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"You think Angela will be up to telling us some details?" Gage asked as he and Sydney drove to the ranch to see Angela.

"I think Angela will do whatever she can to help bring this guy down, I can't imagine what Angela is thinking," Sydney sighed.

They both rode the rest of the way in silence, they finally arrived to the turn off road to go to the ranch, both feeling a deep weight just settling on their shoulder for what they now had to do.

"You know what Gage; let me talk to Angela alone okay?" Sydney said, as Gage turned the car into the driveway; knowing that Angela would probably feel more comfortable discussing her ordeal with another woman, instead of her and Gage together.

"Think it'll be easier on her?" Gage asked softly.

"I do," Sydney said as they drove down the long driveway.

The sound of a car coming down the driveway brought everyone's attention to Gages car, as it came down the long drive. Melissa, who had been playing Frisbee with Gunner, immediately grabbed his collar to keep him from running in front of the car.

When Gage and Sydney got out of the car, Walker walked over to greet them.

"Hey Gage, Sydney."

"Hey Walker," Gage said as he approached Walker.

"Where's Angela?" Sydney asked noticing that Angela was not outside.

"She's inside practicing on her harp." Alex said.

"How's Angela doing this morning?" Sydney asked knowing it would be a good indication on how Angela would respond to the interview.

"She seems more withdrawn today than she has been since she came home." Alex answered with a sigh thinking about ho distant Angela had been this morning.

"Well let's get the interview over with, so it will be one less thing Angela has to deal with." Gage said as they climbed the porch steps, once on the porch Gage and Sydney said hello to Gordon who was still on the front porch reading a magazine, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

As Alex went inside to get Angela, Gage and Sydney told Walker about the progress of analyzing evidence from Ross's house.

A few moments later Alex came back out onto the porch, "Angela's gone! I've looked everywhere for her she's not in the house." Alex said with a start.

"I'll check for her." Walker said, getting up from the porch swing.

"I'll go with you." Gage replied as he too got up.

Walker and Gage headed over towards the side yard where Christina and Melissa were playing.

"Melissa," Walker called out, "where is Angela?"

"I don't know, I thought she stayed inside." Melissa replied.

"No idea where she went?" Walker asked rather skeptically of his daughter again.

"No Dad," she confirmed.

"I do, daddy." Christina said. "She left on Thunder."

Picking Christina up in his arms, Walker held her close and said "Why didn't you say something earlier?"

With a shrug of her shoulders Christina replied "Nobody asked me."

"Christina Marie, this is serious here, not a game; do you know where Angela went?"

"No sir, she wouldn't let me go with her."

"Alright, I want you girls to stay close to the house, Melissa I want you to put Gunner in his pen." Walker said as he started toward the barn followed closely by Gage and Melissa, who had Gunner by the collar.

Looking in the barn, Walker saw that Angela's horse was indeed gone. Looking at the ground outside the barn Walker found that there were no tracks in the dry dirt.

Walker immediately begins to saddle up his horse, once he was finished, walker headed toward the house to tell Alex that he was going to go look for Angela.

"Walker, what is it?" Alex called out, recognizing the worry in Walker's eyes, when he reached the house.

"Angela left on her horse. Gage and I are going to look for her."

"I'm coming with you!" Alex said.

"No! You and stay here with the girls in case Angela wanders back home." He pulled Alex close and kissed her. "We'll find her. I promise, Alex, we'll find her and bring her home."


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