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AN: Set two years after the failed wedding, a week before Akane and Ranma's graduation. Akane and Ranma were getting along better, except when Ranma leaves w/o telling her. I will try to update this story as much as possible, but I can't guarantee when.

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It was a bright, clear spring morning in the Nerima Prefecture of Tokyo. Things had been settling a bit in the normally energetic suburb due to several incidents had occurred. The local group of martial artists known unofficially as the Nerima Wreaking Crew had essentially been mollified due to some incidents around the ward. In one, Panty-hose Taro had in a recent fight defeated Shampoo of the Amazons and had essentially become her 'new' Arien, usurping Ranma much to Shampoo's utter dislike, and to Ranma's utter relief.

"He got lucky Shot!" She kept spouting off many times after the incident while Mousse, her current work-mate and constant romantic irritant, was plotting ways to kill this new impedance to his goal of enrapturing the love of his life, Shampoo.

Also, many merchants and occasional victims finally sued the Kunos, in a class action suit over the constant destruction they wrought while trying to win their respective 'loves'. Though the other members of the NWC did their amount of damage around the ward, The Kunos had the backing to pay up. So, this suit caused the Kuno clan's 'influence' to wane in the district and made things harder for both Kuno siblings as they seemed to be spending more and more time at the Tokyo Psychological Center than at their mansion.

Ukyo kept running her restaurant, as did the Amazons. But it was becoming clear to her that she had to make things happen soon, or Ranma would be forced to marry Akane. Of course she didn't believe Ranma wanted to marry Akane and that, she would find out soon, was her biggest mistake.

As she thought of a way to get Ranma out of the Tendo/Saotome agreement, Kodachi Kuno, just out of the psych-ward, was finishing the last touches on her masterpiece potion. "This one WILL work," she cackled as she was putting the finished product into "Three" distinctly colored glass balls used mainly by a certain aged ninja she had purloined... OK, stole a few from her hired lackey Sauske. Then she carefully put the content of her triumph into all three of the glass balls. Then as if as a second thought, she added a fourth bauble 'just in case' she thought. That move would come back to haunt her.

"This will finally free my Ranma-sama to pursue his one true love, ME!" Kodachi then added her trademark laugh. For someone who was psychotic, she did have a brilliant mind.

The 'Black Rose' then waited to spring her surprise for dinnertime. Kodachi made a phone call to the Cat-cafe then to Uk-chan's to make two orders. One to her mansion to take that pesky little Kunochi away from that servile Chef, and the second to bring that myopic gaijin fop to Uk-chans for all of her plan to work. She then left her abode to do her dirty deeds.

Elsewhere, another plan was being made by two others who almost always had said plans blow up in their faces... and this time it wasn't Genma and Soun.

Ryouga seems to have found himself again at the Tendo Dojo, where he met up with the love of his life, Akane Tendo. She was planning on making her Inuzake' jealous as he inadvertently did many times with her.

"So, can you do this Royga-chan?" asked Akane with her trademark pout (Lots of trademarks already, huh?). Ryouga, being who he is had no chance here, simply nodded with a dumb-ass look on his face. Akane smiled as her plan to get Ranma married to her was now on its way. Too bad that being Ranma's fiance' caused chaos not only to follow him, but those around him as Akane and Ryouga were to about find out all too soon.

Yet in another spot in Nerima we find a busy Cat-Cafe and the call made earlier means Mousse is now on his way to deliver some of their Ramen Special to, of all places, Uk-Chans. "This has to be a mistake…" Mousse grumbled as he made his way to Ukyo's establishment. Phase-one of

Kodachi's plan was now on. Within a few minutes Mousse was knocking on Uk-Chans' back door where she was just finishing the dinner rush.

The last customer was walking out the front door as the knock was heard. "Damn, who could that be now?" Ukyo asked, to no one in particular, as she rushed to open the back door. There stood Mousse with that day's Ramen special. "What the heck are you doin' here, sugar?" Ukyo asked in an exasperating tone.

"Believe me, I don't know. I'm just delivering a paid-for order. It's up to you if you want it or..."

Mousse didn't finish as a glass ball broke on the doorstep between him and Ukyo. As the gaseous substance met their noses, they seemed to sway but then grabbed each other in a heated embrace. A cackling Kodachi watched as they made their way upstairs to Ukyo's apartment, shedding their clothes on the way. "Phase one was doing quite well," the mad gymnast thought, smiling happily as she roof hopped away.

Meanwhile (Yet again!), Shampoo and Cologne were finishing up the dinner rush when Shampoo's new Arien stepped into the Restaurant. "Yo, Poo-chan! Your Hubby's here!" Taro bellowed and smirked as though he was in his cursed form.

"Shampoo no care Bull-boy say, just go and bother Oriochi In China!" Shampoo said with a sneer to her Husband. Cologne simply shook her head. Yes, Ranma was a much better choice for

Shampoo but they could not ignore Amazon law. When Taro had attacked Ranma and the Tendos to find out where Happosai was, the Amazons had been there to negotiate with Ranma about his Marriage to Shampoo. In the ensuing battle, Ranma with the help of Ryouga, the Amazons and Ukyo, had put Taro down, but not before he had knocked Shampoo unconscious with a withering head shot with a hoof. She landed right in front of Cologne.

Mousse was then downed by Taro soon after as he realized what had happened. It was Ranma working with Ryouga that finally put his Behemoth cursed form down. Later the facts came to light and Shampoo was now seething whenever her 'new' Arien showed up. It seemed that Taro was enjoying his little visits, annoying Shampoo and to a lesser extent the other Amazons. Shampoo then stomped up to her room followed by the callously uppity Taro.

So it was this atmosphere that was in the Cat-Cafe' when a Shadowy figure in a black leotard came by the open window and threw a glass ball, hitting the floor exploding it contents right between the couple arguing in an upstairs bedroom. Within minutes the moans and shrieks of a couple making love were heard by a crazed and now satisfied Gymnast as she then headed to her final destination, hopeful of snaring her true love. "Phase Two now well underway," she thought. As she left Colonge made it to Shampoo's room & opened the door where she witnessed the actions wrought by Kodachi's concoction. She just sighed, shook her head, turned around and made her way downstairs to make a calming herbal tea as she surmised it would be needed soon enough.

So, as Kodachi was making her way to the Tendo compound, Ranma was headed home just finishing a great day shopping with his mother in Tokyo's shopping district. Both had discussed his fiance' problem throughout the trip, and Nodoka simply said to "Go with you heart". Ranma smiled and nodded. He was glad that his mother was now thinking more about what he needed than what honor demanded. He knew now that she saw honor as what you make of it and not from others who are dishonorable, like a certain panda. On their walk back Ranma seemed to have made up his mind, when he felt a familiar chi moving quickly over Nerima. He informed his mom what he had felt, and they both hurried to the Tendo Dojo.

As they made their way, Kodachi had already made it to the Tendo Compound, catching the tail end of the plan between Ryouga and Akane.

"Oh, the peasants want to make my Ranma-sama jealous… Well, let us help their little plan!" Kodachi thought wryly as she threw the third glass ball and stayed long enough to see the effect the gas had on Ryouga and Akane. A loud "HOHOHOHOHO" was heard as she left, just as Ranma and his mother arrived. They heard the laugh and Ranma suspecting the worst, ran up the stairs in a blur with Nodoka and Kasumi quickly following.

What they saw there broke many hearts as the raw emotion on Akane face was amplified with the streams of tears, as she was literally a human piston on a comatose Ryouga. That alone would have been noticed by a calm and logical person. But Ranma wasn't either at that moment.

Ranma looked like someone had died... and in a sense someone did. More appropriately described as something, his heart. He quickly turned around and steadily walked away from the scene, without acknowledging his mother or kasumi who had arrived to also witnes the disturbing site. His father Genma was now there, yelling at him to turn around and knock Ryouga out the window. Ranma looked rather coldly at the honor-less coward then simply backhanded him just as Genma was trying to grab his son to stop him. A hole resembling a fat person appeared on the wall and seconds later a splash was heard out back. Nodoka saw all this and simply gave a concerned looked toward her son. He gazed sadly at her, his eyes watering as though something had broken within himself and was trying to come out. Ranma sighed, turned again, and walked down the rest of the stairs and out the front door of the home, quickly disappearing down one of the hilly streets that connected with the one where the Tendo home stands.

A few minutes later a flustered Nabiki came home from her Tokyo-U classes and was updated by a now teary eyed Nodoka on what had happened. Nabiki saw her older sister Kasumi coming down the stairs with a bewildered yet sad look in her eyes and an empty bucket dangling from her loose hand. Seconds later loud crashing, yelling and screaming was heard from upstairs as Akane had finally found out Ryouga's secret, courtesy of water from a now empty bucket.

Nabiki sighed at the noise upstairs and turned to Nodoka informing her that she would go and look for Ranma. Even with her time away at University Nabiki knew Ranma's hiding spots. The Middle Tendo daughter then got up to go out looking for him. A knowing nod to Kasumi and she was off to find the now despondent and depressed Martial Artist.

Chapter 2: Realization and commitment

What will Nabiki tell Ranma when she finds him? What will happen to Akane & Ryouga now, as well as the rest of the now 'coupled' NWC members. Stay tuned!