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"Malik-kun," she whispered, pulling his hand to her chest. Instigating her head forward, her locked lips with Malik, drawing about a small kiss. He responded heatedly, pressing back with equal force. She whimpered at his passionate kiss: something she had been waiting for…for an extremely long time.

Slowly pulling away, a smile was placed on Tea's face. She hugged the Egyptian boy once more, as he looked downward at her face.

"What does this make us?" Malik said in a whisper.

"Together," Tea responded breathily.

Malik gave off a smile grin. "Together?"


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The Secrets I Keep

Chapter Twelve

If He Can Touch You, He Can Hurt You

"Cookie?" A tan hand protruded out of the darkness into a small light.

"So hungry…but no," a voice responded, shaking its hand in protest.

"Come on Tea, you know you want it," he whispered seductively, waving the sugar cookie around in the air.

Tea groaned, shaking her head. The two sat in their kitchen, a dimmed chandelier their only source of light. Her brown hair, which usually twisted down to her waist, was up in a loose ponytail. Tea's azure eyes glared at the man in front of her.

"Tea, you're twenty-four years old, and you look like a stick. You can't possibly be thinking of losing weight now," her husband stated matter-of-factly.

"But Malik-kun…." she whined, "ever since the baby was born…I have been given giant flaps of fat everywhere on my body!"

Malik laughed. "Speaking of the 'baby,'" Malik began, "how is she?"

A grin spread across the mother's face. "Sleeping…finally. Who knew a two month old baby could sleep so soundly?"

"Well, we know she'll be up in an hour or two. So, let's enjoy Tohru's moment of silence," Malik said, a sigh escaping from his lips.

The couple let out a sigh simultaneously. Malik's hand reached out to stroke the side of Tea's face. At his touch, Tea grinned, moving closer to her husband, tugging at a lock of his sandy hair playfully.

"Indeed," Tea muttered, wrapping her arms around Malik's neck, giving him access to her face.

"Mmm…" Malik soothed, his mouth hovering over hers. When the time was right, her pressed down, closing the gap between their lips.

Tea quickly complied, leaning into him, pushing back with equal force. It was short and sweet. It was supposed to continue, however, but a small cry broke their lips apart.

"Waah-ah…gaaa-aaahaaw-aaaa!" a little voice echoed.

Tea gave out a small chuckle, patting her husband tenderly on his head.

"Just a second, Mal'," she whispered into his ear as he watched her tumble up the stairs in her loose bathrobe.

A moment of silence –except for Tohru's screaming- occurred, until Malik's wife returned, a lovely baby rocking in her arms.

Tohru was a chubby baby with rosy cheeks and sandy stubs of hair very similar to her father's. Her azure eyes shown brightly, like a scintillating candle in the moonlight, just looking into them would make your knees go numb.

"Shhh….Tohru," she whispered, running a finger through her short hair.

The baby gazed up at her mother, giggling, grabbing her finger lightly.

Tea rocked the child as she approached her husband. "Hm?" she stated, almost knowing what he was going to say.

"Time for bed now, darling?" he said in almost a sighing tone.

"Hai," she sighed, kissing both her husband on the head- as well as her child. She turned and left, leaving Malik alone in the kitchen.


It had been almost- oh, he didn't know how long it had been; however, it had been quite a long time….since Battle City that is. After, they started dating.

It was slow pace, walking steps, whatever you'd like to call it. When things started heating up, well, they let things go. They broke up.

Malik didn't blame her. After all, if he were she, he most likely wouldn't have wanted to see himself ever again. As time went on, though, both realized that they couldn't live without each other.

That was a year and one half ago.

Just a year ago they had gotten hitched- traditionally, of course, to his Egyptian culture. Showing a large smile, Malik remembered the day o' so easily.

Thinking back about the tournament, he bit his lip.

He had touched her- he had hurt her in a way that she had never been hurt before. But she put that behind her. Pitiful mistake.

It was perfect. She was perfect. Everything was perfect.

And she had no clue what would be in store for her as he slowly took back control.

"Mmmm…Malik-kun? Come to bed," Tea shouted in a sleepy tone.

Malik ran his fingers through his hair for the last time for the night.

He smirked, his eyes slanting.



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