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Inspired by: Coldplay – Talk

Under the great North star
Trying to work out where you are
In the silence of the sea
I don't know where I'll be

The North star was shining brightly when Remus Lupin climed up the highest tower of Hogwarts. His biggest fear had just become reality.

He lay down on the cold roof and stared to the stars for a few moments. His toughts where somewhere far in the universe, by the stars, where she would be. Elizabeth... Elizabeth...

Her name spinned in his head while his soul was rising from his body. He didn't feel anything anymore..


Why her?

He could see her face, while he was staring at the stars. His little sisters wasn't with him anymore. She was gone. Gone from him. From his mother.

He felt a tear welling up in his eye. And soon he found himself crying on the roof of the highest tower.

She was is only hope, to become a normal person again. She would help with everything. But the deciese came much to fast, and to much. One day she was healthy and her normal bubbling person, the other she was lying on a bed, really ill. The Muggle-hospital could do nothing anymore, though is was a muggle-deciese. She would die, whatever they would do. But Eliza fought for her life, and she managed to live a year longer, until she was dead-sick again. It was her smile which keeped Remus from crying, but now she was gone, she couldn't smile anymore.

At that tought Remus cried her name! He hitted the roof hard, and his fingers hurt. But he didn't feel it. Until he heared her voice in the wind.

"Remus.." she said. "Stop crying, move on.. I'm there for you, forever!"

"Elizabeth! Don't leave me, I just want to talk to you! Just talk!"

"Shhh," she wispered and he could see her face and she smiled, "It'll be alright, I'll know where you are."

Then he saw her face rise up to the stars, and a little star popped out of nowhere. It was his sister who looked down on him. She would never leave him. Never...

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