Summary: It's Christmas Eve and everyones at a party. Somehow Sasuke and Naruto ended up

under the mistletoe.

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Beneath the Mistletoe

Sasuke gave a sigh when he saw the annual Christmas party invitation from Ino and Sakura in the

mail. Why did they not only have the stupid party every year but they come over to his estate and

drag him to it too? Those two may be rivals but they would do anything together

get him to their parties.

"Hey Teme! what's that?" Naruto said, reminding him that the blond had followed him home.

"It's the invatation from Ino and Sakura," he said.

"Oh cool!" Naruto said, reaching over his shoulder and grabbing the slip of paper, "Are you going?"

He rolled his eyes and glanced at the other boy, "Do you really think I have a choice?"

Naruto's eyebrows raised, "Are they really that bad?"

Sasuke gestured towards the decorations covering his house, "They were the one's that did all this.

I never decorate."

Naruto looked around. "Well," he said cheerfully, "At least it looks good."

Sasuke saw the pink forming on the other boys cheeks from the cold and knew the same was

happening to him.

"Come on dobe, it's freezing out here," he said turning back to the door.

Soon the door was open and they were both inside, shedding their big coats and gloves.

A song was playing in the backround too.

January started out the year so fine.

In february we exchanged a valintine.

But now I'm all alone beneath the mistletoe.

It's Christmas and I'm crying again

It's Christmas and I'm crying again.

Naruto looked over to Sasuke. "Another one of their charming touches?" he asked.

He shrugged.

May we went together to the junior dance.

By summer-time I knew we had a true romance.

But now I'm all alone beneath the mistletoe.

It's Christmas and I'm crying again

It's Christmas and I'm crying again.

Sasuke was bending down to untie his snowboots when he noticed Naruto was staring at the cieling,

his face unreadable.

He looked up to see what was wrong and found himself staring too.

"Mistletoe?" he whispered.

"Hahaha!" Naruto started to laugh but it seemed a bit forced, "Looks like Ino's work. Sakura-chan's

too shy to try something like this."

Sasuke felt the blush creaping onto his cheeks as he remembered his encounter with the 'shy'

Sakura a few years back.


"Ok you guys," Kakashi said cheerfully, "Practice is up for today. You can go home now!"

"Yay! Ramen time!" Naruto cheered.

Sakura plopped down on the grass. "Man, I'm pooped!" she exclaimed.

"Then you should really go home and change yourself!" Naruto started laughing.

Sasuke wanted to laugh too but held it in and remained his expressionless self.

"Naruto!" Sakura growled making everyone know Naruto was about to get the crap beat out of him.

She surprised everybody though by smiling and laughing.

"Wait," Naruto said suspiciously, "Why arn't you rying to kill me?"

She smiled again. "Hey, it's the holidays! I'll be nicer for once so enjoy it while it lasts."

"Yay! No more beatings for at least a few days!" Naruto cheered.

"Shutup baka. It's not that big of a deal," Sasuke said. It was the first thing he had said since practice


"Don't call me that!" Naruto yelled, then with a sudden change of heart, "Kakashi, do you want to go get

some ramen with me? I'll buy for once."

Kakashi gave him a skeptical look. "Does this mean I'm not going to get a present this year?"

"Of course not!" Naruto said cheerfully, "I like buying presents too much!"

they both started laughing as they walked away towards the ramen shop. "See ya laters," Naruto yelled

over his shoulder, waving.

Sakura waved back and Sasuke started walking away.



He started to turn around when she didn't say anything but midturn was stopped when Sakura's lips

met with his. Several moments later she separated from him.

She gave him a sly smile. "Merry Christmas Sasuke."

End flashback



It was happening just like a few years back except he was in Sakura's shoes and Naruto in his.

Naruto started to turn.

'Now's when I change things,' Sasuke thought.

He gently cupped Naruto's face, causing the boy to blush.

"Ummm, Sasuke?"

Sasuke barely brushed lips with the boy in a kiss.

He started to turn away.

'I've always been secretly in love with him. If i continue like that then I'll go farther then i ever intended to,'

he thought.

But before he could even get out of arms reach of the blond he was pulled back into a lip-crushing kiss.

He could feel Naruto running his tounge across his bottom lip. He parted his lips, allowing the blond


Naruto's tounge immeadiatly delved into his mouth, exploring each part in turn, then milking his tounge.

Sasuke groaned into the kiss.

The need for air separated them though. They both sat, panting.

"You didn't pull away," Naruto said.

"Why would I?" Sasuke breathed.

"I-I thought..." Naruto couldn't finish his sentence.

'Did he think I would be... discusted? Maybe even despised him?' he thought.

"It's time I told you the truth Naruto," he said.

In one quick motion he scooped the boy into his arms and started carrying him towards his room.

Naruto squermed for a few seconds but then relaxed into his arms. He was surprisingly light.

Once he reached his room he gently laid him on the bed. He too climbed up and straddled the other boy.

He leaned down, putting a hand on each side of Naruto's head to support himself.

"W-What's this truth you were talking about?" Naruto asked, a bright blush burning on his face.

"The truth is, Naruto, that I've loved you for a couple years now," he whispered his ear.

Naruto's jaw dropped. "Wha- whe-Why didn't you tell me sooner," he demanded, pushing the other boy up

while he too sat up.

He shrugged. "I had the same fears as you. I didn't want to be turned down and hurt."

Suddenly Naruto grabbed his head and gave out a moan of pain.

"Naruto?" Sasuke laid a hand on his shoulder in comfort.

"Yes, that is my host's name."

That voice was coming from his Naru-chan but it wasn't his voice. It was too... evil to be him.

Naruto's head lifted to show eyes with slits for pupils. (A/N- like cats eyes!)

Naruto's lips curved into a smile showing sharp, fox-like teeth.

Suddenly it hit him. "Kitsune!" he hissed.

"Ah. You are smart."

"Why are you showing thru?" Sasuke asked.

"Oh, didn't Naruto tell you? I go into heat once a month;that day is tomarrow. I told him to choose a

mate by today or I would tomarrow."

Anger began to take it's place. " So he came over to use me?"

"Oh no. That boys in love with you. Has been since school days."

Sasuke was shocked. 'A hidden love for that long? Just the time I delt with about killed me. He must have

been in so much pain.'

"Won't be able to show thru much longer. I need an answer. Will you be my mate?"

"Sasuke looked up. 'When had I looked down?'

"No, I won't."

The kitsune started to growl in his throat.

"But I will be Naruto's."

"We are one in the same boy."

Sasuke shook his head, "Not even close. Naruto is the boy who taught me what Christmas was. He was

the only one who could bring a smile to me face when I thought all happiness was gone from me, Naruto

was the one I fell in love with."

The kitsune looked him over. "Naruto made a good choice. Know this, Naruto will be the one there; but so

will I. He will be a mix of both of us."

"I don't care now bring my Naru-chan back to me!" he ordered.

"I will take your orders... for now at least."

With one final, sly, grin, Naruto began to change back to the innocent boy he normally is.

"Teme?" Naruto looked up at him with his once again innocent eyes.

"Shutup, dobe," Sasuke said, pulling him into a tight embrace.

"Don't call me that," he mumbled into the black cloth of his shirt, "I pefered Naru-chan."

Sasuke slightly blushed at hearing that Naruto had heard the whole convorsation but it quickly faded and

he pulled him closer to his chest.

"Ok Naru-chan."


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