Somewhere in the Snow

An Affair To Forget

Chapter 1: Lost to the white

Quick steps followed behind him. He listened to the hurried effort made to catch up with him, anger explicit with every snap of twig and bracken beneath her feet. She was making no effort to be as quiet as he knew she could be, and since they were on a mission, this could be a potential problem.

" Look, let's talk about this later. You know right now is not the time or the place," he whispered, trying to pacify her in the hopes that it would keep her from doing something drastic.

"No! I wanna talk about it now! How could you say something like that to me? What happened to 'I don't want be ignored anymore?? Huh? Well I'm not ignoring you now so DAMMIT TALK!" her words had slowly gotten louder and louder, finally ended on a shout.

Cold silence hung between them, hushed by the quiet hiss of falling snow and the angry heaving of her breath.

"Look, I'm just saying don't do anything that you might later regret. I know you didn't mean what you said. You know how important this is to me." He reached out his hand to touch her face only to have her turn away from him.

Tears left silvery tracks down her cheeks, reflected by what little moonlight there was. She turned her face up to the sky in the hope an answer might be written there and sucked in a breath, praying for courage to get out the next sentence.

"Was it all just some trick? Why now? Why this way? Why would you use me for something like that? Couldn't it h-h-ave.."

Her voice broke on the words, they would not allow themselves to break free from the confines of her soul. Some things were just too hard to say. She was too lost, too hurt, and in a way, strangely flattered that he would have thought to make it her. But in the end it was just another way to use her, it was just another way for him to get the thing he wanted and then think nothing more about it. As if it wouldn't tear her apart, and he did it all with no regrets and no apologies.

It was tragic...she was pathetic. She decided that the three of them all thrived on their tragedies, in one way or another, but she had too much to lose now. If she let him do this to her everything would be lost...but it would have been so sweet her inner voice sought to tell her. If for just a moment it would have been the sweetest thing in the world.

Sakura looked up at Sasuke, a new determination in her eyes as she set in her mind the words she would say. The denial of the one thing she had dreamt of since she was young, in order to make herself strong enough to stand up to him...or any of them for that matter. She was more than tired of being the one they looked down on, the one who was ignored or left behind. Even Kakashi was guilty of this and from him it had hurt the worst. Without that Sasuke would never respect her, for it to mean anything other then a means to an end for him.

As the words poured from her mouth a large groaning came from higher up in the mountain. The snapping of trees and earth loud in their ears as a ocean of snow cleared a path for itself down the side of the hill, destroying everything in its way.

Right between the arguing lovers.

Sasuke watched as the avalanche broke between him and Sakura. Where moments before a young woman had stood with anger blazing in her eyes, there was a now a river of snow. And just that quickly she was gone. Sasuke felt panic burst awake in his head and a heartfelt shout clawed up his belly. He screamed his anguish into the now silent clearing.


He screamed her name again as he rushed into the debris filled snow, calling her name over and over. Uselessly looking for a sign of pink hair, an arm or leg that he might grab to pull her from the frozen hell around him. All he found were broken branches and boulders carelessly tossed down the side of the mountain by the cruel hand of God

And just that quickly she was gone…

Her mind drifted on a haze of semi-consciousness, unable to even comprehend the pain that wracked her body. Sakura opened her eyes slowly to blurred tunnel-like vision and saw the ghostly visages of trees shrouded by early morning fog. Her vision was suddenly blocked out as a shadow rose up in the early morning light.

'Saskue…Sas…I'm so sorr…I'm…why like this Sasuke? Why….? It's gone and I don't know why I mi-miss it b-but its go-gone…its gone.'

Sakura was aware enough to feel the warm gush of blood flow from her body as her movements opened old wounds partially clotted, her body making attempt after attempt to stanch the flow of life from her body.

'It….would ….have been….s-so …………sweet'

She sighed up into the dark face above her as she again lost consciousness.

Itachi looked down at the pink haired girl lying at his feet. It was obvious that the avalanche had carried her quite a long way. The snow had been sullied by her, in blood that continued to stain the pristine whiteness. He hated that, it just really pissed him off for some unknown reason. He looked on, content to watch as her life drained away. He'd always been fascinated with watching people die. It wasn't something most people got to watch every day. Then her eyes looked up at him glazed and unfocused, a small scratchy voice whispered a name he knew very well.


The rest was an indistinct blur to him, not that he really gave a damn. But this, this was different and it piqued his interest. He not so gently grabbed her hip and rolled her onto her back, one leg lay at an awkward angle where it had been smashed against a tree. At first he could see no reason for the large amounts of blood staining the snow, until he moved her. Large amounts of dark blood stained her inner thighs and continued to sluggishly pulse from her womb as a small life was pushed from her wrecked body.

"Very interesting," Itachi mused to himself as he continued to look on. Had it been his brother's child that had died here? This had some odd implications that he needed more time to think on. Unfortunately, she didn't have more time. Unable to avoid it any longer, Itachi picked the shinobi up and slung her carelessly over his shoulder. He made his way through the snow and back to his camp. Close to his ear he heard the final whisper she made as she finally lost consciousness.

"It would have been so…sweet,"

She sighed the words into his ear, making him pause and gaze into the early morning horizon. Maybe…but things are different now.

The boards creaked beneath Sakura's feet as she walked to her room. Team 7 had been training in the mountains and snow for more then a week now. It had been Kakashi's idea, but for some reason, Sakura didn't find the idea of standing in snow half naked and told not to move for hours on end as her idea of entertainment. The point of the exercise was to gain inner Chakra control and use it to keep blood flowing to your limbs while staving off frostbite and hypothermia.

It was easy for her but that didn't mean she liked it. The constant bickering between Naruto and Sasuke had given her a killer headache…Sasuke. Now that was one problem she just wasn't ready to deal with right now. Sakura had come to the sad conclusion that things between them were going nowhere and were destined to go nowhere. She was stronger now and he just didn't care. She worked so hard under Tsunade and had made every effort to be a strong, well-respected medical Nin, and he just didn't give a damn. So she had spent these last weeks ignoring him, as he deserved.

Sakura walked around the corner and there he was, waiting for her. Sasuke had been slumped against the wall. When he saw her he straightened to his full height, which caused him to tower over her. He had sprung up to a well-proportioned 6'0 ft while she seemed to hardly have grown taller at all. It still kinda pissed her off but it wasn't like she could train or will herself taller, but if she could she would have, just to prove her point.


She didn't give a damn if that was the only word he could think to say after all this time. She chose right then to ignore him and she made to move past him into her room without acknowledging his presence.

Sasuke's face twitched and he suddenly burned with anger. He didn't like it when people ignored him or pretended he didn't exist. He found he was especially annoyed when Sakura did it. His hand flew out, grabbed her shoulder, and spun her around.

"What the hell is the matter with you?! I just wanted to talk to you, you didn't have to act like such a bitch!" Sasuke snarled at her face with all the anger that had been building in him.

Sakura turned her face away from his angry expression, she didn't understand why she was doing it. She felt compelled to act this way. She decided not to answer, the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat was going to make talking a risky proposition. She refused to cry in front of him…she was sick of herself crying around him and wanting and longing for things she might never get.

"Well? Are you just gonna stand there and say nothing? Why the hell do I bother with you?" Sasuke turned away, disgusted with himself for breaking down and yelling at her.

Sakura looked at him and opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out "…" and still the words refused to come out.

He turned back around to face her seeing the panic enter her eyes as they filled up with moisture. He slowly walked towards her and Sakura had the sudden image of being stalked by a large hungry predator.

"Sakura," he whispered her name as his hand came up to softly caress the side of her face, "Sakura, what's the matter?"

That lump in her throat seemed to be growing by the moment and the dam burst without her willing approval.

" I hate you!" she screamed in his face, forcing him to back up with the vehemence of her words. "I Hate you, you self righteous basterd! I hate you cause you don't even know HOW to give me what I want. Even if you cared enough to try."

She sobbed and seemed to lose her ability to stand upright, she fisted her hand in his shirt to hold herself up as real tears started to course down her face. Not the pretty kind like he had seen before but the kind that makes you cry so hard you can't breath or stand. Sakura stood there crying and gasped out what she had meant to say.

" I love you…. and I don't WANT to hate you. I hate that you can't love me back…and I hate that you think nothing of me…. but I don't want to I don't want to hate you…. so I ignore you cause it's the only thing I can do…. Cause if I don't think of you at all its easier not to feel anything for you...Sasuke."

The final word was a broken wail as she began sobbing into her hand. Sasuke did the only thing he could think of, he forced her head up by her hair and kissed her with all the passion he could muster.

Sakura felt Sasuke's lips on her's and she kissed him back with all the intensity she had used for crying. She felt him press her into the rough grain of the wall behind her. His lips left hers to trail a wet path down her neck and she raised her legs to cradle his body between her thighs. His mouth lingered on her collarbone as he pulled sweet flesh into his mouth biting down. He leaned back to look into her face, they were both gasping for breath, and he pumped his lower body urgently into hers grinding his hips into the warm sweet juncture of her thighs.

"Sasuke." she groaned his name as her core came into contact with his full erection. Unable to wait any longer Sasuke pushed open the door to her room and with her legs still wrapped around him fell with her onto the bed.

She lay beneath him thinking as he forced his tongue past her lips yet again 'Yes…yes THIS is what I wanted…this is what I always wanted.'


A/N: If your reading this for a second maybe even perhaps a third or upward multiple time then you might have noticed some changes. Expect this throughout the story as my beta goes through and fixes alot of my little problems. If this is your first time well enjoy the story in its new improved state.