The Fear and Loathing Trilogy

By, the Esmee

          Hello all my lovely readers out there in fanfiction land! Welcome to my stand-alone trilogy, 'Fear and Loathing'. Charming name that.

          Anyhow, I shall now explain about this trilogy I have here.

          A good while back I wrote three poem/song fic attempts on the spur of a inspired creativity, induced sugar hallucination, and sent them to an archive I frequented often. Surprisingly they were accepted. Huh. Go figure.

          Anyway, a few months back I decided to tear through my old floppies to find some empty disk on which I could put some of my work to take with me while I was away. While going through them and deleting all my old, pathetic attempts of a semblance of a story, I happened across those three.

          Upon rereading them I almost threw up because they were so ugly and pathetic. I still shuddered thinking of them. But, I still liked the premise on which I had based them. So I decided to under take rewriting them, having convinced myself with much effort that I didn't totally suck as a writer (and I was bored).

          The first one was 'After.' Hopefully some of you have already read it. Upon satisfactory completion of the fic, I thought to myself, hey, that wasn't too bad. And started on the second, 'I remember.' This too, hopefully, some of you will recognize. When I finished that one, I almost threw in the towel. I just had too many things on the go and I knew that the third fic would be the toughest to write of the three.

          I didn't, throw in the towel that is, and, surprisingly; it didn't take to long to write the blasted thing once I got down to it.

          Some of you may be wondering why the hell I put them in the chaptering format. The reason being that this way you can read all of them in order easily. Hopefully, this isn't too inconvenient for you.

          I am placing the standard disclaimer here, on the cover page, and am also placing all my previous author's note here as well.



Ye Olde Disclaimer:

          I do not own any of the characters (I wish!). All characters are copyright Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation. TM, and Bandai. So no suing!!!! I have no money. None. Zip. Zero. Nada. If you do sue me you will get a grand total of *searching pockets* a whole lot o' lint and a piece of paper with scribbles on it.