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Sirius' POV

I stood in King's Cross Station with my parents. I was almost ashamed to be seen with them. True, they were fairly respected, but I hated them. Maybe hate's too strong of a word; maybe it's not. Strong feelings for an eleven-year-old boy, you might say, but they're really not.

"Now, remember boy we're going to get a letter from Dumbledore," my father began, grimacing slightly as he said Dumbledore's name (he always said it like it was some sort of profanity), to see which house you got into."

"You'd best try your hardest to get into Slytherin," my mother warned. She was so worried I wouldn't get into that house. They respected it as much as I hated it. They saw it as an honor while I saw it as a shameful burden to bear.

I said my thankful good-byes at two minutes until eleven. They seemed about as sorry to see me go, as I was to leave. My mother hardly even gave me a hug; it was more like a pat on the back from in front.

I grabbed my cart and ran onto the platform. I wandered around for a minute or two, trying to find an entrance when I ran into a boy with glasses and messy black hair. Almost at once, I dismissed him as a nerd, but something about him made me change my mind.

"I'm Sirius Black," I said, hoping he hadn't heard about my family. By the grimace, I guessed he did.

"I'm James Potter," he said. "We probably shouldn't be talking though."

"Wait," I said, "I'm not like my family. I don't hate muggles and muggle borns and such. As a matter of fact, I don't like my family much at all."

"Oh," said James happily.

"My parents wouldn't like me talking to you," I said happily. "Let's be friends."

We went onto the train and started laughing at a small boy attempting to get on with a bunch of his luggage.

"Let's go in here," I pointed to the first compartment.

James shrugged, "Okay."

There was a boy already sitting in the compartment reading a book. "I'm Sirius Black."

James followed my lead, "And I'm James Potter."

"You're not actually planning to read the entire time?" I asked. It was apparent that this was a boring boy. I was going to tell James we should find another compartment when he snatched the book out of his hand and told him to play exploding snap with us. The boy agreed, but seemed apprehensive. Soon, there was a knock at the door and the boy who had been struggling to get onto the train stepped in.

"Can I sit with you?" his question was directed at me. I was about to tell him to go away when James said it was okay. I didn't really want to sit with as nerd, but went along anyway.

Lily's POV

I felt fear welling inside of me as I looked around wildly, trying to decide where to go. Had this all been a cruel joke played on me? If it was a joke it was quite elaborate. They had set up Diagon alley and everything. I had no idea of what to do and the train—if there was a train—was leaving in about five minutes.

In the midst of all my panicking, I saw a girl with an own on her cart. My mind flashed back to my letter. "You may bring if you choose an owl, cat, or toad!" I muttered. I have the ability to remember small details from things I read.

"What was that dear?" my mother asked, bending slightly to meet my height.

"That girl knows how to get onto the platform!" I said with confidence. It was only an assumption really, but this was more or less my last hope.

My mother pushed my cart while I practically ran up to the girl who was studying the brick wall in front of her.

"Hello!" I said to the girl with dark, wavy hair.

"Um, hi," said the startled girl.

"Would you, um, by any chance, well, know, um," I began. I didn't want to make a fool of myself if the girl wasn't going to Hogwarts.

The woman in front of me (who I assumed was her mom) looked from the cat on my own cart back to the stick poking out of my pocket. "Would you like to know how to get onto the platform?"

I breathed a sigh of relief, "Please."

The girl next to her snorted. I assumed she was her other daughter, but she didn't look much like her mom or sister. "Narcissa, stop that!" her mom hissed.

"Please, can't you tell she's muggle born?" Narcissa asked.

Her mom ignored her. "All you've go to do is walk straight through that wall," she said, pointing to the brick wall the girl had been studying moments earlier. She must've noticed my perplexed look because she soon instructed Narcissa to go.

I watched in amazement as Narcissa stepped through the wall. I remembered being younger and thinking walls could consume you, and now it appeared to be true. I peered around the wall to the other side, but there was no sign of Narcissa.

"Now you try," the lady suggested.

I looked to my father, "Go on Lily, dear," he said. My mother gave an encouraging nod, and my sister, Petunia, just stood there, stiffly with a sour look on her face.

In a sort of a daze, I took hold of the handle of my cart. I put one foot in front of the other, moving myself closer to the wall. I was trying not to go too quickly in case I crashed, but I tend to quicken my pace when I'm nervous or anxious. Soon, I was going at a much faster speed than I wanted and couldn't slow down. The wall was alarmingly near. I held my breath, closed my eyes, and broke into a full on run. When I opened my eyes, I saw a scarlet train. I was able to breathe again.

I stood, watching the scene in complete awe. There were people all around me dressed in strange outfits. I must've stood there for quite awhile because a girl ran into me. We fell into a heap on the floor. It was the girl whose mother helped me.

"Sorry," I said, making an attempt to stand up. "I didn't realize there would be others coming." Her eyebrows went up, and then she shook her head.

"I ran into you, I should be sorry," she apologized.

She was quite larger than me, and although thin, was rather heavy. I couldn't push her away, and she was having a hard time going.

While we were attempting to untangle, another girl ran through the wall and fell on top of us. I groaned under all the weight, but soon started laughing. After a moment, the girl with the dark, wavy hair started laughing too, and then the other girl joined. We eventually found a way to untangle ourselves and got up.

"I'm Lily," I said. "Lily Evans."

"Ella Matrone," said the girl with dark, wavy hair.

"I'm Christiana Carrington, Christa for short." This girl had dirty blonde hair that came past her shoulders.

We made our way to the train and found a compartment together. While we were putting our things up, another knock came at the door. Christa slid the door open and a girl came through. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and her hair was in braids. She made me want a candy bar.

"Can I join you guys, um please?" she asked.

"Sure," I said, "the more the merrier."

She looked relieved, "Thanks, my name's Ebony Shacklebolt."

We introduced ourselves and then took a seat. I learned that Ella and Narcissa were half sisters that her mom and Narcissa's dad were from Germany, but had fled during the war and come to England. Narcissa was blonde only because of her father's genes. Her father and mother had divorced just before Narcissa's first birthday. Her mother had then met Ella's father. They'd married and had Ella when Narcissa was around five. She and Narcissa had been good sisters until Narcissa met Lucious.

Christa told us all about how her father and mother had met when he came to the ministry for a memory charm, but they had gotten to talking and her mother couldn't bear to put the charm on him. They ended up married, but Christa didn't know about her magical heritage until she had gotten her letter.

Ebony told the story of her brother who was a year older than her. She was muggle born just as I, but she had a brother who was going into his second year. She told us her parents were divorcing but didn't go far into it.

The snack trolley soon came and I looked for a candy bar that I'd been longing for ever since Ebony had arrived. The closest thing I came to was a chocolate frog that hopped away, though.

Soon, the train lurched to a stop and I gathered my things, awaiting the magical castle.

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