Disclaimer: I do not own Kenshin, Tomoe or anything related to either.

This fic is in response to the challenge SiriusFan13 issued on the 'Rurouni Kenshin Dream' forum, and was inspired by the scene at the end of the Trust and Betrayal OVA, where Tomoe's spirit is holding Kenshin…

Tears like the Rain

It's so cold, when it rains. It's colder when a person is all alone. It was this way when I first met him; he made it rain blood, I watched as he ended a man's life as if it was nothing.

He took the life of the man I loved, my friend since I was a little girl, the one I was to marry. But in the end it was this man, his murderer, who saved my life.

I know…know I should have hated him for what he had done. I wanted to hate him, I wanted…I wanted somewhere for the hurt to go. I wanted it to go to the man who had taken the happiest times of my life from me. But I couldn't. I couldn't hate him, even as I tried.

As I grew to know him, it became harder to think of Akira, as this boy, this child with a weapon filled my life, and my mind. It became harder to remind myself that I…was to play a hand in his death.

Why? Why did he have to be as he was? He acted…as though I was something special… when he wasn't killing he was so different…I didn't feel like myself when he was there, or…maybe it was when I was around him that I was truly myself?

So many questions…but never the answers.

I wished things could have happened another way, that somehow, we could have left that world behind us, and been truly happy. Because…he did make me happy.

He feels that what happened to me was because of him, but it's not his fault. I did it willingly for him, I did it so that he can still live. I had found my happiness again; I couldn't bear to see it taken away again.

Alone in the rain, he looks so small, so alone. Again in the rain I come to him, but this time…he doesn't see me.

He doesn't feel it as I hold him close to my heart, one more time.

He feels the rain…but he doesn't know that it's the tears welling in my eyes, spilling over…

As this era he fought for dawns, he puts away the sword, as he promised he would do. No more nights where the blood rains like water. But he will never be alone.

I promised to be his sheath. As he remembers, he promises to protect, even now, in a way, I remain his sheath.

Oh Kenshin, please keep living…keep living. And I…I will wait for you…