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Kakashi stirred in the silence of the darkness. He had just gotten back from a solo S-rank mission and was suffering from a minor, temporary case of insomnia. Years had passed since Naruto came back to Konoha. Years since the bijuu mess with the Akatsuki. Years since the defeat of Orochimaru. Years since Sasuke was recovered. Years since his lips made contact with her face.

Konoha was back to the busy little village it was before Orochimaru. Uzumaki Naruto was the most eligible candidate to be the next Hokage after Tsunade-sama retired, which would be in a few more years. Over the course of time, Naruto grew more handsome and mature, but he was still a cocky idiot at times. Naruto frequently went on A-rank missions as a way to pass the time. Unfortunately many of these missions required him to be away most of the time. Kakashi's other male student, Uchiha Sasuke, personally isolated himself from the rest of the outside world. He requested to the Godaime herself that he be left alone and let the Uchiha clan die with him. Now that Itachi was dead and no woman in the village would consider the traitor "husband material", Sasuke figured that the world might have been better place without brothers trying to kill their best friends to kill each other. The only people he communicated with anymore were his old teammates. Even the Sasuke-obsessed Sakura had moved on and accepted Rock Lee's affection. She was the head of the medical-nin division; second only to Tsunade-sama. Long hours instructing, healing, and being with her man drew her away from her old team. Team 7 was split up once again.

"Shit, my head is killing me," Kakashi said to himself

Actually his cranium started to ache about five months ago. It was minor and he had done many missions at that time, so he just dismissed it. But lately the pain grew much more apparent. Kakashi just could not focus on it right now. He had to deliver a report to Tsunade-sama in the morning. He shut his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Seeing the same dream he saw almost every night. Him and the Hyuuga girl.

Morning came too soon. Just as the dream started to get good! Kakashi had to drag himself out of bed. He did his routine: get dressed, visit Obito, and arrive late for appointments.


Needless to say, Kakashi was in deep sh-- ampoo.

"Well I was just visiting the hospital because--" Kakashi began to fabricate.


"Hai. The gang of missing-nin--"

Suddenly Kakashi did not feel so hot. The pain resurfaced as Kakashi held his head in his hands. The world became distorted and fuzzy. Everything kept spinning.

"Kakashi. Are you alright? Shizune, get the team!"

Kakashi's legs grew weak. His knees collapsed and everything turned to black.

In his mind, the old Hatake man was once again a young boy, witnessing a scene that haunted his soul. In that cave, there lay the dead Obito, half crushed under a rock. Kakashi's heart skipped a few beats. He knew it was just a dream of the past, but he still could not forgive himself.

"It was all your fault," a voice spoke from behind the silver-haired boy.

Kakashi's body shook. That voice. Slowly he turned his head.


Indeed it was Obito, yet his right side was distorted and flat. Bones splintering and tissue hanging here and there. Blood poured out of many openings, creating a pool with a trickle that ran towards Kakashi, who noticed he was back in adult form.

"It's all your fault. I could have became a great ninja. It's your fault I'm dead!"

"Please... I know it was my fault. How can I make it up to you?"

"You can't. Just like you can't make it up to her."

Kakashi turned back to the boulder. Instead of Obito, Hinata was dead under it. Her eyes were the same as they were when Neji first confronted her in the Chuunin exam. Kakashi was paralyzed. He dropped to his knees as tears flowed into the mask. Those eyes told him he had failed in protecting her. Then he felt the sharp stinging pain in his head. The world blacked out a second time.

It took a while for his eyes to regain focus. When he came around, Kakashi found himself in a hospital bed with the Fifth at the foot with a serious look on her face. He knew there would be a long interrogation involved.

"How long was I out for?"

"Three days. You're lucky that Naruto and Sakura are on missions while the Uchiha prefers not to be bothered. Just how long have you been having these attacks?"

"This is the first time I've actually fainted."

"How long, Kakashi?" Tsunade-sama's voice grew harsher.

"Hmm... five months, I guess."

"I see. I've got some bad news."

Kakahi's eyelids opened more from their former drowsy position.

"Bad news?"

"There is a reason why Kekkei Genkai are given that name. The technique is apart of the blood and--"

"And what? I'm gonna die?"


"Tsunade-sama, tell me. What's happening to me?"

"I'm afraid that it's too late."

"Stop being so vague! What do you mean by 'too late'?"

"It's too late to keep you from dying from the Sharingan."

Kakashi was stunned. It was preposterous. Die from the Sharingan? He had lived with it for decades. What was so special about now?

"Are you sure?"

"Rin used a jutsu to switch your eye for Obito's, but all jutsus wear off at one point. It's amazing that it lasted this long. Even I thought that it would be permanent. Going back to the point about Kekkei Genkai. Something in the blood makes it so that members of that line, and no one else, may possess that technique. DNA? Could be. The point is that the Sharingan has now become a malignant tumor connected to your brain and cannot be removed. If you had come to me about it earlier, I could have researched some kind of seal, but it's too late now."

It hit Kakashi like one of his own Raikiris. It was over. He was going to die with so many things left unaccomplished. So many things he wanted to see, but could not hope for any longer. So many dreams left in the dust.

"H-how long?"

"Hmm... maybe a month. Two if you stop being a ninja."

"Can you do me a favor, Tsunade-sama?"


"Please... don't tell anyone, especially my team. I'd like it if they didn't have to remember me stuck in bed hooked up to a morphine drip."

"Kakashi, those are smart kids. They're gonna figure it out sooner or later."

"I know. But consider it a last request and a retirement gift."

"Hmm... I'll see what I could do about living arrangements and make up an excuse."

When Kakashi got back to his apartment, he took a good look. This would all be empty once he moved on to the next life. Not that he really liked the interior décor. He really only had a few personal items (the pictures of his teams and his collection of books). It was just everything would be gone. He didn't have anything to leave behind in his will, which reminded him he needed to get to work on that.

As he lay on his bed, Kakashi began to reflect on all the people he met. He passed through his old teams, his fellow jounin, heck, even all his enemies. But his mind eventually found itself to Hyuuga Hinata. He didn't forget her. No, in fact he thought about her inbetween each person. What is she doing now? How would she react to his terminal condition? Questions just raced through his mind.

The last time he saw Hinata was at her nineteenth birthday party. Since Hinata had a suffocatingly formal cotillion the year before, a few of her good friends (and Neji) decided to throw her a house party/sleepover. The Rookie Nine, Neji's team, Sai, and the Sand Siblings were invited. Kakashi was hired to handle the A-rank mission of supervising.

"Make sure that no one lays a hand on my daughter," Kakashi remembered Hiashi ordered as he went to the shrine praying that the heiress did not get pregnant on this night.

Kakashi stepped into the Hyuuga family room now turned party central. The large stereo pumped out the music while a few guests were out on the dance floor. Dancing couples included Sakura and Lee, Neji and Tenten, Sai and Ino, and a group of boys going dumb in a circle. Naruto and Chouji were busy raiding the snack table. Temari was getting pissed off at Shikamaru for being too lazy to dance. Gaara was busy being emo in the corner.

"Kakashi-sensei, what are you doing here?" he heard an angelic voice from behind.

Kakashi turned around and saw Hinata escorting Sasuke to the family room. He did not expect to see his former student at a social gathering such as this, but his mind was not available to process this thought. Kakashi was too busy staring at Hinata. My had she grown. Kakashi could only see a trace of the girl's former self in her new, more open demeanor.

"Oh, your father hired me. Happy birthday. You've grown."

"Oh-- um," Hinata blushed, "I suppose. It sure has been a long time since we last spoke."

"It sure has. Sasuke, it's nice to see you."

"Hn," was all Sasuke replied before going off to be emo in the corner opposite Gaara.

Kakashi had to ask, "How did you get him to come out of the house?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure. Naruto-kun was the one that told Sasuke-san."

"Hinata!" Ino called out, "Come here! We're gonna play a game!"

"Coming! Would you like to join us sensei?"

"I think I'll complete my mission and supervise."

They stopped the music and made a little circle in the middle of the room. Even Sasuke and Gaara were dragged-- I mean, decided to participate. The game that they had picked out was called "Would You Rather". It was a silly little board game where a person would get two choices, both equally humiliating, and everyone else would have to guess what they would pick. But that was boring. So they picked out the challenge cards, where you actually had to do stuff, and played with those. Unfortunately this was "Would You Rather: The Jacked-Up Version".

"Alright Hinata! Since you're the birthday girl, you choose first," Sakura presented the ten cards.

Hinata chose the third from the left and looked at her choices:

Strip for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Lick the big toe of the person to your left.

Have the person to your right lick chocolate syrup off your stomach.

Pretend that you're taking a huge dump for 2 minutes.

Kiss someone on the lips for 3 seconds.

She blushed like crazy. No way she was going to do the first one and scar her and the whole Hyuuga clan's reputation. As for the second one, the person on her left was Lee. Hinata did not want to find out if he had athlete's foot or not. For the third, what was with all the licking? To Hinata's right sat Neji. It would have been extremely awkward for Hinata having her cousin lick chocolate syrup of her. Besides she was ticklish and would have spilled some of the syrup onto the floor. She was not sure she could do the fourth task for that amount of time. Which brought her to the final choice.

Hinata looked around the room. The guys with girlfriends were out of the question. She valued their friendship too much. Her old teammates? No, that would be like kissing Neji. Naruto? She still had a bit of a crush on the blond. Hinata could not gather the courage to approach him after all these years. Chouji? Hinata never saw it happening. Sasuke or Gaara? And risk getting them mad? There was only one choice left.

'Maybe he won't mind. I mean, it's not like I'm actually kissing him if there's a barrier,' she mentally told herself.

She got up and walked towards the corner which Sasuke previously occupied. Hinata put her hands on the man's face and pulled it down to her own. In one, two, three seconds everyone stared at Hinata dumbfounded.

"Ano... g-g-gomen. I-I picked a b-bad c-c-card," apologized Hinata.

Everyone else in the circle had to pick up their jaws off the floor.

"Gah! Hinata-chan kissed Kakashi-sensei, dattebayo!" exclaimed Naruto.

Hinata quickly rushed back to her place in the circle.

"Erm... I think it's your turn now Lee-san."


The party resumed and everyone had fun (except the two emo guys). A whole bunch of random shit happened that night, but Kakashi did not remember any of it. Rather he tried not to pay any attention to it. The rest of the night he hid himself behind that perverted book of his, cursing his damned mask.

The next morning, Kakashi awoke to a series of knocks on the door.

"I'm coming," yelled an cranky Kakashi, "...damn jehovawitnesssonova..."

He turned the knob and pulled. It was Umino Iruka with a letter.

"Iruka, what are you doing here?"

"Hokage-sama instructed me to give you this."

"Ahh... so do you know?"

"How long are you planning to keep this from Naruto?"

"Naruto's a smart kid. You of all people should know that. He can figure it out on his own."

"Kakashi, they have a right to know. Don't they mean anything to you anymore."

"They don't really mean anything to each other anymore."

"Tch... whatever. I just thought I'd let you know that there are better ways of spending your final days."

Kakashi remained silent as Iruka walked away. It was true that Kakashi did not have to end it like this, but what was the point of it after it was over? Besides his wildest dreams would never come true. His life was just slipping away. He flipped the top of the envelope and read the letter.


You're in luck. The damiyo owed me a few favors and I got you his summer home about four hours away from here on foot. There you will be assisted by a personal nurse to make your life more comfortable. Make sure you do not try anything. Furthermore only take your essentials. I'm telling your students your on another solo S-rank mission. If you need to communicate with Konoha, the nurse would be able to take letters back with her. Enclosed is a map with directions to the villa. It should be around 10:00 AM when you receive this message. Your personal nurse should be there already. Don't keep her waiting. You should also know that there are people in this village that will miss you. If you every want to reconsider, you know what to do.

-Tsunade, Fifth Hokage of Konoha

Indeed it was 10:01 AM when Kakashi checked the clock. He got to speed packing, yet at the same time taking in his surroundings. This would be the last time he would ever see these material items again. It sort of felt like he was losing some part of himself in a way. Kakashi took the two pictures of his former teams from their spots on the top of his bed. His eye stared at them for a while until he slipped it into his bag. He had also decided to bring his top three favorite Icha Icha books. No sense in taking the whole shelf. Before walking through the threshold, Kakashi turned and took one final glance. The room seemed to be moving further away. Slipping away.

"Goodbye, life," Kakashi softly sighed before shutting the door.

The trip to the villa was a rather enjoyable one. The sun was shining brightly, but a light, gentle breeze just happened to be passing by. The trees were also in full bloom, providing a colorful landscape which made the long walk much more easy to bear. Occasionally Kakashi stopped to rest his aching feet, but he did not wait that long. It was a four hour trip. Tsunade-sama probably did not add rest stops in the equation. When he finally reached the place, his feet had blisters and there was a bit of sweat visible through his clothes.

The place was not all that bad. A bit small compared to what the damiyo of the most powerful ninja country could afford, but the size gave it a more cozy feel to it. The exterior was well-kept. No signs of vines growing up the sides of the walls. The grass was cut evenly and no dandelions in sight. He only hoped the interior was just as good.

"Kakashi-sensei," said a warm, familiar voice.

Kakashi turned his eye towards the front door. Standing on the steps was the girl-- no, woman which gave him a reason not to end his sorry life already. Hyuuga Hinata in all her pure glory wearing-- a nurse uniform?

'Holy shit,' Kakashi mentally cursed, 'The gods must be testing me.'

"So it really is true, Kakashi-sensei," Hinata's voice fell a little.

"Yes, I'm afraid so," replied Kakashi with little emotion.

Tears started forming in Hinata's eyes as she stuttered, "G-gomen... I--"

"You have nothing to be sorry about. I should be the one who's sorry, making you have to take care of me."

"N-not at all! Um... I-uh actually volunteered when I heard i-it was you."

"Oh... uh... why is that?"

"B-b-because you he-helped me before, r-remember?"

"You mean when I-- oh... uh... I forgot to apologize for that."

"No no! I didn't even apologize for what I did to you at my birthday."

"That? Don't be sorry about that. It was-- um... nice."

"But you got in trouble by Otousama when he caught Naruto sitting in Sasuke's lap."

"Really? I forgot. Whoops," Kakashi chuckled.

Hinata also giggled, "Well come in."

The inside was simply elegant. Marble tile shone on the floor. A staircase spiraled up the right side of the room. Rich tapestries hung from the walls and a crystal-like chandelier completed the ceiling.

"Here, I'll show you to your room," Hinata led the way.

She opened the door to reveal a luxurious suite. The sunlight shining through the window accentuated the crème paint on the walls. A lavish king-sized bed was in the middle-right of the entrance. Further within was the bathroom, complete with granite tiles, cherry cabinets, marble counters, and an indoor jacuzzi.

"Wow," was all Kakashi could say.

"The damiyo usually stays in this room, but he won't be coming here for another couple of months. I looked around. They have a nice kitchen, a lovely garden, even a pool! I'll leave you alone while you change into something more comfortable."



"Did you bring a swimsuit?"

Hinata blushed at that question, "A-ac-actually I happened to."

"Would you like to join me?"

"Oh-- th-that s-s-sounds l-like fun."

"Okay. See you then"

"O-okay," Hinata said before scurrying out the door.

Kakashi smiled to himself. Even though he preferred the more confident version, Hinata really was cute when she stuttered and blushed. Finally here was his chance to tell her what he truly felt. Yet another side of him hated himself. He was going after a girl thirteen years younger than him. Can anyone scream pedophile? To top it all off, she was the heiress to the most powerful clan in Konoha and he was going to die in two months. The gods were definitely testing him this time. Kakashi was so deep in thought that he did not snap back into reality until he was in black board shorts with no mask and standing just before the pool.

'Huh, that was weird. Well Hinata's not out yet, mind as well test the water.'

Kakashi jumped into the pool, letting the cool water flow around his body. He swam across to the shallow side of the pool and stood up, flipping his spiky hair back (A/N: I know Kakashi's hair is to spiky to flip, just work with me here). Hyuuga Hinata just happened to walk out and witness this event. She flushed at the sight Kakashi's face free of the mask and water trailing down his well-defined chest and abdominal region. The scar over his left eye just added to his already-high sex appeal.

Kakashi also encountered a vision of beauty at that moment. Miss Hyuuga's was wearing a white one-piece bathing suit. Hinata's dark locks cascaded down her back. Her face with that look of pure innocence caused Kakashi's jaw to drop. In addition to her slim figure, there was a bit of muscle in her arms and legs. He could not help but pay attention to how much she "filled in" over the years. Sunlight only made her moonshine skin glow. In short, Kakashi was mesmerized.

"A-ano... how's the water?" Hinata broke the ice in a mousy voice.

"Oh-- it's-- um-- great. Err... come in."

"Okay-- um... I'm j-just g-g-gonna--"

"Do I scare you that much?" Kakashi asked with some seriousness.

"No! No! I mean you're beautiful-- ah, no-- I mean-- gah--"

Kakashi just had to chuckle. Hinata was just too cute.

"Come on in. I promise I won't bite."


Hinata gently eased her way into the pool using the ladder on the deep end. She let her body float on the surface. She closed her eyes, enjoying the peace and tranquility. That is until Kakashi swam up from under her and wrapped his arms around her, which forced Hinata to scream, blush, you get the picture.

"K-Ka-Kakashi-sensei. Y-You scared m-me," said Hinata, who could not scold Kakashi at this moment.


"A-ano... Sensei?"


"You're still holding me."

Kakashi quickly released the girl and apologized. The rest of the day they spent just swimming around and enjoying one another's company. Hinata brought out some dango to share. They talked about current events, the weather, all that small talk.

"So then I told him--" Kakashi froze.

"Sensei, daijoubu?"

Kakashi screamed as the pain returned with a much more acute sensation.

"Hold on! I'll be right back!" Hinata scurried into the house.

She frantically searched for her homemade medicines. They acted faster than normal pills and went down easier too. When she found the right mixture, she mixed it in with a cup of water and quickly brought it outside. Kakashi was lying on his back with labored breathing.

"Here, drink this," ordered Hinata as she propped the man's head up.

The cool green liquid passed down Kakashi's throat with ease. The effects of the medicine began to take effect immediately.

"Arigatou, Hinata," thanked Kakashi as he got up.

"N-no need to th-thank me. I-it's my job," said Hinata with a light tint of red in her cheeks, "Go get ready. I'll start dinner."

Kakashi obeyed and took a shower. When he was done, he descended and found Hinata had made him a most delicious beef stew. Over dinner there was more small talk. Afterwards Hinata taught Kakashi how to use the medicine she prepared. It was getting dark and the sun would not be visible soon, so Hinata took her leave. Kakashi marched up the stairs and into the damiyo's bed.

'So this is what's left of my sorry life. Well, it has some benefits at least,' Kakashi thought before slipping into a dream with his white-eyed angel.

And so, the days passed. The usual routine was Kakashi to wait for Hinata to come to the villa and cook him lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing some activity with some light conversation. They would retire when the sun set and Hinata would prepare a tasty dinner. But everyday Kakashi would collapse from the pain in his head, which kept getting stronger and stronger. Hinata's medicine took longer to act and provided less comfort. And by the seventh week, it was too dangerous for Kakashi to leave the villa.

"Kakashi-sensei, are you sure it's okay? What about you?"

"I'll be fine. Your medicines act fast and are easy to prepare. Besides, it's your first date."

Indeed Hinata had a date. A date with Naruto. Throughout the time they spent together, Kakashi never told Hinata his feelings towards her. And now she was going out for a night on the town with his former student.

'It's better this way,' Kakashi consoled himself mentally. He was dying, she was alive. It would not have worked out.

"Okay then. I'm leaving now," Hinata softly bid farewell to Kakashi.

The sun was still high in the sky. Kakashi went back up to lay down on his bed. Once upon his mattress, he let the tears he had been holding in stream down his face. He stayed like that in the silence until the darkness of night covered the sky. That was when the pain returned. Kakashi writhed in agony reaching for water and Hinata's medicine on the side table. He drank it, but he could not feel it working anymore, even after waiting for half an hour.

"Hinata! HINATA! I NEED YOU!" Kakashi yelled before passing out.

Kakashi felt like he was falling. Slipping into a dark abyss from which no one returned from again.

'What a fitting end... to live in darkness and die in darkness,' Kakashi thought to himself.

"Kakashi, please wake up!" a voice called out from above him. He felt a drop of water land on his face.

When Kakashi opened his eyes, he found a crying Hinata standing over him.

"Yokatta... I was so scared," Hinata managed to say through her tears.

"Hinata..." Kakashi looked at the clock which read 4:22 AM, "What are you doing here so late?"

Hinata wrapped her arms around Kakashi's torso and put her head against his heart. "Naruto... t-that jerk... I-I wanted to su-surprise him, s-so I went to his ap-partment early. I found hi-him and S-Sakura together."

'Damn that kid. I'll haunt him until he dies.' "Hinata, it's gonna be alright," Kakashi stroked her hair, "I'll be here for you. Even when I'm gone, I'm still going to be here for you. And when we enter the next life, I'll find you and still be there for you. I promise, so don't cry anymore."

Kakashi's words were a comforting mantra to Hinata's ears. She fell asleep in on his chest. Kakashi also fell asleep. He could feel the tumor acting up, but it did not really bother him at this moment.

From that night-- technically morning-- on, Hinata stayed with Kakashi in the villa. They did their same old routine, but things usually extended on through the night, when Hinata was happy to sleep in the same bed with Kakashi, who hid his glee behind his sexy smile. But good things could never last. This Kakashi knew, as he lay in bed with Hinata. That night the pain was too intense. He knew that the last attack would be his last, leaving Hinata without his protection. He wrapped his arms around Hinata and cried into her collarbone.

"Kakashi-sensei? Why are you crying?"

"I don't wanna die, Hinata. I don't wanna die. I'm scared. Really scared. Even though I've put my life on the line thousands of times, this time I know that I will die. And it scares me."

A dramatic pause hung in the air until Hinata softly spoke, "You don't have to be afraid anymore. From now on, I'll always be here for you." Hinata also started to cry. "When you're gone, I'm still going to be here for you. And when we meet again in the next life, I'm going to be there for you. I promise, so you don't have to cry anymore."

Both in each other's embrace. Both feeling the same pain. Both souls as one at that moment. Kakashi finally had the strength. The strength to say what needed to be said.

"Hinata, I--"

"I love you too, Kakashi," Hinata cut him off as she pulled him in for a kiss.

This was the moment that Kakashi craved for; what he sought out for all those years. Their tongues danced blissfully and everything seemed right with the world.

Once they broke off one another, Kakashi, still crying, spoke, "It's not fair. It's not right. This is all we get?"

"No, you're wrong. We'll be there for each other forever. We promised, remember?" asked a teary-eyed Hinata.

"Yeah, I know."

And they laid like that until Hinata fell asleep. Kakashi could feel the pain resurface. His time was up. But he had no regrets. He was content to die here, next to his white-eyed angel, whose beating heart meant that there would be no more silence.

'Hinata. I'll be here for you. Always.'

The next morning, Hinata opened her eyes to see Kakashi's smiling face.

"Kakashi? Kakashi..."

No response. A lonely tear streaked Hinata's smiling face.

Another turning point a fork stuck in the road

Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go

So make the best of this test and don't ask why

It's not a question but a lesson learned in time

It's something unpredictable

But in the end is right

I hope you had the time of your life

The funeral was one indeed fit for a hero. Much like the Third's, it was dark and raining. The rows of ninja wearing black was a symbol of how many people Kakashi influenced. Naruto shook in anger towards Kakashi for not telling them of his disease. Tears rolled down his and Sakura's eyes, but Sasuke was out of tears, though he wished he could have cried for the man. But the one whom seemed most affected was...

"KAKASHI! HOW COULD YOU LEAVE ME LIKE THIS! I STILL NEED YOU TO BE MY RIVAL! HOW COULD YOU! KAKASHI! YOU CAN'T BE GONE!" Gai rambled on, his eyes red and puffy from crying too much.

As for Hyuuga Hinata, heiress to the Hyuuga Clan, she stood towards the back keeping a straight face, letting the cascading tears mix with the rain drops.

So take the photographs and still frames in your mind

Hang it on a shelf in good health and good time

Tattoos of memories and dead skin on trial

For what it's worth it was worth all the while

It's something unpredictable

But in the end is right

I hope you had the time of your life

The next day, Hinata visited the Hero's Stone. "Hatake Kakashi" was newly engraved onto the list. On the same row, two columns over, was the name "Uchiha Obito". Hinata ran her fingers over Kakashi's name and smiled.

"Hyuuga," a voice spoke.

Hinata turned around, "Uchiha-san, what a pleasant surprise."

"This was found among Kakashi-sensei's things," Sasuke held out a letter addressed to her.


"Listen," Sasuke said as he turned away, "He was very important to me too. If you're not busy, come by and have tea sometimes. We can talk about him if you want."

"I will definitely take you up on that offer," Hinata replied sweetly.

Sasuke smirked a bit, "Ja ne," he said as he hopped off.

Dear Hinata,

If you're reading this, then I must be dead. But just in case I didn't have the courage to tell you while I was alive, I'm saying it now in this letter. I love you Hyuuga Hinata. I've loved you for a very long time. Long enough for me to be considered mentally unhealthy. I don't know how. Maybe it was the determination you showed during your first Chunin Exam. Or perhaps it was your skill and motivation I saw you have during our mission to Flower Country. Regardless, I fell in love with you and now I wish I had more time, but the time we spent together was enough, I think. Until the next life...

Always, Kakashi

Hinata smiled as she finished the letter. She wiped the tears from her eyes and started heading home. Suddenly she stopped, feeling a presence behind her.

"Kakashi?" she whipped her head back.

There was no one. Only a gentle wind.

Okay, it's done now. Sorry I killed off the main guy. Blame all the Korean dramas I've seen. Now that school's starting up again and I haven't even finished my summer work, I doubt that I will be writing anymore fanfiction anytime soon. I'm actually working on a personal collaboration with my friends (don't ask, it's personal... don't even ask in real life), so most of my imagination will be towards that. If I have time, I may write what else happened during Hinata's b-day party in a one-shot. This is AnGeLofIcE1 signing off.