Word Count: 519
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: CavalcantixCount, HaydeexGankutsuou
Summary: Nobody likes it when Gankutsuou is around.

Nobody liked it when Gankutsuou was in control. Of course, you could argue that Gankutsuou was always in control and the Count was merely a name. But, when those evil, glowing eyes stared back at you, there was almost a 100 guarantee that the evil demon was in power.

Most of the time, the Count was a kind, loving master who controlled his house with fairness and compassion. All the servants would die for their leader and many had a crush on the handsome noble. However, on those gloomy days when the eyes would appear and the Count would flinch in pain, none of the servants would step forward to help.

At first that's how it went, the Count would be left to deal with his pain alone. He would sit, huddled up in the basement (because it was more familiar) and wait out the pain ripping through his forehead. The servants were terrified that he would come up from the dungeons and roam through the house. This didn't happen often, but on the rare occasion it did, he would scream and laugh in that horrible, insane voice. Gankutsuou seemed to take great pleasure in terrorizing the inhabitants of the house. Some of the servant were shocked that this was the same man who had just been telling them to take a night off. A few even quit, unable to take the verbal abuse.

When Andrea Cavalcanti first came to the house, he made the mistake of venturing into Gankutsuou's room. Servants had to plug their ears and hum noisily to block out the screaming and moans that could be heard through the house as the demon pounded mercilessly into the boy's body. Soon after, Cavalcanti left the house and no one mentioned why.

As Haydee grew older, she began to wonder why her beloved Count would disappear for periods of time and the servants would keep her locked in her room. The first time she met the demon, she'd stumbled upon him crouched on the cold stone floor laughing insanely.

"Count?" she crept toward the huddled figure, "Count, what's going on?"

"Step…step back," he grunted, clearly having a hard time saying it.

"No, tell me, I can help get you something…" Haydee insisted.

With a cry of shock, she jumped back as the bright, spidery lines appeared across his forehead. After a moment staring at the transformation, she stepped forward and began to stroke the pattern.

"They're so pretty!" she called out in delight. Gankutsuou merely sat there and watched the little girl before him.

No one in the house could tell why Gankutsuou tolerated only Haydee. Some of the optimistic servants said it was because the good in her heart could over power the evil in his. Some of the darker rumors said that she used witchcraft to control him. Even the Count himself didn't fully understand the demon's reasons for allowing a little girl to be near him. He could only listen to the gossip around the mansion and speculate.

Haydee knew, but she would never tell. This was a secret, between only her and Gankutsuou.