto who hugged her.

"Ok, keep safe," Makoto said winking and Rei smiled back.

"You too," Rei said and Makoto smiled back at her before running down the halls in the direction that Minako and Haruka had gone with Zechs.

A few moments later, the docking door area was empty, when Rei suddenly heard talking and two young men came running down. One had black hair that was tied in a pinytail behind his head and the other had light brown hair and piercing blue eyes that looked her over calculatingly.

"An onna, when did the OZ start recruiting onnas?" the one with black hair asked as the two stopped a few feeet away from her and the brown haired young man took out his gun and pointed it at her, but Rei didn't even wince.

"Who are you?" the brown haired young man demanded and Rei turned from his haughtily.

"Who I am is none of your business," Rei spat at him and the other young man with black hair looked at his watch.

"Girl, you need to get out of here," the one with black hair told her and Rei shook her head refusing.

"My three friends are somewhere in here, I won't leave without my friends," Rei said adamntaly and the two young men shared glances of urgency.

"I think you should escape with us now as Wufei suggested," the young man with brown hair suggested more forcefully and Rei turned her nose up at him.

"I don't care what you think," Rei retorted rudely and the one known as Wufei started ot get frustrated with her and her sttubornness.

"Heero knows what he is talking about onna," Wufei said advancing on her, of a mind to force her but Heero was ahead of him.

"This place is going to be blown up," Heero said coldly grabbing her roughly on the upper arm and squeezing so hard Rei knew she would have bruises but she wrenched herself free from his grasp and glaredat him angrily.

"I'm not leaving without them," she replied strongly and both Heero and Wufei opened their mouths to protest but another voice interrupted.

"Rei, help!" Makoto cired out as she came running down the hallway, a soldier following her his gun aiming and Rei's eyes widened in fear.

"Makoto!" Rei screamed and Heero turned, aimed his gun and shot the solider straight in the head before the soldier could even blink. Rei turned to thank him when another blast went off that hit right between where Rei was with Wufei and Heero and where Makoto was standing. Makoto was thrown backwards and Rei was thrown sideways into the metal wall and her head hit, rendering her unconscious. She fell forward into Heero's waiting arms.

"Lets go," Heero said throwing Rei's unconscious body over his shoulder and Wufei looked urgently to where the other girl had been but the hallway had collapsed, blocking their way through to her.

"The other girl…" Wufei said softyl and Heero looked at the collapsed hallway and noted there was no way they would be able to make it through in time.

"Too late for her, lets go," Heero said coldly running into the docking area and into the spaceship that the girls owned and Wufei followed without protest. Heero started the craft and flew away from the space station with Rei unconscious on the floor of the control room and Wufei standing behind Heero's chair, arms folded acress his chest. Heero typed in the communications code for base and waiting for the video screen to pick up.

"Mission completed."

Makoto sat up shaking her head, a little dizzy from the blast.

"Rei, can you hear me?" Makoto screamed at the collapsed hallway that blocked her from the docking bay but no response was heard. Looking out of the window, Makoto was devasted to see their ship flyingh away.

Makoto heard footsteps running behind her and turned getting ready to fight but relaxed when she saw who it was.

"Where is Minako?" Makoto asked of Haruka and Haruka stopped beside her trying to catch her breath, her face sad.

"I lost her when the first bomb went off. There was smoke everywhere, when it cleared her and that Zechs Marquise were gone, who knows where she is, I hope she got out safe," Haruka said guiltiky, feeling terrible that she had lost the Princess of Venus. Makoto sighed deeply, not blaming Haruka, but worried for their friend.

"Me too," Makoto said softly and Haruka put her hands on Makoto's shoulders and look Makoto in the eye squarely. From what haurka had overheard, she and Makoto had bigger problems that where were Rei and Minako.

"I heard the soldiers, this place is about to self destruct and as I am sure you have noticed our ship is gone," Haruka said this seriously, and Makoto understood what Haruka was trying to tell her. Sure she and Haruka were immortal and couldn't die, but that didn't mean a horrible violent death of being blown up wouldn't hurt.

"Uh oh, this is gonna hurt huh?" Makoto said smiling, trying to stay positive and Haruka nodded, not one to sugarcoat.


"Well I'll, see you on the flip side," Makoto said bravely and Haruka smiled clasping Makoto's hand tightly.

Miles from the space station, Heero and Wufei watched as the space station exploded into nothingness. A burst of light went flying downwatrds towards Earth and a burst of light went flying into space. Those burst of light, were Makoto and Haruka.

Shara came back to the present and continued the story.

"From here I think all of us pretty much rememerb what happened, I stayed with Wufei and Heero and we were eventually wed, Makoto ended up on earth and was found by Duo and they ended up married with a child and Ace was found by Quatre and became a pilot, none of us remembered life before that explosion, not until recently, Joy still needs to rememebnr on her own," Shara explained and Neo Queen Serenity brushed away her tears of pity for her protectors.

"And what of Minako?" Neo Queen Serenity asked softly and Shara felt tears of her own pricking at her eyelids.

"We haven't found her yet, but believe me finding her is high on my priority list, I won't stop until I have found her," Shara promised and Neo Queen Serniety smiled with relief.

"Thank you Rei," Neo Queen Serenity thanked her and Shara looked over at her husband and breathed deeply.

"I took on a new name Usagi, its Shara Yui," Shara explained and Neo Queen Serenity understood what Shara was trying to say. That she was no longer who she was.

"I see, so what happens to Rei? My best riend, the Sailor of Mars, the Princess of Mars?" Neo Queen Serenity asked and Shara smiled a little sadly as she remembered her life here in Crystal Tokyo as the person she once was. Heero and Wufei shared surprised gances, not having known that Shara had once been the Princess of Mars.

"I'm still me Usagi, its just, I have a new life now, I have someone else to care about," Shara looked pointedly at Heero and Neo Queen Serneity pouted with self pity.

"But what about your duty to me?" she asked sadly and Shara moved to hug her tightly as she whispered in Neo Queen Serenity's ear.

"I have a new duty to my heart, surely you of all people understand?"

Neo Queen Serenity thought about Shara's words and realized that she did understand. Neo Queen Serneity had given up her life many times to for people she truly loved, like Endymion and her senshi.

"Yes of course I do, I wish you happiness with all of my heart," Neo Queen Serenity replied and Shara smiled at her gratefully.

"Thank you Usagi."

"And you Mako? You will also leave me?" Neo Queen Serneity asked of her senshi and Joy nodded slowly.

"Yes, I'm sorry, but I have a family now, they have named me Joy because I bring that to them, I can't leave them," Joy said and Neo Queen Serneity hugged her again tighjtly, so sad that things could not go back to the way they were. But she was just relieved that she had seen their missing senshi, even if it was for a little time.

"Haruka?" Neo Queen Serneity turned to the last senshi there who has previously recovered from sleep and Haruka grabbed Neo Queen Serenity into a rough hug, tousleing her hair as she did so.

"I will stay with you koneko, to be with MIchiru," Haruka responded and Neo Queen Serneity gave a cry of happiness turning to hugh King Endymion in her elation while Michiru came forward to bestow a luscious kiss on Haruka, much to the perverse injoyment of Duo until Joy smacked him on the head.

"So I guess we will start calling you Haruka now then?" Quatre came forward knowing this was his time to say goodbye to a trusted friend and Haruka grinned and hugged him.

"I will miss flying with you," Haruka said and Quatre tried his hardest not to cry.

"And I will miss flying with you, you werethe best pilot," Quatre replied his blue eyes shining and Haruka shook Quatre's hand now tightly clasped.

"You have been a great firned to me Quatre, I will not forget this kindness, I will not forgoet that it was you who brought me home," Haruka said seriously and Quatre nodded his head at him stepping back.

The room parted ways, Neo Queen Serniety, King Endymion, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Princess Rini and Saturn to one side and Shara, Heero, Wufei, Joy, Duo and Duo Junior, Quatre and Trowa to the other.

"So you must leave now?" Neo Queen Serneity asked sensing their urgency and Shara nodded.

"Yes we have a mission to compelte for our organization."

"What of Crystal Tokyo, is it safe to reveal?" King Endymion questioned and Shara looked over at Heero wondering what he thought.

"Yes its is, but if you could hold off for a few days, we will speak to Vice Minsiter Dorlian and introduce you beforehand so that they know you are not a threat or a new enemy and you can reveal Crystal Tokyo peacefully," Heero said decidedly and Neo Queen Serneity gave him a grateful smile.

"Very well, I will await a message from you."

"Goodbye Usa-chan, we will meet again, very soon, once Crystal Tokyo is above ground, I will come visit as mcu has I can," Shara said softly.

"Goodbye Rei-chan, good luck," Neo Queen Serenity replied turning to address Joy, "Goodbye Mako-chan, your family is beatufyil,"

"Thank you Usagi, I hope I remember more about you and our life here later in my life," Joy said wistfully and Neo Queen Serentiy chuckled.

"You can get to know me when Crystal Tokyo reveals itself, if you and your family want to reisde here that is your choice, you are always welcome, all of you to visit or live here," Neo Queen Serneity invited and Joy nodded, thinking that might be a nice idea.

Wufei too thought it might be a nice idea to visit this place again. Perhaps he would run into Hotaru again. Wufei ooked over at her stealthily and saw she was already staring at him, a soft look in her eyes and when she saw he was looking at her she smiled shyly and deposite himself Wufei smiled back.

Quatre too considered Serenity's offer, wanting to speak more with Ami about her world and all she had seen. Ami came to stand before him and held out her hand.

"It has been a pleasure Quatre, I sincerely hope you come to visit,"

"I'll bet you do Ami," Rini butted in loudly and Ami and Quatre flushed bright red moving away from each other Quatre into the circle the others had created.

Neo Queen Serenity tugged on Rini's hair and Rini cried out moving aside, to stand with her father as Neo Queen Serniety took out her Silver Imperial Crystal.

"Be happy," Neo Queen Serenity said and with a parting smile, and fond waves, they were sent to the surface.

On the surface Heero took one look at the spacecraft and grabbed his gun out, nodding at Rei and Wufei who also took out their guns. Quatre and Trowa picked up on what had bothered Heero, but Duo was still obvious.

"Umm… guys, why the guns?" Duo asked giving Duo Junior to his wife and coming to stand beside Heero who grunted.

"Someone has broken into our spacecraft," he said icily and Duo scratched his head staring at the spacecraft that seemed pretty much the same as it had before.

"How do you know?" Duo persisted his questioning and Wufei rolled his eyes.

"The door has been pried open, you can see the marks there," Wufei stated and Duo shrugged taking out his gun too.

"So now what?" Duo asked and Shara narrowed her eyelids.

"We find whoever did this," Shara replied when suddenly Joy let out a scream.

They turned to see a blonde haired, blue eyes young girl holding Joy around the neck with a whip, near strangling her. Joy was reaching out for Duo who made a move forward but the girl wiggled her finger at him warding him back.

"No need to find me honey, I'm right here, and you sir have something I want," the girl said to Trowa and Shara dropped her gun when she realized exactly who it was that held Joy's life in the palm of her hand.

AN: Jeez this was a long chapter. Took me months to write it too. I just got bored with meeting Queen Serneity again as you can probably tell. But hope you enjoy!