Without a trace

Disclaimer: this was written for the soul purpose of my entertainment. I lay no claim on the characters of Walker Texas Ranger, if you recognize a character it does not belong to me.

Summary: 11 year old Angela disappears, can Walker and the other rangers find her before its too late.

A Busy Day

"Angela Elizabeth and Melissa Nicole, I thought I told you girls to go finish getting ready." Alex said; the girls had just come in the door still in jeans and long sleeve shirts.

"We had to go find Houdini and take him back to the barn." Angela replied, Houdini was the nickname for the girls' German Shepard, Gunner, because he was always getting lose and roaming the ranch

"Just go upstairs and change into your dresses girls." Alex said, tonight was Angela and Melissa's Christmas concert, both girls played the harp and playing solos tonight.

"Momma, when is Daddy going to be home?" Christina asked,

"Soon honey, why don't you go upstairs with your sisters and get dressed, ok?"

"Ok." Christina replied running off after her older sisters.

A few minutes later Walker came in the door and after giving Alex a kiss he went upstairs to change into his suit that Alex had laid out for him; an hour later everyone was ready and were walking out the door. Alex thought to herself on how grown up Angela looked in a long Christmas green dress and her long reddish blond hair curled, framing her face.

At the concert there were almost one hundred harpists that were playing that night.

"Our next performer is Angela Walker playing 'Greensleeves'."

When she were announced Angela moved to the large concert harp at the front of the stage, Angela played the song so beautifully that when Walker looked around the room he thought he saw a few people crying. Melissa's solo was 'Away in a Manger' and she played it surprisingly well for only have been taking lessons for a year.

At the end of the concert Angela and Melissa and the rest of the harpists played 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas', and received a standing ovation.

"Mel, don't forget to loosen your strings." Angela reminded her sister as they got their harps ready to go home.

"I won't."

"You girls did a good job tonight." said a young man in a black suit.

"Thanks," Angela said; hoping he would go away, she had a bad feeling about this guy. Looking over and Melissa, Angela realized that she had the same feeling.

When the Walkers got home that night after bringing in the harps they had family prayer and Alex tucked Christina into bed then headed to bed her self. After Walker had checked and locked the doors he headed to bed, hearing Angela talking he went in and saw Angela and Melissa on Angela's bed brushing their hair.

"Hey you two, ain't it time for bed?"

"Yeah in a minute daddy," Melissa said as Angela finished brushing her hair, she then got up and giving Walker a big hug left to go to her room.

"'Night dad," Angela said as she slid under the covers.

"'Night Angel," Walker replied as he turned out the light, he looked back and for some reason memorized what Angela was wearing. It was a white sleeveless night gown with purple flowers on it. He then went to his younger daughters' room and tucked Melissa in bed even though she would probably end up in Angela's room later. Leaving the room Walker laughed to himself as he thought about how close his daughters were and how lucky he and Alex are to have it that way.

Little did he realize that before the night was over their lives would change forever…