Helllooooo! This is psychoticmassmurderer expanding into the world of the Blood and Terreille/Kaeleer/Hell! And she has an outline for what she thinks a trailer for Daughter of the Blood would look like!

Please keep in mind this is only a rough sketch and PMM doesn't have her book with her right now (she lent it to a friend... after she lent it to three other friends... maybe she's starting a trend!) so she may not have everything quite right.

Please give her feedback; she's very open to suggestions at this point!


Starts with Tersa speaking.

Tersa (to Daemon): The Eyrien... he's your brother.

Daemon looks up from Tersa at Lucivar and their eyes meet.

Rest of the thing shows scenes from it as Tersa speaks her prophecy.

When she first mentions Jaenelle, you see her coming back into her home in Chaillot. You get a close up of her eyes, and in you see Daemon reflected in them. He looks like he's been run over, not just by a reindeer but a whole herd of them followed by a pack of Arcerian cats.

Then, you hear Tersa speaking to Daemon when she asks him the sides of a Blood triangle. Each of the three following scenes are separated by a black screen. When she says father, you see Saetan. When she says brother, you see Lucivar. When she says lover, you see Daemon.

Scene cuts to Surreal meeting Daemon and Jaenelle.

Jaenelle: I have a message for you.

Surreal: A message?

Jaenelle: Titian sends her love.

Gonna put something in here... otherwise, the transitions aren't smooth... in fact, this whole thing seems a bit bumpy...

You start to hear that really fatal sounding loud chorus music with lots of chords and such as you see all these scenes flash by: Daemon riding demon-dead Demon, Jaenelle spiraling, Saetan speaking with Draca, Surreal attempting to keep Kartane, etc. (meaning Briarwood uncles) at bay, Daemon speaking to Witch in the Abyss, a chalice shattering. Music ends with a loud drum beat as Jaenelle cries "Daemon!" and Daemon is taken away by Surreal.

Tersa speaks something like "It has begun" or words to that effect as screen turns black and you see the words "Daughter of the Blood" shimmering on screen in a medium that may or may not be blood.

Whaddaya think? i know it needs lots of work...

anyway, review and tell me some parts that i should put in!


Have updated... thankies to KLMeri the anonymous (and only... hint, hint?) reviewer. i took out the Lucivar bit (i knew something was wrong with that picture.) and redid the Jaenelle/Surreal sequence.

Anymore? I know you're out there! i mean, 5 others read this thing, but you couldn't have the grace to even write me a flame? (not that i would want a flame... i use flame, burn your face off).


P.S. I don't know about Lucivar. what i'm going to do with him, i mean, cuz he doesn't play much of a role except in the beginning and serving as Daemon's conscience... so he may not come out very often, and we may have to pump up his role a bit... or i can just put more of him in the trailer, except that would look odd, cuz he usually isn't where the action of the this book is.