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Hotaru ran her fingers through her light brown hair, it had grown since the last time someone was over. Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura.. Lastly.. Gaara. Wonder how they all are.. She looked in the mirror only to be greeted by her own reflection, Oh who was I expecting? Someone with red hair? She thought, angry to even have brought him up, I'm an idiot. AN IDIOT! She gently slid her silky robe off.

It slinked to the floor with ease.

She stepped over the soft rug that rubbed on her feet as she walked past, leaning over to twist the shower knob so the water could escape.

As it did, she waited for it to fill up the white rose pedaled tub, she lowered her eyes in sadness, Maybe.. I should've… I should've asked him to… NO!

The water filled the top and she stopped it before it started overflowing. As she stepped into the lukewarm water, some started spilling off to the side.

Not that she cared mind you.

Slowly, she sinked her achy naked body in, sighing as she did, But still you can't help but wonder,

Her eyes traveled toward the sink then gazed up to the ceiling, wonder how he is… I was his first.. And he was my hope. She smacked herself. It being extra hard since her hand was wet. "Baka, Baka, Baka." She said to herself. "What are you an idiot?" She closed her eyes.

Underneath the water she could feel her hair float against her body, she could feel its yearn once again wanting to be touched.. By him.. Only him.

Gaara.. She narrowed her eyes in pain, Why you? Why did I have to meet you.. She sunk herself more in the tub, her hearing now blocked off from the world.

She heard the sound of water drifting up and down. She could hear the particles hit inside her ears and back until,

The faucet turned on.

She got up again, now alert, Hey I didn't-

Hotaru reached over to grab her towel only to be stopped by someone grabbing her wrist.

She looked up and trembled on who she saw, "Brother." She whispered. Her eyes sinking back in fright, its natural color began to take place.

White started to spread across her pupils until it looked like she was blind.

Sand Village-

"You seem more energetic than usual Gaara." Temari poked her fork at him, "What happened? Where yah going?"

Gaara smirked and simply continued to drink his water.

She balled up her hands to fists and pounded the table in a playful matter. "EEHH! Come on tell me Gaara!"

"Shush Temari. Its morning and I have no time to hear you get overexcited about nothing."

"Ohh I know!" Temari poked his the side of his neck, no sand attacking at all. Ever since Gaara came back from the summer trip a long time ago, he had been able to control it way better now. "Its this girl I've been hearing about huh? Naruto and Sasuke told me about your little trip you know. What are you going to see her again?"

Gaara stood, digging his hands into his pockets, "I'll see you later Temari. Tell Kankuro I'll see him later for the game." He stepped out the door and jumped up on another roof, then another and disappeared off into the sand.

Temari puffed up her cheeks, "Ohhh. That boy is getting too wild for me now."

Leaf Village-

"Hmm? Oh hey! Over here Gaara!" Naruto waved his hand up and down like an idiot, "How you doing?" He said cheerfully as he got closer, "Good I hope."

Gaara just did a slight nod.

Sasuke, who was behind him, also gave a nod as a hello. He was leaning on a wall, his arms crossed, "Hey Gaara." His oversized dark bracelets fell down to his wrist. He was wearing a dark long sweater that was sleevess. Tight jeans so that when lifted or even raised his arms, his stomach would undoubtly show. His hair was the same.

As for Naruto, his hair grew and he got a bit taller. He was wearing a tight orange vest, (You know how orange looks good on him so it looks better then it sounds ok.) with baggy orange mixed with patterns of blue pants. His hair was strniger and past his ears.

Just like Gaara. (Better though cause we love Gaara. Lol. Oh and just to let you know Gaara was wearing dark brown pants, almost black, and his top covered only by a scarf,a big long scarf that was wrapped around his neck so he could cover the bottom half of his face. The sides of his body only showed. Another white scarf was wrapped around one of his shoulders and went under the armpit and hung loosely. All scarfs thin but looking thick.) He crossed his arms. "So what are we doing?"

Naruto, Sasuke and Gaara started walking. "Well." Naruto started, "We're all going to plan a trip to see Hotaru. Want to go?"

Gaara nodded, watching people that watched him. Some backed away in fear from his presense. "When are we going?" He said low,he feltbadwhen he scared a little girl and her dog off.

"We're planning to go tomorrow. Oh and we also want to introduce her to Neji and TenTen."

Sasuke lifted up a sheet, which was a front door to a restruant. He motioned for them to go inside first, "Which I don't think is a good idea."

"WHICH I! Don't understand. Gaara what do you think?"

Gaara looked around, wondering where to go, "I. Don't give a care. It's Hotaru you're talking about here."

"Yeah and you should know her better than the rest of us."

"NARUTO-KUN!" Hinata waved her hand in the air.

Neji pushed it down, "Don't yell."


They all walked to where everyone was.

Neji and TenTen eyed Gaara. "What is he-"

"He's our friend." Sasuke sat down next to Sakura, kissing her on the cheek.

Narto sat in between Neji and Hinata. Annoying Neji almost immediately. "Yeah so back off."

Gaara sat next to Hinata on the other side, he started to feel uncomfortable and he didn't like it. "I can leave." He said dully.

Neji shook his head, "I do not mean to cause harm or anger."

TenTen nodded. "Its good to finally talk to you Gaara."

Hedid a short nodand crossed his arms, "Are you two looking forword to meeting Hotaru?"

Neji and her nodded, "Oh yes." TenTen grabbed nearby chopsticks and twisted her hair into a bun, "I really am. I heard she's a good teacher."

"She taught Hinata some tricks."

Hinata blushed. Naruto laughing and putting his arm around her, "You can always teach old dogs new tricks."

Neji held up his fist, "Excuse me?" He growled out.


Hotaru stood, water still spilling out from the tub since neither of them bothered to turnthe faucetoff. She wrapped the towel he gave her around her body.

She did a quick knot on the towel from behind at shoulder height so it wouldn't fall off her. As she did she bowed down, her hair now spreading to white like his. "Brother." She held her position on one knee.

Her brother glared down at her with icy frozen eyes, lifting her head up with his long lengthy fingernail, "Sister. Have you been keeping up with your training." He said this not as a queastion but as a demand to answer.

If that made sense at all.

His eyes made contact with hers giving chills down her bare back. His words were stiff and unhopeful. Cold and itching with bugs.

To her they were nothing but dead.

She lowered her eyes, her eyelashes now turning into silvery long stems, "Yes Brother. I have."


She did as she was told, standing straight and upright like a soldier.

"Look at me."

She once again did as she was told. Staring at him with her blind eyes. A touch of anxainty filled her body, terror and fright echoed around him. All a very horrible feeling.

She saw he was looking the same. Same cold eyes and white hair. Even if white was suppousal light, or even like the heaven.

He was the one that proved wrong.

Her brother gently grabbed her dog tags. Observing them like nothing. His eyes hooded over deathly, "Sister. As much as I am grateful you have realeased me from my prison." He pulled down on the dog tags then let go to grab her neck. He lifted her at ease in the air, "You have disobeyed and broken my most strict rule."

Hotaru couldn't help but try to escape. She began to choke and tried to pry free.

He threw her at the tub. A loud splash as a result.

Her head hit the back wall and her towel almost came undone. She grasped her neck, now sucking in fresh air in hurry. Her legs rested over the tub wall. Water still pouring out.

The water that had splashed didn't even touch him. It all froze and fell to the ground then disappeared.

He turned, "There is no escape to your destiny and fate Hotaru. It is time." He walked out the bathroom.

She closed her eyes, "Yes… Ezekiel.."

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