Danny Phantom: Shattered

Danny and Sam have been married for 11 years and have 5 children, three daughters and two sons. 9 year-old Jezzie Marie, 7 year-old Alex Morgan, 5 year-old Michael Foster, and 2 year-old twin girls, Lily Monica, and Katie Rose. All of the children have Danny's ghost powers. Only Jezzie and Alex are old enough to understand them and understand how to use them. Everything is perfect. Sam is pregnant again, she is eight months along, but what happens when the Fenton's world is shattered? Please R&R, no flames. Thanks 

Chapter 1: The Call

Danny Fenton sat in the living room of his house. He had just put the twins, Lily and Katie, down for their naps. Alex and Michael were at their play dates and Sam and Jezzie were at the doctor's. Sam was getting a check up. Everything in the pregnancy was going wonderfully. In less then a month they would have a new baby girl or boy. No one was more excited then Michael. Danny was in deep thought until the ringing of the phone broke his train of thought.

"Fenton residence." Danny said into the phone.

"Mr. Fenton? This is Dr. Olivia Reed from the hospital's ICU. Are you Sam Fenton's husband?"

"Yes." Danny said worried but also confused.

"There has been a car accident. You wife Sam has only minor bumps and bruises, and the baby is fine. Your daughter Jezzie…we don't know if she will survive."

The words hit Danny like a ton of bricks.

"No…not Jezzie." Danny panicked.

"We suggest you and your family get down here, we have to take her into surgery soon."

"I'll be right there." Danny exclaimed. He picked up the phone and quickly dialed Jazz.

Jazz picked up the phone, "The Wales residence."

Jazz had married Edward Wales right after college. They had two beautiful children, Rhys, 2 and Anna, 1.

"Jazz…its Danny. I need you and mom to pick up Alex and Michael. Sam and Jezzie were in a car crash. I'm heading to the hospital with Katie and Lily."

"Oh my God Danny! How are they? How is the baby?" Jazz panicked.

"I don't know all the details but Sam and the baby are fine but Jezzie is really bad. They don't know if she will survive."

"Oh Danny, we'll get the kids and meet you at the hospital."

"Thanks Jazz." Danny said as he hung up the phone.

Danny raced into the twin's room, grabbed their sweaters and diaper bag, picked them up and raced out to the car. He strapped them in their seats and headed toward the hospital. In the car he thanked God Sam and the baby were all right, put also prayed, as he had never prayed before that Jezzie would be all right. About 10 minutes later he and twins were walking into the ER.

"Can I help you?" asked a nurse.

"My name is Daniel Fenton and I here to see my wife and daughter, Sam and Jezzie.

"Oh yes Dr. Reed is expecting you, let me page her."

Not even 5 minutes later and blond-hair, green-eyed woman came out and addressed Danny.

"Hello Mr. Fenton, I'm Dr. Olivia Reed. Please follow me and I will take you back to see Sam and Jezzie."

Danny, carrying the twins, followed Dr. Reed back to the end of the wing to the ICU. Olivia Reed led them into a small waiting area where he sat a crying Sam sitting in the corner.

"Danny!" Sam cried as she raced toward him. She flung her arms around him and the twins.

"Danny, Lily, Katie, my precious girls. Oh Danny, Jezzie looks so bad." Sam cried

"It's all right, Jezzie is a fighter. She will get through this."

"I wish it were that simple." Sam whispered.

"How did this happen Sam?" he asked.

"Well we were coming down the street and we saw this green car that was all over the road. I tried to stay clear but he veered over so far he hit head on, on Jezzie's side."

"Mr. Fenton, Mrs. Fenton, I talked to police. The man driving the car was drunk." Dr. Reed said.

"Danny! Oh my God, why do people do this?" Sam shouted through heavy tears.

Danny's eyes were glowing green, but luckily no one noticed.

"I want to see my daughter." Danny said.

"Of course, we are taking her into surgery at 5:15, it's 5:00 now, so that gives you about 10-15 minutes. Follow me."

Danny, with the twins, and Sam followed Dr. Reed back to where they saw Jezzie. They couldn't go in the room, but they could look in the window.

"Dr. Reed, why does she need surgery for?"

"She has bleeding in the brain and chest. Her X-rays just came back. We need to do surgery A.S.A.P. We need to see how severe it is and then try to stop it. I'll be around the corner if you need me."

"I'm going in." Danny said.

"Honey no!" Sam replied, but it was too late. Danny went invisible and slipped through the wall. Remaining invisible he went over to Jezzie and held her hand. Danny remembered what she looked like this morning. He icy blue eyes were always full of joy, her long red hair, that she got from Aunt Jazz and Grandma Maddie, was wavy and bouncy, and her smile lit up the room. Now she lay unconscious, her face cut up, she looked lifeless. Danny gently spoke to her.

"Hey Jezzie, it's Dad. Sweetie you have to come through for all of us. We all love you so much. Don't leave us. We all need you, the baby needs you."

Just then Danny heard the door opening so he slipped back through the wall and when nobody could see him he became visible again.

"Oh Danny." Sam sniffed. Dr. Reed came back out.

"Ok we are going to take Jezzie up to surgery. This should take about 3-5 hours. It depends. I'll come get you when we are done."

"Thank-you." Danny and Sam said as they walked the nurses roll Jezzie away.

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