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"But Tsunade-sama did not give you permission! How are you supposed to enroll at all?" Sakura winced when she saw a smirk spreading across Tenten's face.

"And that's where my plan comes in."

Not Like The Other Girls- Chapter Three
Getting In


"Sakura-chan! My bestest best friend of a lifetime!" Sakura didn't like the tone Tenten was using, or the wide devious smile plastered across her face. It scared her to imagine what she was up to.

"Oh no! No way am I getting involved!"

"Aww…come on! Please Sakura! I really need your help on this one in order for this to work! Otherwise my ever so genius plan would crumble into nothing but ashes!" Tenten put on her cutest, saddest puppy-dog eyes and clasped her hand together in front of her in a pleading manner.

"No! Absolutely no way am I going to endanger a friend of mine into the life of a shinobi!"

Sakura crossed her arms and looked away to one side. Tenten remained silent but did not move a muscle except beginning to make her bottom lip quiver, making it seem like she was about to shed tears. Sakura glanced over at hr friend and the moment she did, Tenten's watery orbs grew wider.

"Pretty please Sakura…"

Curse her best friend for seeming so helpless with that vulnerable and needing expression on her face. Sakura felt a pang of guilt sweep through her senses. She felt so culpable for not helping her friend achieve the one goal she had so desperately wanted to accomplish.

'No! Do you want to put the poor girl's life on the line? What kind of a friend out you be if you endangered your BEST friend's life huh?' Her conscious told her.

' This is your chance to help your friend in need! Be a supportive friend and deal with the consequences later! Girl, how can you NOT help your best friend in her time of need?' Inner Sakura exclaimed.

Both side provided very good arguments and in both choices meant being a good friend in one way but not the other. Heck, this was bringing a headache to her troubled mind.

"Oh alright…" Sakura mumbled out as she rubbed her temples. Sakura's conscious waved a white flag in defeat whilst Inner Sakura danced around at her victory.

"Yay!" Tenten cheered as her pleading façade disappeared in a blink of an eye. 'I knew that she would submit sooner or later…she's just that kind of a person…hehe…' Sakura sighed. "Ok, what do I have to do?"

"Right! I need you to help me get an enrolment form from Tsunade-sama's desk." Tenten explained casually as though it was such a simple task. Sakura's eyes widened in shock at what that would mean.

"NANI? You want me to steal!" (1)

"I wouldn't call it 'stealing'. More like, 'just retrieving a form' you know?"

"It's one thing that I'm supporting a friend in need but requiring me to STEAL is another!"

Sakura emphasized the word 'steal'. She was outraged even just at the thought of it. Sakura was a 'law abiding citizen'. (A/N: quote from a friend of mine who has NEVER broken the law before. It's amazing really. O.o XD)

"Aww…Please Sakura!" Tenten clasped her hands together and bowed her head in a pleading manner. "You could do it easily! Seeing as you're Tsunade-sama's apprentice and you do enter into her office on a regular basis and all."

"That is not something to take advantage of Tenten! I can't…STEAL! And you know that."

"Yeah well…I mean, you could even call it BORROWING! Yes…borrowing! Coz I'll be giving it back to Tsunade-sama! Just with details filled in and stuff…yeah." Tenten grinned sheepishly and continued to beg for Sakura's help in this.

Sakura sighed. She noticed that she has sighed quite a few times that day and they were mainly caused by Tenten's actions.

The next day Sakura found her self in her shishou's office, standing before her desk. Tsunade had just walked into the other room to get something that Sakura couldn't quite recall was what. With one glance at the open doorway to the room the Gondaime was currently in, Sakura returned her gaze to the perfectly neat and organized pile of forms before her. It wasn't out of place or anything but it stood out to Sakura like a sore thumb. Sakura stood there, contemplating whether or not she should make the move. She could hear her inner thoughts battling again between good choice and bad choice and it was again, giving her another headache.

'It's easy girl! Just reach out and take a piece from the top of the pile! Take and tell her that you're leaving and be gone in a split second! Nothing to it girl!'

'She wouldn't even notice!'

'WTH? O.o? Whose side are you on now?' the REAL Sakura's mind asked her conscious.

A loud clatter of porcelain bottles reached Sakura's ears, giving her a sudden jolt in shock.

"I'm fine! I'm fine! –hic-" The Gondaime called out from the other room.

'What the hell is she doing in there?'

'Go on…do it NOW!'

Sakura grabbed the sheet, folded it in half and slipped it into her back pocket in less than a second. She exhaled a breath she was unconsciously holding and blinked a few times, still taking in what she had just done.

'That wasn't so hard…'

'Great! Shannaro! Now make like a banana and SPLIT!'

"Err…Tsunade-sama? If there's nothing else I'll be leaving now!" Sakura called across the room.

"Ugh…Matte –hic- Sakura-chan!"

Sakura heard unbalanced footsteps drawing near and began to panic slightly.

"Err…umm…Tsunade-sama, I really have to go now so, umm…ahh…HUH?" Her eyes went wide when she saw her shishou lean on the doorframe with poor co ordination in her stance. She held a white porcelain bottle in one hand with the word 'sake' imprinted on the front. Her cheeks were tainted with a hue of red and pink, showing her intoxicated state. The other hand held a small sipping cup that she swayed gently in an irregular motion. "Tsunade-sama!" Sakura ran to catch the arm of her shishou just in time before she toppled over. "What are you doing?" She asked astonished at her idolized sensei's action.

As if on cue, there came another clash of pots and pans in the other room and out toppled a just as drunk white-haired man. He wore a peculiar forehead protector that had the kanji word of 'oil' imprinted in the centre.

'The Hell! When did he get here?'

"Dammit –hic- Tsunade! You took all the –hic- sake!" The white-haired man ran towards Tsunade and attempted to snatch the colorless bottle out of her grasp but she was too quick for him.

"IIE! Jiraiya! This last bottle is MINE!" (2)

Tsunade retorted in a slurred voice yet full of possessiveness for 'her precious sake'. With one hand she managed to whack the said man across to the opposite wall and with the other she raised the bottle to her lips and gulped down half of the clear liquid.

Sakura sweatdropped at the 'show' before her and slowly backed away towards the exit. She decided that they needed to be left alone to their 'businesses' and once she was close enough to the door, she dashed right out and locked it behind her to prevent any others seeing the shameful sight. With one last sigh she walked out of the building to meet her friend.

"Here." Sakura handed the piece of paper to her friend with an exasperated sigh. The scene of her drunken shishou played back in her mind and Sakura couldn't help but feel disgraced a bit. Since when was the Hokage an alcoholic? She wondered.

Tenten's eyes lit up in great appreciation and she gave Sakura a big hug to show her.

"Thank you-thank you- thank you!" she said in one breath as she 'glomped' her friend in the process. Her action of gratitude couldn't help but make Sakura smile and giggle.

"Ok, Ok. But, I still don't know how you're going to get into the academy seeing as that is an enrolment form for boys."

There was a sudden pause as Tenten stared at Sakura with an isn't-it-obvious look. Sakura realized her words as they replayed in her mind and then it hit her like a hard rock. She stared at her best friend and in total incredulity with eyes widened and nearly popping out of its sockets.

"OMG! Tenten! YOU'RE GOING TO CROSS DRESS NOW!" It came out more as a statement rather than a question.

"I prefer pants over skirts if that's what you're asking." Tenten replied calmly, as though Sakura's reaction made no effect on her whatsoever.


Sakura's mouth hung open as she struggled to find the right words to the situation. She looked liked a gapping fish from Tenten's view, whom had just raised an eyebrow at her friend's sudden silence.

Sakura couldn't believe the extent the brown haired girl was going to do just to become a stupid shinobi. She let out another sigh, admitting defeat at the fact that nothing she says is going to change her friend's decision, or anything that she was going to do for that matter. Tenten has gotten this far so there's not point stopping her now. All Sakura could do was silently pray that her friend would not be discovered in the process, because it'll mean quite a bit of trouble if she does. Actually, it would mean a lot of trouble if she does, so she'd better think smart to avoid that kind of situation.

That afternoon the girls went shopping. 'Guy clothes' shopping. Seeing as Tenten had to act like a boy whilst in the academy, they couldn't let her wear the same outfit everyday. Though through their efforts they didn't end up having to get much, seeing as Tenten's wardrobe contained mainly of pants anyways.

Afterwards they walked into the salon to get Tenten's hair cut short to complete the look but just before the blades of the scissors could skim her hair, Tenten protested at the last moment.

"No! Please! It took me so long to get it this LONG and do you know how long it takes me to keep it this silky and smooth? I have to brush it at least five times a day! Just to get rid of the tangles!" Tenten began to babble on about how precious her hair was to her and how time-consuming it was to maintain it. Sakura, whose hair was shoulder length now, decided to encourage her friend on this matter. Sakura used to have long hair that reached her waist but had cut it short for personal reasons that she does not wish to mention about.
"Tenten, if you cut it all off its like an extra worry lifted off of your shoulders. No more hassles with tangles and maintenance." Sakura spoke through personal experiences.

"No! Absolutely No! I've made my decision!" Tenten crossed her arms and glanced tot eh side in determination.

Sakura just sweat-dropped at her friend's action. 'It was her idea to begin with…she's so stubborn…'

" Ok…I'm sure that no one would notice a guy…with two hair buns…in the academy…right? They would NEVER think that it's feministic…" Sakura spoke with sarcasm dripping off of her words. Tenten just shrugged and hopped off her stool. She had already had an alternative way to wear her hair in mind.

That evening Tenten filled out the enrolment form with ease, except when she came across the 'name' part. Of course, she couldn't put down her name, so she had to think up of an alternative name.

'…Ten…Ten…Tenji? No…Tenku? No…Tenraa? No…Tenzuki? No…Tenshi? …Yes! Tenshi! I like that…has a nice ring to it…Tenshi it is! Hehe…err…now for the surname…ahhh…'

The next day Tenten headed towards the Hokage's office, eager to get this matter over and done with to lift that worry off of her chest. All she had to do was to convince the Gondaime that she was really a boy.

Tenten reached the closed door of Tsunade's office. She gulped and felt the butterflies in her stomach fluttering about. She's going to need all the luck she can get to pull this one off. With one last deep breath, she knocked on the door as her heartbeat increased in nervousness and anticipation.

"Come in! It's unlocked!" came the same voice she had heard two days ago. Tenten swallowed hard, feeling the lump in her throat growing ten times more as she entered the said room.


Tsunade looked up from her work to get a glimpse at her visitor. There before her stood a boy, which didn't surprise her for lately many young lads have been enquiring her to hand in their enrolment forms for the ninja academy this year. Her wore dark green cargos that went two-thirds of the way down and stopped just below his knees. The black sandals complimented his pants and the black sleeveless blouse her wore. A hat sat on top of his head that was also lowered to partially shield his eyes from her view. When the boy remained silent and stationary on his spot, Tsunade decided to begin instead.


Tenten jumped slightly at this for she had been too pre-occupied in avoiding eye contact with the Gondaime to notice the moment of silence that had crossed between them.

"Erm…Tsunade-sama—" she began in her normal voice but stopped immediately once she heard herself. She cleared her throat quickly and imitated a boy's voice.

"Erm, I mean Tsunade-sama." She took a bow in respect at those words addressing the Hokage. Another long pause followed. Tenten was beginning to break cold sweat as she gripped the thin sheet of paper in increasing anxiety.

'Kuso! I should've planned ahead! What do I say now?' (3) At that spur of the moment, she remembered the conversation that Hyuuga Neji had with the Hokage. She silently thanked Kami-sama for eavesdropping back then for otherwise, she wouldn't have known what to say next. (4)

The boy bowed once again, addressing the Gondaime.

"Tsunade-sama, I am here to hand in my enrolment for the ninja academy."

Tenten tried her best to imitate the young Hyuuga's emotionless tone but found it rather difficult to do so whilst keeping a low toned voice. She continued to have her gaze slightly lowered as she adjusted her cap to further shield her hazel eyes.

"…Well?" Tsunade questioned when the boy made no further actions after he had stated his purpose.

"Huh? Oh! Yes…" the boy swiftly handed the form and awaited for the Hokage's next words.

"Tenshi Hyaaki." Tsunade glanced up to try and get a glimpse of the said boy's face but to no prevail. "I apologize for I am not familiar with your clan, Tenshi-san." Tsunade stated when she got the feeling that something wasn't right.

'Quick Tenten! Think of something!'

"Erm…yes, that is understandable, Tsunade-sama…" the boy began as he took another bow in respect. "Err… I have only recently moved her…into Konoha…from the umm…village of the…Hidden waterfall! Yeah…" Tsunade nodded simply in acknowledgment as she returned her focus to the paper before her.

Tenten silently let out a sigh of relief at the fact that the Gondaime fell for it.


Tenten watched and fidgeted fretfully when Tsunade scribbled something on the side.

"Would you be residing in the dormitories outside of tutoring days?"


"Yes. During your training at the academy you would be required to reside in the dormitories provided."

"Sou ka? Oh! Hai, Tsunade-sama." (5)

'Wow…we get our own dormitories? Cool!'


Tsunade concluded with a smile .the Gondaime further wrote some notes on the side before pulling out a stamp from her top drawer. With a stamp of approval, Tsunade signed her signature to authorize the acceptance.

"Okay. So I'll see you at the Academy's opening ceremony." Tenten glanced up from the floor for the first time to see a smiling Hokage.

"Y-You mean…I'm accepted?" Tenten stuttered slightly in disbelief at the Gondaime's words. She was so shocked that she had forgotten to keep her voice in a low tone. Realizing this she hastily thought of a cover up.

"Erm…I mean, am I accepted into the academy, Tsunade-sama?"

"Yes, Tenshi-san."

Tenten's eyes lit up.

"Domo Arigatou, Tsunade-sama." (6) The boy took another bow in respect before leaving the office.

Tenten closed the door to the Gondaime's office behind her and the moment she did, she jumped up into the air to let out all her excitement at her success.

Sakura sat on the steps that lead up to the Hokage Building, quietly occupying herself with a book when suddenly a boy bursted out through the doors rather vigorously. The said boy hastily looked around before spotting the pink-haired girl and instantly began running towards her. It took Sakura a while before she recognized who the boy was.

"Well?" Sakura asked, with a slight hint of eagerness in her tone.

"I got in!" Tenten exclaimed with enthusiasm.

"YATTA!" the two jumped up and down in glee at the success of their plan, no, Tenten's plan.

"I'm so happy for you Tenten! You're one step closer to your dream!"

'Even though it had required me to STEAL and LIE to and from my shishou!'

'Hey girl! What she doesn't know can't hurt her right?' Inner Sakura reassured her.

" Oh yeah! Sakura, I have one more tiny itty bitty favor to ask." Sakura's happy smile changed to an expressionless face within n blink of an eye. The way her friend made it sound SMALL means that it was a BIG favor.

"…Yeah?" She asked cautiously.

"Can you take care of my apartment for me? Coz, you see, whilst attending the academy I have to stay in their dormitories."

"Oh! Is that all?" Sakura smiled once again, though this time it represented a silent sign of relief. "Sure! Of course I can. Heh. For a second here I thought that you were going to ask me to join you or something."

"You know, that's not a bad idea…" Tenten mocked playfully.

"No!" Sakura snapped.

"Hehe…Just kidding! Let's see now, the entrance ceremony is on Monday…and today is…?"

"Friday." Sakura answered.

"Really!" Tenten's eyes bulged out. "Oh gawd! I got to start packing!" and with that, Tenten zoomed off with a cloud of dust trailing behind her before Sakura had a chance to say anything. The pink-haired girl laughed to herself at how humoring her friend could be but whilst on that thought Tenten came zooming back just as fast as she had left.

"Oh yeah! And one more thing Sakura-chan," Tenten began as Sakura quirked an eyebrow in question. What more could she be wanting now?

"Can you please make a report that I, Tenten, would be away from Konoha for quite some time to Tsunade-sama? Please? We can't have me vanishing into thin air now can we? Please? Ok! Thanks Sakura! You're the best! Ja!" Again, Tenten zoomed off into the distance just as fast as she had come, before Sakura could get a word out to the girl.

'That girl is so evil…leaving me no choice…oh wells…hehe.'

Sakura turned on her heel and walked up the stairs to the Hokage building, ready to attend her next medical lesson with the Gondaime.

(1) Nani? - 'What?'
(2) Iie- 'no'
(3) Kuso – damn or shit. A swear word mainly.
(4) Kami-sama- God
(5) Sou ka? –'Really?' or sometimes 'is that so?' Hai – Yes
(6) Domo Arigatou- Thank you very much

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