It's gone, everything's gone.
All that I had set out; it's been packed up.
Took it all out of its package
And tossed it away into the closet…

How'd we end up like this?
So distant and far apart;
I don't think we even realize it now.

Can it become anymore different?
Can something else equally worse happen?
I remember telling you that you're my friend
And coming out to meet you was nothing.

Friendship that didn't die years ago
Friendship that keep going,
Friendship that should keep going…

So the next time we talk,
We'll keep everything that we hate to ourselves
All the sadness and sorrow
That maybe we might want to say…

But does it have any place in what
We call our friendship?
Or is that gone?

Because I dearly hope not,
And if you never read this poem
Then that's okay.

It's not meant as
Anything personally…
It's merely a poem;
That I've written.

Besides, we're only human...