Chapter One: In Heaven

Summary: Dedicated to Cutehelenjames "Namu…you…" she muttered in fear. The figure approached. "That's right Tea. Me." The blonde smirked. "It seems someone's been sticking their noses in places they shouldn't be." MxT-battle city setting

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Oh! And this takes place during Battle City if for some reason you didn't know.

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Okay, okay, I'll start.


Walking down the roads of Battle City, Tea crossed her arms and sighed. Everyone was so hyped up for this stupid event. Frankly, she was tired of it. Duel this…duel that…that seemed to be her whole life.

"I really need some girl friends," she muttered to herself as she rearranged her school blouse. The white blouse was loosely fitted under a salmon jacket. It was tucked into a navy blue skirt which matched the large bow that wrapped around the collar of the shirt.

Looking into the sky, Tea placed a hand over her azure blue eyes to block out the sky. Her chocolate, brown hair blew softly in the wind against her shoulders.

She jumped when a shoulder rubbed against hers. She turned around to see purple eyes. "Oh! Namu, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going!" She gave a nervous laugh.

Namu blinked and smiled. He ran his fingers through his platinum, blonde hair. "Don't worry, I wasn't looking either." Tea tapped her foot.

"So…what have you been up to lately?" she asked in a "blonde" voice. Yep, she was actually flirting.

"No much Tea," Namu responded lightly. "I've been trying to get all six locater cards." He held up his left arm, revealing his duel disk. She nodded sadly.

"Great…duel monsters," she thought, rolling her eyes.

"Is something wrong?" he asked. Tea laughed.

"No…just spacing out." She blushed in embarrassment.

"Well, I've got to be going now," Namu stated. Tea nodded.

"Oh!" she quickly added. She pulled out a pen and took Namu's right hand. "Here's my phone number…if you want to get together sometime." She scribbled a few numbers down with the blue ink.

Namu grinned. "Alright Tea…we should." He smirked as he walked away, his fist squeezing the note tight.


The next day Tea woke up around ten o'clock. "Saturday…great," she muttered, digging her face into her pillow. "Mmm…" she hummed. She didn't want to get up. But all she could think about was sleeping. Well…sleeping and Namu.

She smiled at the sound of his name. She felt her heart jump as the phone rang.


She sighed and picked it up. "Moshi moshi. This is Tea speaking."

"Hey Tea!" a familiar voice chimed. "It's Namu."

Tea's face blushed even though Namu wasn't in front of her. "Hey Namu, it's great to here from you."

"Same," he laughed. "Listen, I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie with me or something?"

Tea beamed. "Sure!" She paused. "Is this like…um..a…."

"Date?" Namu finished. "Yeah. I'll pick you up in ten minutes."



And with that, Tea hung up the phone. She smiled. But that smile soon turned to a horrific wide mouth.

"I'm not even dressed yet!" she screamed as she fell off her bed and onto the floor. "Ow."


Tea lifted herself off the ground with a groan. She ran to her closet and brushed her fingers along bundles of clothes as she hummed. After a few minutes of thinking, Tea pulled out a dress from inside the dirty closet.

Pulling her hair back into a ponytail, Tea slipped on the strapless, bubblegum-colored dress. It reached her knees. Right under the cut, her shiny, white boots glistened. She pulled a jean jacket from another closet and grabbed her purse. She smiled.

"I don't think I've ever gotten ready that quick!" she thought to herself, gulfing down a bagel as a motorcycle pulled into the driveway. Tea blushed. The sight of Namu on a motorcycle was captivating in her mind. She liked him. She really liked him.


Tea breathed deeply as she waited for the doorbell to ring. As it did Tea made sure to take her time to open the door. She didn't want him to think she had been staring out the window. She clicked the door open swiftly.

Namu stood with a red helmet pulled back on his head, revealing his tanned face. Tea smiled. "Hello," she said smoothly.

"Hello to you too," Namu replied, pulling another helmet from under his arm. It was a shiny, black helmet, a bit smaller than his.

"Here you go," he said, smiling. "Hope you don't mind." Tea shook her head.

"Of course not. I've always wanted to ride on a motorcycle."

"Well, congratulations! You are lucky contestant number 100!"

Tea giggled as she placed the helmet over her head, making sure to pull her hair behind her head first. Namu got on first. Tea slowly got on the back and wrapped her arms around Namu's waist.

"You ready?" Namu said hotly.

"I don't know!" Tea said nervously. "I'm going to fall off!" she laughed as the motorcycle revved up. Malik laughed to himself as well as they went speeding down the road.


After getting on the road, Malik turned his head to Tea for a second and yelled out from under his helmet, "Do you know where any movie theaters are?" he asked nervously.

Tea shook her head and yelled back. "I thought you knew!"

He laughed. "Nope. Sorry."

Tea put her head down for a minute. "Well, I know a lovely café down the road. We could stop there instead."

"Sounds nice. Direct me toward it!" Namu said slyly.


After a few minutes the motorcycle came to a halt. "Here we are," Namu stated. After he got off the vehicle, he politely extended his hand out to Tea. She blushed a bright pink and took off her helmet off and waved her head in the wind, letting her brunette hair fly around. Hand and hand, Tea and Namu walked to the entrance of the café, and Namu opened the door for her.

"Arigatou," Tea thanked kindly as she went in. Namu followed after her.

As they entered, chattering voices filled the air. Waiters and waitresses roamed around with trays of food. The sweet smell of baking bread seemed to caress Tea's nose in happiness.

Taking their seat in the café, Tea looked down at a small menu labeled, "Deluxe Coffees: 35 flavors!" Namu did the same, but with a more confused look filling him face. Seeing this, Tea gently put down her menu. "I something wrong?" she asked, concerned.

Namu shook his head softly. "No, everything's find; I just, well, you see…." He paused for a moment. "I actually live in a place that doesn't have such an arrangement of coffee." Namu looked over at Tea who just blinked. "What I'm saying is…I have no clue what to get."

Tea just smiled and leaned over Namu's menu. "Here," she stated, pointing at a selection on the menu. "I suggest the Chai tea latte." She repositioned herself back in her seat as Namu nodded.

They drank their drinks- Namu the Chai tea latte and Tea the Café Latte. After a few minutes of debating, they split the small bill. They continued to talk until Namu looked over at the clock above their seats. It read 4:47 PM. He cringed and interrupted Tea. "Darn it!" he laughed nervously, "I promised I'd be at a duel at 5:00. I'm really sorry Tea."

"Where is it?" Tea asked nicely.

"Uh…the…um," he couldn't remember. "Oh yes, Seaworld!" Tea beamed.

"Maybe I can walk you there," she suggested. "It's so nice out, and it's not that far. You could pick up your motorcycle after." She gave her best puppy eyes to her date.

Namu remained silent and then slowly nodded. "Okay, okay." Tea blushed a deep pink as Namu held her hand. "Lead the way," he said. They began to walk hand-and-hand, passing dozens of duels as they went. As they roamed on the tan blocks of pavement, they passed numerous stands set up to attract tourists. So far, the profits had been great- the small stands sold things such as stuffed blue eyes and cotton candy in the shad of the ever-so-famous dark magician. As they walked, she saw a stern look on Namu's face that she often saw on Yami's face. However, he stopped and held his head, apparently in pain. He cringed, squinting his eyes. Tea immediately became concerned. "Namu-kun?" she pleaded, "are you alright?" As he nodded and started to look down, Tea, who was now positioned behind the Egyptian boy, wrapped her arms around Namu in a deep embrace.

She whispered softly in his left ear, "you seem troubled. " She paused. "If there's anything wrong…you can always tell me." Namu nodded slowly and smoothly broke the embrace. He looked into Tea's azure eyes kindly.

"Don't worry…just a headache," he said in a slow tone, almost as if hiding something. He backed away slowly, and he raised his hand to pointy. The tanned finger aimed towards the large sign labeled, "Seaworld!" "I'd better be going," Namu speedily said. He then slowed down his words. "I had a wonderful time Tea, really. I never knew coffee came in so many flavors!" Tea chuckled. He took her hand gently as if it was the most fragile, precious stone and kissed it. "As you would say here in Japan, Tea, Ja-ne." And with that, he bowed and jogged off, leaving Tea in a flusterous mood. Her cheeks were glazed in a strawberry color. She put her hands on her cheeks and jumped around. She was in heaven!

Or so she thought.


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