Author's Note: 12/21/05 - This story is a mushy, romantic, "M" rated rewrite of my chapter 5 on my FFX 3 sequel novel. It is here for those who enjoy romance and wished that FFX2 showed more of Yuna and Tidus reunion, like me. I hope you enjoy this "More than Perfect Ending". And the best part of it: it didn't cost you any game completion points or an insane amount of side quests! ;-)


--- Year 0 AG, 2 years before FFX 2 – Sin / Farplane – At the Airship and at the Caverns of Darkness whirlwind

After saying goodbye to Yuna and the others Tidus hurried up to catch up with Auron and Jecht. He didn't want to see that much pain in her face. He didn't want Yuna to see how painful this was for him too.

Hopefully it would all be over soon and he would fade away before the rush from beating Sin passed so he wouldn't feel the loss of all that was dear to him.

When Tidus caught up with Jecht and Auron, his dad was teasing Auron about his sword moves, saying Auron was getting old and that his blows had just tickled him. The two old guardians simply loved to get at each other's nerves, but you could see the twinkle in Jecht's eyes and Auron's. That was their way to tell each other how much their friendship mattered, how grateful Jecht was for Auron's dedication and how relieved Auron was that he had finally released his friend from being Sin, a fate worse than death.

"Hey, I got you good with my Blitz attack, didn't I ?" said Tidus joining the playful banter. They start dissolving into pireflies. After Tidus dissolved into pireflies, his pireflies were gathered into a bubble by his fayth friend, the little boy who served as fayth for the Aeon Bahamut.

--- 2 AG Game FFX2 chapter 5 - Farplane Glen - Vegnagun destroyed, Shuyin and Lenne reunited

Two years later, Yuna has to save Spira from destruction yet again: after an event filled battle with the gigantic weapon Vegnagun the Gullwings Team, composed of Rikku, Yuna and newcomer Paine, was able to destroy it. They also reunite Lenne with Shuyin, the almost insane pilot of Vegnagun. Yuna is finally ready to go home to Besaid, a little less devastated at her loss of the love of her life Tidus, after seeing how Shuyin's regrets for losing Lenne almost drove him utterly insane. Only Lenne's love for him had been able to cure him. That and some thorough butt kicking from the 3 girls who had to defeat him in battle to get Shuyin to listen to Yuna and Lenne's spirit. After dropping Yuna on Besaid Beach the remaining Gullwings, Rikku and Paine, plan to keep on hunting for spheres.

--- Year 2 AG, FFX 2 "Good Ending" – Besaid Beach

Two years after he dissolved into pireflies Tidus wakes up in the middle of water, and slowly looks up; he is floating in a clear blue ocean. He wonders if he is in Besaid and swims to the surface. It is Besaid! He is in the same white sandy beach he met Wakka 3 years ago. He remember dreaming about Yuna, about her whistling to him and following him in Luca. Anxious to see Yuna Tidus whistles, but there is no reply so he walks to the shore to see if he can find his friends and the people of Besaid.

A noise come from behind Tidus and he turns to see what it is. It is an airship! The airship is the Celsius, which sprays water on Tidus, as it lands on the beach. Yuna jumps out of the airship and hugs Tidus. They kiss happily.

"Are you real?" asks Yuna

"I think so, do I pass?" answers Tidus

Yuna nods and hugs him again(2)

Rikku and Paine laugh from the airship, while Wakka tells the lovebirds to get a room. The whole village, including Lulu and baby Vidina ,came to shore to welcome Yuna who is finally coming home after her sphere hunting adventures. To their surprise, their beloved friend Tidus is there too. They all wave to Tidus and Yuna happily while Tidus waves them back.

But after all this time dreaming of Yuna, Tidus wants to talk to her, hold her, kiss her. Somehow she seems different, and not only the way she dresses, her Summoner's dress now a skimpy skirt and a top with his symbol embroidered between a revealing bikini top. Hmm…sexy! Tidus thought to himself.

"You know, you've changed." said Tidus

"Well, you've missed a few things" answers Yuna and proceeds to tell him her adventures in sphere hunting, while they swim(2) back to the Celsius. Yuna tells Rikku and Paine that she will catch up with them later in Besaid and pushes the girls off the ramp in a hurry.

--- Year 2 AG, right after FFX 2 – "Perfect Ending" At Zanarkand

At the Celsius Yuna and Tidus talk for hours in her cabin. Finally alone, well fed and with all the news already exchanged they both sit quietly watching Spira through the Celsius window

"Yuna.. ?" asks Tidus a bit hesitant

"Yes ?" she answers looking at him.

"Do you think we can pick up …" Tidus continues

"Pick up ?" she asks

"Pick up our relationship where we left 2 years ago ? I want to Yuna. Very much. But you changed.. Do you still.." Tidus starts and gets shushed by a passionate kiss from Yuna

"Yes! Did you think I will give you any other answer but yes ?" she asks whispering in his ear, after he kisses her back

"Well, in that case there is something I have been wanting to ever since I saw your new look…" Tidus answers

Tidus starts caressing the Zanarkand Abe's symbol between Yuna's breasts and feels Yuna trembling at his touch. Tidus proceeds to kissing her neck, her chest and beyond, passionately. Yuna moans wistfully and Tidus starts going mad with desire at seeing the height of Yuna's longing for him. He had felt the same longing, even while dreaming for the last 2 years. His dreams had been filled with her, her laugh, her bewitching eyes one of each color, her soft skin... he had missed her so much! Their climax came fast, almost too fast but oh so intense! They both fell on the bed exhausted, panting still dizzy with the intensity of it. They stayed this way until Brother calls them on the speakers to ask them "where to" ? Yuna covers herself in a hurry. She will kill ShinRa if she finds out he kept the cabin's commsphere on, she muses. But she knew ShinRa wouldn't so Brother's call must be just coincidence.

Back t the bridge Yuna introduces Tidus to barkeep and ShinRa and reminds him about Buddy. He still remembered Cid's son and Rikku's sibling. Yuna then asks Brother to drop her an Tidus in Zanarkand. They still have a lot to talk about - and to catch up - and Yuna and Tidus want some real privacy. Besides, Zanarkand is the last place they saw each other before battling Yunalesca, Sin, Yu Yevon, Bevelle… It was and will always be their own special place.

Pretty soon Tidus and Yuna are standing in the deserted Zanarkand Ruins. Tidus tells Yuna that he has a theory. He thinks the fayth gathered up his thoughts and put 'em together to bring him back. But sometimes he fears he is still a dream. It is hard to know what happened. All he can remember is some fragments of dreams, all with Yuna whistling to him or him being around Yuna when he felt she was missing him most.

" Wait! so you'll disappear?" asks Yuna worried. She doesn't want to loose him again, not this time!

"Be with me, love me, cherish me, Yuna. And I'll cherish you. We gotta stay together. That's what we have to do." says Tidus passionately

"Is that what the Fayth told you?" asks Yuna, hugging him

" Nah. But I like it" says Tidus and laughs, his seriousness and passion gone

"Oh really ?" says Yuna and then pushes Tidus into the water. He will pay for making her worry like that, so soon after they finally get together again! Cold water time!

"That's not cherishing!" complains Tidus laughing indignant

" You didn't disappear… says Yuna (3) as Tidus looks at his hands amazed that they are solid, real and he is not fading away.

"See ? You are still here! This means I can still spank you if you make me worried again!" says Yuna laughing and joins him in the water.

--- Year 2 AG, right after "Perfect Ending" At Zanarkand in FFX 2 - Marriage proposal

After a spirited game of water tag, where Yuna shows Tidus how she has been practicing diving and blitzball moves, they climb back on shore and sit down by their favorite spot on Zanarkand: The campfire above the city where they can see the entire dome and the city under a star filled sky. Unable to resist any longer Tidus and Yuna make passionate love to each other under the romantic star filled Zanarkand sky. This time their longing for each other was a bit less intense and they managed to hold out for a slower, longer lovemaking. Their climax was just as intense as the one in the Celsius, perhaps even more... Yuna was too dizzy to know for sure. But it didn't matter. Now they could always go for another round. She wasn't going to sacrifice herself and they were not going to face a deadly foe in a few days like before. They now could have a whole life, months, years, decades even, ahead of them..

Yuna had wanted Tidus near her ever since they talked to each other for the first time, two and a half years ago. She still did, she thought. I missed Tidus so much! Yuna thought and realized that she missed him much more than she had admitted to herself.… Yuna also realizes she never wants to miss him again. But… Would he want to ? Would Tidus want to be tied to her now that he has just been handed his life back ? Could she really demand that much from him ?

"What's that big frown for ? I'm back, aren't I ?" asks Tidus massaging her shoulders

"Oh Nothing.. Never mind." Said Yuna donning her "Summoner smile" to conceal her worries

"You are a bad liar, you know ? What is it ? Spill it. Haven't we gone through more than enough to be honest with each other ?" Tidus answers and looks at her intensely

"Yes. No more lies then. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But only if you want to" says Yuna

"If I want to ? What are you talking about ? Of course I want to! Our love is what kept me alive those two years! Didn't I say I wanted to pick up where we left ? Didn't I promise 2 years ago that I was going to stay with you always ?" Tidus asks surprised

"Yes, but things are different now. We actually have an entire lifetime to spend together. And you have just gotten yours back. I know you want me, but for how long ? I wouldn't want to be a burden, tying you down" said Yuna sadly

"Yuna… I love you, Yuna. There is no life for me without you, you should know that by now!" Tidus answered caressing her face, her hair.. Then it hit him: He realized what Yuna needed to be at ease, to feel safe with their love. And he would like it too.

"Yuna.. Will you marry me ?" Tidus asked, bending down on one knee and making a scene of holding her hand like a proper suitor

"Yes, I would love to. Are you serious ?" answered Yuna laughing at his antics

"Never been more serious in my life. Will you marry me ?" Tidus answers, this time not joking. She said yes and they both started kissing each other passionately.

--- Year 2 AG, right after "Perfect Ending"– Return to Besaid, Yuna and Tidus get married

In the morning Yuna dug up ShinRa's commsphere from under the sand and turned it on.

"Yuna here. Can we get a ride to Besaid ?" she asked ShinRa

"Sure thing! I tried to call you guys before to offer one but the sphere was completely off grid.." said ShinRa puzzled

"What, leave it on for Brother to snoop on us ? Never!" Yuna answered smiling

"You know Buddy or I would have knocked him down if he even tried to" said ShinRa protesting.

"Yes, I know, but I was under strict orders from Rikku. She doesn't trust that brother of hers.." said Yuna laughing

"Can't say that I blame her there… We will be landing shortly by the dome. See Ya!" said ShinRa and signed off.

When Yuna and Tidus arrived at Besaid there was the whole village waiting for them on the beach, again. This time they talked to everyone and spent the whole morning telling their tales and listening to the news at Besaid, catching up with all that had happened.

Lunch was at Lulu's, excellent as always. Tidus and Yuna had missed Lulu's cooking. She had been the best cook on their pilgrimage. She and Auron who, surprisingly for such a grouch, knew how to season almost anything found on their travels to make it taste good, even some bitter Ochu greens or the insipid, flavorless snow fiends of Gagazet. I guess a lifetime on the road taught him how to fend for himself, thought Tidus, missing his mentor and friend.

Yuna and Tidus told everyone about their decision to get married in Besaid, and then live aboard the Celsius hunting spheres for a while longer. Tidus had just had a 2 year long hibernation and was eager to see the sights and places that he had missed for so long. Yuna was also wanting to revisit the places of her pilgrimage and they both wanted to know more about Spira's past. Rikku and Paine were ecstatic. The Gullwings would have a repeat performance ? Yeah!

Yuna and Tidus married the following week, in a small ceremony at Besaid temple, a far cry from her pompous and adventure riddled "almost wedding" to Seymour at Bevelle's highbridge. Jokingly, Lulu had asked if Yuna wanted a dress as fancy as the one she wore at Bevelle, with the same wings so she could jump out of the temple if she changed her mind at the last minute. Wakka, Rikku, Yuna and Tidus collapsed laughing, remembering Seymour's angry face at Yuna wiping his kiss off and jumping from the bridge like she could fly. Bleargh! Yuna still shuddered when she thought how close she had been from marrying that madman. Now that she had married for love she could not possibly believe how she had almost accepted marrying for any other reason, particularly so close to giving her own life in a sacrifice for Spira. Her life should have been enough, the cruel Maesters of Bevelle should have never forced her to play yet another role in their twisted games!

Yuna was not sorry to having been the one who brought the Yevon Church's downfall. She had some pity in her heart for Yunalesca, who had meant well when she used the Final Summoning in an attempt to give some hope to a doomed Spira dying at the hands of Sin. She and her husband had committed the ultimate sacrifice to preserve that hope, no wonder Yunalesca still clung to the misguided lies of the Final Summoning for such a long time. But Yuna and Tidus had refused to aid Yunalesca and Bevelle's Yevon Church perpetuate Spira's Spiral of Death and it's lies. 1,000 years of grief was just too much to commit to a lie, no matter how necessary or beneficial it had seen in the beginning. So they had had to kill Yunalesca's unsent form and Seymour, the ambitious and criminally insane Guado Maester. And watch the rest of the Bevelle church crumble under the weight of their own lies and Seymour's treachery. Yuna had no pity for the Bevelle Maesters and their Yevon Church. Their twisted games and exploitation of the sincere faith of the Spira people had lasted 1,000 years unquestioned. It was way past the time to end it!

--- Year 2 AG, 6 months after FFX 2 – At the Celsius, 3 new additions to the Gullwings

After a short honeymoon in Zanarkand and Macalania the couple joined Rikku and Payne at the Celsius for a second season of Gullwings adventures. This time Garik Ronso, Tidus and Rikku's beloved Beclem had joined the team.

Kimahri had asked Yuna, Rikku and Tidus if they could take the young Ronso hothead under their wing. Kimahri felt an adventure filled trip around Spira would be the perfect answer to cure Garik's heartache and loss at the fact that so few Ronso remained. The Ronso younglings had been devastated after Seymour and his team of faithful Guado servants had killed most of their tribe in an attempt to capture Yuna and her guardians. Two years later, with a heavy heart at the massacre of his people and with few ideas on how to live his life after it, their leader Garik had almost started a war against the few remaining Guado left after Seymour's treachery. Which besides not bringing the slain Ronso back, would be a terrible injustice: The Guado that were left were the ones who refused to join Seymour or that were too young to have joined in any fight or politics scheming. Those were innocent of any wrongdoing, and the few other Guado who had been somewhat complacent and had not stopped Seymour were old and broken, grieving for their own kin themselves, all killed while following Seymour's mad schemes for turning Spira in a planet of dead unsent beings ruled by Sin and Yu Yevon.

--- Gullwings II hunts for clues to Spira's past.

Rikku, Paine, Yuna, Tidus, Garik Ronso and Beclem have many adventures for the next 2 years, while crossing Spira in search of old spheres. Their team and the Celsius become a legend among sphere hunters and they find many spheres from the past 900 years but curiously no older spheres, not even more spheres from Lenne, Shuyin and Vegnagun from 1,000 years ago.

After 2 years of searching and finding no more older spheres, the Gullwings II team gets rather curious about the now infamous cache of old spheres that New Yevon's founder Trema is supposed to have. But no one knows where Trema is. Hunting for clues to Trema's and the older spheres whereabouts they decide to investigate the new dungeon found by Isaaru's brother Pacce in Bevelle, called Via Infinito. Rikku, Payne and Yuna recall getting to it's 20th floor and seeing an unsent copy of Maester Kinoc dropping two Crimson Squad spheres on the floor. Perhaps the next floors would have older spheres they wonder.

The Via Infinito dungeon is extremely hard but after their training at ShinRa's tower the Gullwings II team is ready for it and crosses he first 80 floors in little more than 1 month. But then they hit a stop at level 80, where a very powerful basilisk, who seems to be able to produce an illusion that resembles Lady Yunalesca and Lord Zaeon keeps watch. The fiend is extremely fast and his petrifying eyes can pierce even the strongest anti-petrifying magic and charm items. They spend 2 months trying to bet the powerful fiend, to no avail.

--- Tidus and Yuna go back to Besaid, this time to stay

Yuna starts feeling very tired and finds it hard to keep up with the team. She also feels nauseous and starts feeling her breasts tingle every time she moves. She asks the best healer she knows besides herself for advice on what to take for that: Lulu.

- "Fatigue, nausea and sensitive breasts ? Yuna, you don't have to ask me about this! Don't you know what this means ?" asks Lulu smiling

- "No, I don't. Do you think an Elixir and a Remedy every morning will help ?" asks Yuna worried. She feels like crying. Why won't Lulu help her instead of asking silly questions ?

- "The only thing that will help is for you to stop battling immediately and come back to Besaid. You are pregnant, oh clueless healer!" said Lulu laughing

- "What ? No, it can't be.. Can it ?" says Yuna stunned at the news

- "You tell me High Summoner. If a married woman came to you with those symptoms what would you try for "healing" her ?" said Lulu

-"Uh.. You are right. It IS pretty obvious, isn't it ? I wonder how I missed it! Duh! " says Yuna now accepting the facts and starting to get excited at the idea

-"Just one of the many things motherhood does to you. Your memory will be gone in no time!" laughs Lulu knowingly, her usually meticulous self having lost any hopes of ever being the same after Vidina was born.

Yuna tells the news to Tidus who gets deliriously happy at the idea. They both can hardly wait! Because of Yuna's pregnancy and the coming baby Tidus and Yuna decide to leave the Gullwings II team. Garik Ronso also leaves, he misses his beloved Gagazet mountain and is now eager to share his stories and experiences with the rest of the Ronso younglings as their teacher on the warrior arts. Rikku and Beclem invite Gippal, Donna and Bartello to join them in a Gullwings III team and keep on crossing the Spira skies in search of spheres and adventure. So far Rikku has not joined the ranks of Lulu and Yuna, being content in enjoying her life at the Celsius with her beau Beclem.

--- Twins ?

Their decision to go back to Besaid and take it easy proves very wise as Yuna starts getting very big, very fast. Lulu suspected her friend was about to have twins and tells Yuna and Tidus that.

- "I think you are right, I can feel their thoughts sometimes. I definitely felt two minds" says Yuna, confessing to have used her trained Summoner senses on her tummy.

-"Two babies ? That is fantastic news mom!" gushes Tidus and goes out to tell everyone in the village. Twice. Five times at least...

Even Wakka has to laugh at his friend's antics. Tidus appears to be going through the same befuddled / excited / scared stages he had gone 3 years ago. Was he really that insane at that time ? Wakka asks Lulu.

-"Every bit of it. Go ask the Aurochs if you don't believe me" answers Lulu

Three months later Yuna gives birth to two boys, both blonde as their father, but with her green eyes. Tidus and Yuna decide to name them Auron and Jecht.

-"I guess you will name the next one Braska" teases Lulu holding a sleepy baby Jecht

-"Braska could be, but I'm definitely not naming any kid Seymour" answers Tidus laughing

-"Ugh! Did you have to remind me of that pest ?" answers Yuna making a face and scaring baby Auron who was nursing

-"See ? Even Auron's namesake knows the guy was trouble" says Tidus

Tidus the reminded the girls about Seymour's deadpan "My sincerest apologies" answer when Tidus had said to his face that he knew Seymour was trouble. They all bursted out laughing at the memory and awoke the twins..

-"Agh! Even dead and in the Farplane the pest gives me trouble" says Yuna rocking both babies, one on each arm.

-"Pass me little Auron here, I think I can put him to sleep by telling him Maechen's tales" says Tidus

Later in the day Rikku and Beclem came to visit and were delighted at being chosen the baby's godmother and godfather, together with Wakka and Lulu. The rest of the Gullwings III also joined the happy couples in Besaid, eager to see the new babies. That night, they and the Besaid village residents all gathered at the village's campfire and sung lullabies to the twins. Beclem led the chorus. This time it is Lulu's turn to be ecstatic at the way her friends stories turned out. And as always, as soon as they could, Rikku and Beclem vanished without a trace until the following morning, revisiting their old love nest on Besaid. A place no one else seemed to know where it was... But her girlfriends knew it had to be a place near sand as somehow Rikku always managed to show up with a bit of sand in her hair and back afterwards.

They all lived happily ever after

The end