Chapter 6: Welcome Home Jezzie.

Sam, Thurston, Elizabeth, Maddie, Jack, Alex, Michael, Katie Rose, and Lily were all getting ready for Jezzie's surprise party. She was finally coming home today, and Danny had gone to get her. She would be using her wheelchair for a little while still, but the doctor's marveled at how fast and well she recovered. The children were in the living room helping Thurston and Maddie hang streams in Jezzie's favorite color, purple. Sam and Jack were hanging a big sign saying, "Welcome Home Jezzie" and Elizabeth was icing the cake.

"Everything looks great." Sam exclaimed.

"It certainly does. Jezzie will be so happy." Maddie replied.

Sam walked into the kitchen were her mother had just got done with the cake. It was chocolate with white icing, and had purple icing flowers on it. In the middle was Jezzie's name.

"It looks perfect mom." Sam said hugging her.

"Thank you dear. Oh is that Danny in the driveway?"

"Oh yeah, I better go help him with Jezzie's wheelchair."

Sam rushed outside as everyone got into his or her positions.

"Hi Sweetie," she said to Danny as she kissed him, "Hi baby girl." She said to Jezzie. She hugged and kissed her daughter.

"I'm so happy to be home." Jezzie brightly said.

"Us to baby." Danny said. "Come on, let's get inside."

Sam pushed her daughter up to the doorway, and Danny opened the door. Everyone was standing there.

"SURPRISE!" They all yelled.

Jezzie giggled and exclaimed at the beautiful purple decorations. Maddie got her some pop, and Sam and Danny got everyone else drinks. Alex, Michael, Katie Rose, and Lily were so excited to have Jezzie back. She kissed each other them and gave them a hug. James was upstairs asleep in his crib. As Jezzie sipped her pop, she looked around the room.

"Thank you everyone. Everything is beautiful."

"Oh were not done yet." Jack said, "We still haveā€¦cake!"

Sam carried the cake into the living room. Jezzie loved the purple flowers. Danny cut the cake and gave Jezzie the first piece. Then he passed a piece around to everyone. Just then the doorbell rang. Sam went over and opened the door.

"Tucker! Hi, come in." Sam exclaimed.

"Hey Tuck, how was London?" Danny asked.

Tucker had been in London over the past two months. He was in charge of a major computer presentation.

"Great, how are you Jezzie?" he asked kissing her cheek.

"I'm great uncle Tuck. Mommy had her baby!"

"Did she?" Tucker asked excitedly.

Danny told Tucker, and everyone else how James had gotten his name. Everybody had tears in their eyes as they heard it.

"It's a beautiful story." Tucker said.

"Yup, James saved my life." Jezzie smiled.

As everyone was talking Jezzie looked out the window and waved. There was her angel, James, standing in the driveway watching over her.


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