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"Can you tell me what happened?"

The boy set perfectly still. His arm in a cast and stitches on his forehead. His yellow T-shirt was stained with blood, both his and his brother's. The nurse sat watching him. He was shivering, his T-shirt and jeans ripped. He didn't even have a coat.

"Can you tell me your name, dear?"

He looked up to her, eyes stained with tears. He didn't speak but did something unexpected in this situation. Then, as if it never happened, he put his head down, but like always he couldn't say.

…..Sam was keeping watch. The night was cold and his right hand on the flashlight was shaking. Dean was behind him, somewhere. They were chasing something and he had the gun. The eight year old was scared. Dean, being twelve, showed no fear.

"Just keep watch Sammy, and yell if you see something."

Sam saw something. "Dean!" he screamed, but he stood still- waiting. "Dean!" he repeated more scared.

"Sammy?" came Dean's voice from the trees. Sam could hear Dean's footsteps rushing towards him. "Hurry!" Sam shrieked. He turned around as Dean emerged, gun ready, from the trees. "Sammy, you okay?" Sam was about to nod when it appeared behind Dean.

"Dean! Behind you!" Sam yelled. Dean's eyes went wide as he dropped to the ground, flipped over and shot the beast. It stopped, but it didn't fall. Sam ran to Dean's side. Dean was already up again and pointing his weapon at the beast.

"Run, Sammy, run!" Both boys ran away from the beast to the road. Sam grabbed Dean's book bag, where they had thrown in the gun and bullets, and Dean grabbed Sam running towards the road, away from the path they'd taken to the forest. But the beast was too fast.

Sam had tripped. Dean stopped pointing around waiting for Sam to get up. He looked around Sam, but he didn't check behind him.

It grabbed Dean's jacket, picking him up and throwing him twenty feet back into the path. Dean had dropped the gun and Sammy picked it up. Dean yelled as something broke his fall. Blood poured from his nose and he felt the great pain in his left leg. He tried to get up, get to Sammy, but instead he yelled in pain.

Sam ran to where he'd heard Dean yell. As he saw Dean, back to Sammy, the beast attacked again. This time flinging Sammy.

Dean whipped around in utter fear. Sammy's yelling still in his ears. "Sammy!"

"Dean!" came the far-away cry. Dean held all the deadly pain. He got up and ran to Sam. He saw Sam cradling his arm.

"Sammy? You okay?" Dean slowly and painfully made his way over to Sam. Sam looked up to Dean, just as he collapsed beside him.


"I'm okay. You?"

"Uh huh."

"Let's get out of here." Sam nodded. He helped Dean up and as quickly as Dean's leg would allow they made it back to the street.

The once quiet, dark street now had a disturbing addition. The house directly in front of the boys was lit. Their eyes went wide with fear. They started breathing really fast. They had to make a quick get away. Just as they had manages to regain strength, the door opened. A light shone on Dean's face.

":Let's go Sammy." Dean said, urgency in his voice. They both practically flew down the road.

"Hey, wait! I've already called the cops!" Great!

They ran an entire block, but Dean's leg was in too much pain. I can't be the reason they catch us! Dean thought. They had to get the hell away from there, that Dean knew. But he could almost feel tears forming in his eyes with every step. Well, if they were to get caught, they couldn't have the gun on them. Dean looked around, his eyes fixed for anything that would hide the weapon. When he found it, he grinned.

"Sammy, get me over to that mailbox, over there."


"Come on." Sam helped his brother up. They made their way across the street and sat by the mailbox. Dean rummaged through his bag, which was still on Sammy. He grinned really pleased with himself when he found two paperclips. He edged over to the lock on the postal service mailing box and within ten seconds, it popped open. "Bingo!"

"Now what?"

"Hand me a bag." Sam looked through the backpack and found a yellow plastic bag. He handed Dean the bag. "And the gun, and the bullets. Quick before anyone sees us." Sam did what he was told. Dean put everything in the thankfully empty metal box.

"Now what?" Sam repeated. Dean thought about it.

"Now, write a note asking the mailman to leave this here for us. To Please leave this here for us."

"Why me?"

"Because you're a little kid and he'll probably do it if it comes from a little kid."

"But.. I write neater than you."

"Oh, okay I'll write it." Dean scribbled his message down and Signed it Sammy.
"That's a lie."

"Shut up. Now, we've got to get away from here."

They were half way down the road when the patrol car slowed down beside them. Both boys avoided eye contact. The two patrolman, however, didn't fail to notice how both boys were covered in blood, one with a broken leg, the other's arm bone out of place….TBC

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