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Hatake Kakashi woke to the silence of another day. Kakashi was just your average jounin ninja. Well, except for the fact that he became a chuunin at the age of six, had the Sharingan in his left eye, was a student of the the Fourth Hokage, totally lazy-- okay, so he wasn't that average. But the man had the needs of your average male jounin. One of those needs was usually satisfied by a perverted book, but even the man knew that a book was no substitute for the real thing. Kakashi just sighed at his loneliness. Today was the third day of the Chunin Exam. His team 7, meaning Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, and Haruno Sakura, were yet to reach the tower where Kakashi was currently staying. Nevertheless, Kakashi had faith in his students. He left the room provided for him and walked to the fighting hall.

'Obito, looks like I have to wait a bit longer,' the silver-haired man said mentally.

Walking towards the hall, Kakashi noticed a figure pacing around the entrance to the tower. Upon closer inspection, Kakashi concluded it was a girl. She carried a worried expression on her face. Her pale eyes told Kakashi that she was a Hyuuga, but the lack of a seal upon her forehead told him that she was of the Main House. Amazingly, Kakashi had time to put down that naughty book and look into Hyuuga politics. Kakashi thought that he had seen the girl once or twice, but it was common village knowledge that the Hyuuga heiress had a crush on one of his students. Kakashi was smart enough to put two and two together and knew that the girl was Hyuuga Hinata waiting for Uzumaki Naruto.

"Hey, you're going to spoil the surprise if you stand there," Kakashi said in his usual carefree voice.

The Hyuuga girl turned around and blushed. "A-ano... sumimasen!" she exclaimed before dashing off.

'Hmm... weird girl,' thought Kakashi. But she did have one jacked-up family, so Kakashi just let the thought pass. Kakashi then felt a few stomach cramps. He just blamed it on the fact that he did not eat breakfast.

When Kakashi reached the hall, he was surprised to see that so many teams passed the second task. Most of the three-man cells were too careless and got killed or too stupid to listen to simple directions and opened one of the summoning scrolls. Kakashi looked again. There was still no sign of Naruto, Sasuke, or Sakura. Yet his eyes settled on another familiar face. The Hyuuga girl was in the corner with her teammates. All three (well, you could not really tell with Shino) seemed to be frightened. Kakashi noticed the only team from Sand on the opposite end. Even Kakashi had to admit that they gave him a few chills. He dismissed the feeling like his hunger and patiently awaited his team.

"Tch... finally you're up," said Asuma, a fellow jounin whose Team 10 had already arrived.

"Yo," Kakashi muttered back.

"You're coolness makes me burn with a stronger desire to beat you, my eternal rival!" said Gai, who popped out of nowhere with his usual odd-looking, green spandex outfit.

"Umm, yeah..." mumbled Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei!" yelled a voice belonging to the loudest ninja of Konoha.

Kakashi turned around and saw that his team had finally arrived. They were covered in dirt and had holes in their clothes, but Kakashi felt a sense of pride that Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura made it to the tower in one piece, even though they were dead last. Soon enough everyone was lined up and the Third Hokage made his speech. Apparently too many genin passed the second task, so the third task would be preliminary fights. Among one of the first combatants was Sasuke. During the match, Kakashi noticed black marks envelop his pupil's body. Soon after, Kakashi put a seal on Orochimaru's, had an encounter with Orochimaru, and returned to the action. First Sakura tied against her rival, Ino. Then Naruto beat Kiba and Akamaru. Again Kakashi felt pride wash over him. All three of his students did well and technically did not lose.

The names for the next match were shuffled. The names Hyuuga Neji and Hyuuga Hinata shined brightly on the monitor. Kakashi made a fist. He knew how good Neji was when Gai would continually brag about his students. He knew that the Hyuuga heiress did not want to fight. He could see it in her eyes. He could see the fear. The fight was overwhelmingly one-sided. When the cousins stepped out onto the battleground, Kakashi folded his arms across his chest. His knowledge of Hyuuga politics also reminded him about the troubles between the Main House and the Branch House. Neji activated his Byakugan and continued to stare down his cousin. The fear within the heiress increased. She started to shake. Kakashi knew she was insecure. Kurenai, the girl's instructor, told him herself. Kakashi did not like seeing girls in pain. If his enemy was ever female, Kakashi tried his best to restrain the woman or give her a quick and painless death. But Kakashi was pretty sure Neji would not operate the same way in this situation. The girl started to crack. Kakashi had to hold back this strong feeling that urged him to jump in and save the girl. To take her far away. To protect her from whatever.

'What the hell am I thinking?' Kakashi questioned himself.

It was normal to be concerned for the girl, but what he was thinking was a bit wrong considering... well, lots of things. They only "met" a few hours ago, she was the successor to the most powerful family in Konoha, he was old enough to--

"You can do it, Hinata!" exclaimed Naruto, who disrupted Kakashi's train of thought.

It seemed Naruto's comment did the trick. Kakashi saw the girl's face become serious. The fear in her eyes had disappeared. The insecurity vanished from her presence. Kakashi no longer saw the shy, nervous, stuttering girl. He saw Hyuuga Hinata, a strong, confident, young woman.

"Neji-niisan, let's fight!" said Hinata. Her words echoed throughout the room.

Both Hyuuga's rushed at each other with the Hyuuga's juuken. Hinata made the first strike, but Neji blocked. Neji countered, Hinata blocked. They matched each other's blows evenly. Then they both aimed at each other's chest. Only Neji connetected. Hinata coughed up blood. Kakashi stiffened. Hinata got up and the battle resumed. Yet it became that one-sided fight that Kakashi had predicted. Neji sealed Hinata's tenketsu so she could no longer use the juuken, but she got up and continued to fight.

Kakashi was mesmerized by Hinata's determination, but he knew that the human body could only take so much of a beating. Neji finally got Hinata in an uppercut, but then the tables turned. Neji said something to Hinata, but Hinata said something back. Kakashi was too far up to hear everything clearly, but he could tell that it made Neji's blood boil. Neji's anger anger filled the room. He then charged at Hinata with a murderous intent. Kakashi did not care anymore. In a puff of smoke, he grabbed Neji's wrist inches away from Hinata. Kakashi had to restrain himself from crushing the boy's whole forearm. Luckily all of the other jounin showed up, or else it would have looked a bit weird.

"How come all of the other jounin showed up! Is this the special treatment of the Main House?" Neji asked loudly after Gai whispered something.

Then a sickening cough reverberated throughout the hall. Hinata fell to the ground. Naruto jumped down and propped Hinata up before she fell unconscious. A medical team took her away on a stretcher. After a bit of dialogue, the matches resumed.

That night, Kakashi stirred in his bed. He could not stop worrying about Hinata's condition. He asked Kurenai about it after all the matches were finished. She said that Hinata was okay, but Neji damaged her heart pretty badly. It would be a while until Hinata would be able to wake up. Kakashi buried his face in his pillow. He had other problems to worry about. Orochimaru was back and that kid from Sand, Sabaku no Gaara. Things were about to get messy. Kakashi could not afford to get distracted. He drifted off into a deep sleep and awaited the silence of another morning.

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