"Wow...look! Is she new?"

"I don't know, but she's sure as hell hot though!"

"Hey hottie! I forgot my phone number. Can I have yours?"

Men. The less intelligent of the two genders. One day I'm at my desk, unnoticed by them, with my fellow worker and best friend Rachel Roth reading a romance novel and dreaming about being beautiful. And well.. the next my older sister gives me a makeover and now I'm the new sex symbol at the Daily Planet. Well I suppose I should start at the beginning.

My name is Kori Anders. I am a reporter at the Daily Planet, one of the biggest newspapers in the vast growing city of Metropolis. I moved here right after I graduated from Jump City High with Rachel to follow my dream career in journalism. Rachel wanted to be a journalist as well so she followed me. Basically my social status in high school was not one to brag about. I was classified under the geeks, which was saying something, since losers were above them in the social food chain. Rachel and I were the outcasts, well, so Katherine Moth aka Kitten said. We did have some popular friends like Victor Stone and Garfield Logan. They were jocks, the nice kind, if you could tell. The mean ones, were, well mean to us. Except for one.

Richard Grayson, Kitten's boyfriend would occasionally stick up for me, but most of the time he just sat there while he asshole friends Johnny and Slade made fun of my glasses, braids, and braces. Which I admit, were good targets if you didn't notice the freckles, gangly legs, and thick eyebrows. High school was a hell on earth. A lot of the time I would sit at home and be depressed. After I studied and did chores of course. I was nothing like my older sister, Katie, who was a socail butterfly and head cheerleader in her day. She lived in Metropolis too. In the same apartment complex. She took me under her wing when I came here and got me and Rachel our jobs.

I admit, she was mean to me when I was a freshman but after she moved out and left Jump City, something changed about her. She became nice. She was like my other best friend nowadays. All three of us will hang out at my apartment and chow down on Top Ramen while making fun of our bosses. We all came up with crazy things to do sometimes. Which leads me to my transformation, as Rachel calls it.

We were watching the Princess Diaries and were munching on some of my world famous double chocolate chip brownies when Katie jumped up from her side of the couch.

"I just got one of the world's greatest ideas!" She proclaimed as if she figured out the cure for cancer.

"What? How to catch Ashton Kutcher?" I giggled.

Rachel rolled her eyes.

"I'm sorry Kori, but if I hear another one of your Ashton kidnapping schemes I will walk out that door right now." Rachel stated in a monotone.

"I think Rach is serious." Katie smirked.

"Don't call me Rach." Rachel interjected.

"No but anyways, we should give you a makeover!" Katie said.

My eyes widened with shock.

"Oh yeah, NOW you noticed I need a makeover." I said rolling my eyes as I threw a pillow at her.

"Well that was back when I was the ice queen." Katie dissed herself.

"Don't be so hard on yourself, you were a jerk. As in the past, it already happened." I said.

"I wouldn't go too far Kori." Rachel smirked.

Katie glared at her.

"Well now I'm giving you a makeover too, just for saying that." Katie frowned.

"You wouldn't." Rachel asked, a hint of concern in her voice.

"I would." Katie then laughed.

"Well when would we even do it?" I wondered aloud.

"How about now? I'll pull out my beauty products and magazines! Oooo! Kori, we will get you a man." Katie squealed and ran out the door to her apartment.

I looked at Rachel, her eyebrows were raised and I shrugged.

"Well you know, you could probably seduce the boss into getting us a promotion.." Rachel began.

"You aren't serious are you?" I scoffed.

"Well Terra did. And look at her. She's head journalist of the Daily Planet." Rachel exclaimed.

Whoa, did Rachel just say something with emotion? Everyone is losing it. I mean I look like that dead girl from the Ring, only with red hair. And even a makeover wouldn't change that.

"Ok I'm back." Katie said from under a pile of beauty products.

"Is that you, or are you the Cosmetics monster?" I questioned her as she set everything down on the floor.

"Ha ha." Katie said rolling her eyes.

"Wow. You use all of that?" Rachel asked eyeing some of the black eyeliner.

"No, I just get a lot of samples and supplies from work. Being the vice president of Beauty U gives me those perks, you know?" Katie said as she pulled my hair up in a messy bun.

"Rachel, do you want to help turn her into Cinderella?" Katie asked as she pour out some facial mask mix into a bowl.

"I would be honored." Rachel said as she grabbed a bowl full of water.

"Oh no...w-w-why are you guys giving me that craze look?" I stammered as they lunged at me.

After hours of scrubbing my face, plucking my eyebrows, straighting my hair, applying painful contacts, and makeup, Katie finally nodded her head.

"She's gorgeous!" She yelled.

"Truly stunning." Rachel nodded in agreement.

"May I see?" I asked as they handed me a mirror.

I screamed.

"Wow. We made Kori scream." Rachel said.

Katie and Rachel looked at each other and cheered.

"We did it." Katie said.

I touched my cheek with my hand. There's no way this could be me. My face has never been this soft, since like I was baby maybe, but since then..And my eyebrows weren't a huge forest of hair, they were normal! My hair wasn't all crimpy and curly...it was straight, long, shiny, and soft...My eyes were a lil watery from the contacts but they weren't hidden behind huge, thick glasses. They were a brilliant shade of jade green. My eyes were traced with a thin line of black eyeliner and my lashes were huge from the volume mascera. My cheekbone was a pale pink and my lips were a pearl pink. I looked at my friends and slowly smiled. I felt the tears coming. I think they saw them coming too.

"You better not cry, I only brought the normal mascera." Katie said.

"Right. Thank you soo much! I really appricate this, a lot!" I hugged my two best friends.

"Now Rachel will be next tommorow, I'm heading to bed." Katie said as she walked out the door.

"Wait! You forgot your makeup!" I yelled running after her.

"Keep it. Rachel will come over in the morning and help you apply it."

"Geez, thanks Katie." Rachel said sarcastically.

"Your welcome." Katie smiled.

"I was being sarcastic." She grunted.

"And I was talking to Kori, now nighty night." Katie said.

I turned to the mess and began to clean it up. Rachel helped me. It was pretty quiet after that. She then turned towards the door after putting away the mascera and sighed.

"What's wrong?" I asked walking near her.

"I'm sorry I didn't mention this earlier...but I heard that some guy was coming over to work with us at the Daily Planet." Rachel frowned.

"Oh it's ok, I don't mind that I'm out of the social circle of the Planet." I said as I sighed with relief as I picked up a bowl from the floor.

"Well no, it's because it's someone we know. You know, from Jump City."

I felt a lump form in my throat.

"Who?" I asked.

"Richard Grayson." Rachel answered.

The bowl hit the ground and shattered everywhere.

Well this is my new romance novel. I know, big step for me. Well hopefully since it's winter break I'll be able to update more of my stories. Ok and sorry about Punk'd: Bb and rae style. I been busy reformating it, and typing up stuck in an elevator and I been busy and yadda yadda. But they are both half way done. Anyways I apologize for any grammer mistakes I made. It's like midnight and I'm exhausted. Well I signing off for bed. Oh and now Rob/Star couple is confirmed, thanks to Go! . Yay!

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