'After' note:

Esmee's note:

          As you may or may not have read my previous fic called 'After' let me explain this one. Many, many eons ago I wrote a fic called 'After', and sent it out to be posted.

          Oh the horror!

          But a little while ago, as I was going through my old fics, I reread 'After' and realized that it was horrible! So I took it upon myself to rewrite 'After' and both its alternate endings. I'm thinking of making it into a trilogy. Hopefully, they won't take to long to rewrite. I hope you all enjoy this rewrite more than the original


'I remember' note:

Note from the author: Just a few points I would like to clear up.

1) If you didn't already figure it out, the centered words are the song Jyou and Yamato are listening to on the radio.

2) The last line of the fic is supposed to be static.

3) My family knew someone who had been in a car accident just like the one I wrote about. They had been driving down the highway late at night, when a drunk-driver driving on the wrong side of the road hit them. The man we knew survived, but his girlfriend didn't. 

4) I've never died, so I don't know what happen the instant before death. If anyone out there knows, E-MAIL ME!


'Alone' note:

Author's note:

          I rewrote the ending! Yeah! I personally feel that it is much more powerful this way.

          If you want to understand what Takeru is feeling, or for that matter what the hell is going on in the fic, you really need to read between the lines.

          For those wondering, the Italicized words are the recordings of Takeru's previous sessions. The centered words are, as always, Mimi's song. And just to clear up any confusion, the italicized text to the left is Takeru speaking and the italicized text to the right is the therapist.

          Suicide is not something anyone should consider. Ever. Please forgive my poem; I'm not very good at poetry. Thank you for reading, and C & C's are welcome.

          And just so everyone knows, I love Yamato, Mimi, Takeru and Jyou. And no, I do not have a morbid fascination with killing/torturing/maiming/emotionally traumatizing/scarring them/crippling them. That is absolutely not true. Kind of. Now I'm off to listen to some cheerful music, like Natalie Imbruglia, or Sheryl Crow.