Not Like The Other Girls


Tenten wishes to become a shinobi, but in the village of Konoha, women or 'girls' are not allowed to become ninjas unless under special circumstances. With a strong determined will, she disguises herself as a boy and enters the ninja academy. After some close calls on revealing her true gender, she discovers that students have to share dormitories and she ends up sharing a dormitory with an arrogant, egoistic and anti-social boy by the name of Neji. What shall become of Tenten when like this there are more chances of blowing her cover? Can Tenten keep this act up to achieve her goal?

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Not Like The Other Girls
Chapter One - Strict Regulations

The village of Konoha.

Famous for its beautiful and peaceful environments and home to the rarest giant Cherry Blossom Trees across the known lands, a village well known for its humbleness and serenity. But behind this façade is the home to the most skilled shinobis of the five countries. These skilled ninjas were what made Konoha's name famous throughout the lands with their many successful missions. Their services range from escorting a client of high priority to finding a dear lost pet. Whatever the mission, Konoha's ninjas always does their best and has always uphold the Konoha name in honour. These ninjas are skillfully trained and taught at a young age, to become the master jounins of the future. There is only one problem.

Only males of the village are allowed to learn the art of the ninja. It was one of those strict rules where women were looked down upon and were always considered as second best to a man. It was believed that in missions women would be putting more at risk than a man would. Other reasons included the stereotypical myth of women being 'weaker' than men and so forth. This rule was laid down by the First Hokage and has been carried down through various generations from then. Many had questioned this sexual discrimination and it was not slightly altered until the Gondaime was elected. The fifth Hokage was a woman herself and was the first female Hokage in the History of Konoha.


She was the grand daughter of the First, yet she still managed to alter this strict rule. She was the first female who graduated from the academy and had even exceeded the jounin level with her exceptional skills, but it did not stop there. Her great knowledge in the medical field assisted her dream of becoming a medical nin. Her medical skills went beyond any man could ever match, making her existence legendary.

Tsunade had managed to alter the rule so that females were able to become shinobis too, but only under great circumstances. Some included the girls' parents to sign a life contract and for the girl to participate and pass a survival exam in order to prove herself worthy.

Tsunade's achievements became well known and many others had attempted to follow her lead but were mainly convinced to do otherwise by their parents after learning of the hardships she had to go through.

This was recorded in the History of Konoha for it proved that women did not always come second to a man. So far only three women in the History of Konoha have passed the academy and had also became jounins as well. They were the current Hokage herself, Tsunade, MitarashiAnko and Yuuhi Kurenai. These three were highly admired by many young girls and have even become their idols, yet they were majorly convinced to choose a different career path than the life of a shinobi. This is where her story begins.


Current Age of fifteen with long chocolate brown hair usually tied up into two buns and hazel coloured eyes. She became an orphan at the age of three when her parents were both declared dead after being missing for six months after an unsuccessful mission.

Yes, her mother too had become a shinobi and her mother's blood probably runs in her too. Being raised up in an orphanage, the people there had never called her by her surname and thus it was never remembered and there was never any record of it. Her parents did, however, leave her a large inheritance before their passing, which she has learned to use wisely.

Tenten left the orphanage at the age of twelve and the Gondaime was kind enough to supply her with her own small apartment with no rental fees after knowing her condition.

Tenten had learned to deal with the solitude all by herself at a young age. She was always bullied at school for her unfortunate condition, making her cry and chasing her off with rude remarks and pushing her around. She would weep for countless days, believing that now one in this world knew how she felt.

By herself…

…All alone in this world

It was not until one afternoon was she proven wrong of her theory.

A seven-year-old Tenten with her shoulder length hair tied back into two little pigtails ran with tears in her eyes yet again. She was running to her place of comfort.

Since she had no parents, relatives, or friends to run to in times of need, she had always comforted herself by sitting under the Old Cherry Blossom Tree, where the roots were large and grew high enough to create a nice ditch to sit in. There she would sit, in between the roots that hid her presence from the cruel world, every time she needed comfort.

She smiled a small smile in relief as she drew near the place. After skillfully stepping over the roots to her comfort zone, she paused abruptly when she saw that the spot was already taken.

There sat a girl with short pink hair that matched the same shade as the cherry blossoms around and above her.

She too was crying.

Noticing the new presence, the pink-haired girl looked up to reveal bright emerald orbs. Their eyes met and Tenten blurted out the first thought that had popped into her mind.

"Why are you crying?"

The pink-haired girl roughly wiped her tears away and responded by asking the exact same question when she noticed the pigtail girl's tears also. Tenten replied and the two discussed each other's feelings and got to know each other.

The pink-haired girls' name was Sakura and they had become the best of friends ever since then.

"Come on Tenten! Or else we'll miss it!" A pink-haired girl rushed her chestnut haired friend.

"Y-Yeah. C-Coming!" Tenten replied as she hastily shoved on her shoes and dashed out the door to meet Sakura.

"Ok! Let's Go!"

The two began running towards the gates of Konoha. Today the villagers were gathered to welcome home the Konoha ninjas that were returning from a recent ANBU mission. Tenten and Sakura were both great admirers of the Konoha shinobis. The sounds of cheering got louder as the two drew nearer towards the gates. The street was already packed with civilians when the girls reached there.

"They're coming!" someone yelled out and the crowd erupted into louder cheers and threw confetti as the heroes walked through the large gates. The girls pushed their way through the crowd and tried to get tot eh front in order to catch a glimpse at these men. They both gasped in delight when one of the shinobis waved at them. Large smiles grew wider as they admired the ninjas walking down the street and into their home village. Sakura suddenly gasped when she recognized one of them.

"That's Uchiha Itachi!" She exclaimed then squealed excitedly. This caught Tenten's attention and the brunette followed Sakura's gaze towards a man with long raven-black hair tied back in a low ponytail. He was dressed in the ANBU uniform and was the only member of the group who refused to wave back.

"Oo…he's cute." Tenten commented as her gaze followed the said shinobi.

"I know! But he's not as cute as his little brother Uchiha Sasuke-kun." She let out a romantic sigh, which made Tenten roll her eyes. Tenten looked at her friend and saw that her eyes were half-narrowed dreamily in a trance-like state.

"He's going into the academy this year you know." Sakura blurted out suddenly.

"Huh? What academy?" Tenten asked in confusion.

"The shinobi academy of course! He's going to become an ANBU just like his brother Itachi-san! Well, he claims that he'll be better than Itachi-san…those two aren't exactly on good terms with each other though…"

"Oh." Tenten responded in understanding. Sakura sighed again.

"I won't be able to see him as often now…"

"Wait, you are seeing him?" Tenten questioned in disbelief. "How come I've never been informed about this?" She asked her best friend.

"Umm…well…" Sakura blushed and inwardly cursed herself for letting that piece of information slip through her lips. She sighed, she slipped up already, might as well tell the rest. She's sure that she can trust her brunette friend.

"It was supposed to be a secret…seeing that shinobis aren't supposed to show emotions…and…well…it was his idea to be discreet about it…we do have our moments…but…yeah…"

"Really? Shinobis aren't supposed to show emotions?"

"Ah huh…other wise he wouldn't have been accepted into the academy." Sakura sighed yet again.

"Wow. That's harsh." Tenten returned her gaze towards to the ANBU ninjas. The shinobis indeed were waving back towards the crowd, but their faces remained expressionless.

'What a tough life…' Tenten thought. 'But it'll have to be a benefit in battles and stuff… to not worry about a loved one's life…but it'll have to be I guess…but…there are only boys! Where are the girls? We can't just let all the men have all the fun! I know!'

"They're so strong…I want to become a shinobi too!" Tenten exclaimed suddenly.

"Yeah, I know—huh? What!" Sakura stared in disbelief at her friend.

"You heard me! I want to become just as strong as those shinobis and fight for my village! Can't let them hog all the fun can we? It looks like a pretty interesting life ne?"

"B-But, But Tenten! It's really dangerous! Especially for a girl!" The pink-haired girl tried to convince her friend to reconsider. "At least ask Tsunade-sama about this!"

"Fine." Tenten obeyed. "I guess I'll have to anyways. I need to ask her how to enroll!" Tenten grinned in excitement, which made Sakura whimper slightly in worry.


The girls stood at the door to the Gondaime's office.

"Come in." Came a velvety voice and the girls followed suit. They entered the office and saw the Gondaime standing near the large window with a medical book propped up in one hand.

"Ah Sakura. Good to see my apprentice is doing well." Sakura bowed at the compliment. Tsunade placed the book on the desk and approached the two with a smile. "And who's your friend Sakura?" Tsunade asked as she gazed at the brunette with her hair in two buns.

"This is my friend Tenten, Tsunade-sama." Sakura introduced.

"It is a great pleasure to meet you Tsunade-sama!" Tenten gleefully greeted.

Ever since Tenten was little she had read about Tsunade's great achievements as the first Konoha Kunoichi and had ever since admired her as her idol. She has longed to follow in the Great Gondaime's footsteps and thus has decided to enroll for the academy this year, seeing as she is the right age and all.

"Ah Tenten," Tsunade shook Tenten's hand in greeting and smiled at the brunette.

"Now, how may I help you two?" she asked as she leaned back slightly on her desk with a smile.

"Well…Tsunade-sama…you see…" Sakura began.

"I wish to be a kunoichi Tsunade-sama! Just like you did! So, how do I enroll?" Tenten cut in quickly very eagered to get it over and done with.

Tsunade was shocked at her words. Becoming a kunoichi required a lot of responsibilities and requires the girl to put her life on the line. It also requires the girl o do very un-lady-like tasks and are unable to turn back afterwards. Tsunade, being the responsible adult at the moment planned to lecture the energetic and naïve girl before her but reconsidered when she realized how much Tenten's spirit resembled hers when she was her age. She laughed lightly at this.

"Tenten. You are aware what responsibilities is required from a girl entering the academy do you not?" Tsunade asked the brown-haired girl.

"Hai Tsunade-sama. I have every intention of risking everything to become a proud Konoha Kunoichi." Tenten stated determinedly. Tsunade faked a smile at this. She had saw this one coming and had thought ahead.

"If you have done your studying, you should also be aware that in order to enter the academy, you parents have to sign a life contract and you would also pass a survival exam?" Tsunade emphasized the word 'parents'.

"Hai-Huh?" Tenten stared disbelievingly at the Gondaime at her words.

"P-Parents?" Tsunade nodded. "B-B-But…" the expression on Tenten's face saddened as she recalled her lonely childhood days. Tsunade felt a pang of guilt and pitied the brunette for her unfortunate past.

"W-Why can't it be like a guardian or something instead?" Tsunade sighed and shook her head in disapproval. Tenten wasn't about to give up so easily.

"W-Why can't YOU give me permission Tsunade-sama? Surely if YOU, the Gondaime, gives me permission, then there will be great exceptions!"

"Tenten, do you know what your parents went through in their lives as s shinobi?" Tenten's head droop slightly. The Gondaime's expression saddened to the one of pity for the poor girl.

"You know the fate they'd met and what became of their lives afterwards. I'm sure that they wouldn't have wanted their only daughter to meet the same fate hey did." Tenten understood the meaning behind the Gondaime's words, yet she was still determined to enter the academy. Her mother mother's blood probably runs in her, for her mother too had become a shinobi in her younger days.

"B-But Tsunade-sama—" She was cut off by a knock on the door followed by a masculine, velvety voice.

"Excuse me Tsunade-sama." All heads turned towards the door.


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