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What happened last- Gaara then reached over and grabbed his wrist softly, with a slight turn he let Ezekiel's sleeve slide down to his elbow.

Ezekiel let him and was surprised when Gaara knew where his scar was. M-My--

His curse… the cold scar where an obvious cut from a razor lay. Gaara then bent over and his warm lips touched the top of it. He held that position for a few second letting Ezekiel know he showed sympathy and sorrow for what happened then raised his sea blue eyes.

"Now.." He whispered. Sand sped through Ezekiel's ankles and Gaara looked up to see what his reaction would be.

Ezekiel was already gone and his eyes glowed a glaring ice cold blue. He was up above on a tree and his arms were crossed.

Gaara's sand peeled from his back and glowered above his red hair. It ran in circles and in packs of sand- waiting for a signal.

They didn't have to speak. They knew what would happen and.

"This decides it all." Ezekiel simply said. He lowered his head and closed his blind eyes. Are you watching mother? Are you ready to be proven wrong?

Hotaru was already crying and she looked up at the sky; as she closed her eyes she smiled when she could see the bright light twinkle in her eyes. A full moon.. "How ironic." She almost laughed out but ended up saying it with a low sob.

Hinata snuggled in Narutos arms and she managed to get the blur away from her eyes. "Gaara-kun.."

Naruto squeezed her shoulder in comfort. "H-He'll be fine.."

TenTen was confused but she still nodded in agreement.

"Yeah.. Gaara can handle it.." Sakura whispered..

Gaara stood watching him. "Hotaru.." He said a bit sharp but his tone was soft and full of life. Hotaru didn't answer back but he knew she was listening, "Stay here…" He looked at her which got her to look back, "I'm serious."

Ezekiel had opened his eyes halfway and he felt a bit of envy, "A fool.." He murmured out.

Gaara snapped his attention back, he heard what Ezekiel said, and jumped on a tree next to him. They both disappeared beyond the darkness.

Hotaru sighed.

Gaara whipped through branches and his eyes reflected off the moonlight when he had a clear view of the darkening skies.

"Gaara." Ezekiel was nearby and it was if they were racing to no where. "Do you really believe you will win?"

"No.. I know I will win." Gaara's sand followed close behind him; warped around the trees, slithered past on the ground. Gaara glanced to the side to see where Ezekiel was and could see his white eyes watch him.

Ezekiel smirked, "Love like that will not last forever."

"Forever." He narrowed his eyes, ice circling the neck of the young boy.

The young boy could feel the world black out and felt nothing but snow beneath his clothes. "I-I.." He looked to the little girl who gave nothing but frightened looks. Almost as if she didn't know who to root for.

He struggled to pick up his pale hands but he couldn't since he was brought down by a rough foot. He made a silent groan and closed his sea blue eyes, What can I do? He's too strong..

The guy in gray clothes lowered down and placed his hands on the young boys rosy cheek, "Did you really think you loved her? Did you really think you would win?" He looked up at his sister and she flinched back onto a tree.

The red haired boy tried to give an answer but was silenced by the guys cold hands.

"Ssh Gaara…."

Gaara still attempted to move but was once again forced to do nothing from loss of blood and energy.

The guy smirked, "We will fight again… then you will prove if love is true in your world." He straightened up and held his hand out to the little girl, "Come Hotaru. We must go."

Gaara blinked a couple times, "N-no.." He whispered before dying out to the cold.

Gaara grimly looked ahead. So.. I knew Hotaru before? Then why..

A pound on Gaara's back interrupted his thinking and Gaara realized he was heading over the cliff. He easily crossed his arms and sand rushed to his rescue. Hands went past his waist and pushed him back onto solid ground.

Ezekiel had jumped down and landed as Gaara did. They both stared each other down.

"You were lying all this time?" Gaara practically yelled out and his eyes showed fury.

"I do what I must my child." Then Ezekiel smirked with cruelness. "That is why I ask. Do you really think you can win?" The ground below Gaara and him had started growling.

Gaara looked down and quickly commended his sand to rise up as far as it could. Fast and painful it did. Ice was rising as swift as the beige colored sand rose. Gaara then brought his hands together and sand wrapped around the sharp ice tips. He squeezed his fists together and the ice made a large crack. He then circled his hands to make the little darts of ice break off and the rest crumbled off and started tumbling. They shot toward Ezekiel.

Ezekiel held up his two hands and a large ice shield covered him. In time he even made a small struggled noise to block the sand/ice go away. After most of them were gone he brought up one hand to his lips and uttered a jutsu, in a split second icy mist began to curl up like a small avalanche.

Gaara saw this and was in the midst of it when he was coming down to the muddy ground.

Hotaru didn't move an inch since Gaara and her brother had left. The whole time she stood there and waited. She wasn't thinking of anything nor was she going to move till either one came out.

Although only one thought came to her mind which bothered her the most. "Who would you choose? Who would you die for? Who? Who? Who?" At last Hotaru couldn't help but bring her fists to the sides of her face and muttering, "I don't know.." Over and over again. That was when a small breeze got her to open her eyes. She watched in horror and in shock as a fast gray mist was coming closer and closer. She couldn't move.. She was stuck. No..

As little Hotaru dragged her feet along the thick snow she had finally come to a halt as she was going to die if warmth didn't find her. Her blue lips touched the white cold snow and she closed her gray eyes knowing she was going to meet her poor brother in a small moment.

Suddenly without warning a gloved hand pulled her face up and was shoved into a rough hug. She could hear heavy breathing showing that the person that had grabbed her was following her. Softly the person started to pick her up to his/her lap.

She wanted to open her eyes but heavy eyelashes prevented that. She wanted to wrap her arms around the warm loving body but closing death prevented that. With a small sick feeling she felt herself being swung up in the persons arms and carried to who knows where.

The person who was carrying her seemed to have trouble even holding her. At times the person even fell to his/her knees. But No. No the person was not letting up. The person grunted and she felt a bit frightened now knowing it was a male of some kind.

Still.. She was too weak to do anything and stayed in the small snooze the male had warmed her into.

A few minutes later she was placed on a soft but hard cover. She could feel damp echo around her and heard a drip of water come from the ceiling.

A soft clicking sound was sounded over and again with the same tempo and pressure until a light swoosh was heard and the person plopped down to the floor in exhaustion. There was silence for awhile then a shuffling noise came over to her and pulled her closer to the fire.

Once again the male was silent.

After another 10 minute snooze Hotaru had warmed and squinted her eyes open to find a huge baggy brown shirt covering her for more warmth. Below her was a cover that looked like it was grabbed without a second glance and around her neck was a white scarf. On her feet were thick socks and sandals. She groaned to herself and started to sit up when a loud sneeze scared her. She flinched back down but the person had already seen her.

"U-Uhh.. A-are you ok?" A small voice called to her.

She laid silent then gave up knowing she was found out. "I..uhh T-Thank you.." She looked over and her eyes filled with tears, "My angel.." She whispered seeing the bloody haired boy with widened worried eyes gazing at her. She sat up and could see him shiver since he had taken most of his clothes off to warm her.

He held his hands together and he looked away a little embarrassed as she crawled closer to him.

"Y-You saved me.." She almost cried out.

He glanced at her nervously then felt heat pressure on his neck. "Um.. N-no.."

She smiled, "Thank you…" And pulled him into a warm hug.

Hours later-

It was still night and the mist from the snow had gotten thicker. The boy stood at doorway of the cave and glanced back to see the girl shivering. He gulped and grabbed her hand, "W-We… we have to stick together.. I.. I know my way back.."

She squeezed his hand, "B-But…But I can't go back.."

He looked at her for while then squeezed her hand again in comfort, he walked forward and pretended he didn't hear her.

She whimpered, "P-please… I don't.. I don't want to.."

The boy continued.

About 20 minutes later she could feel the presence of her brothers death and began to panic. She looked around frantically to find a way to run but nothing came into view but gray darkness.

This made her panic more and Gaara noticed her grip had gotten tighter. Before he could turn round to pull her close to him she had yanked away and started to run a random direction. Or so what she thought where the cave ones, "W-Wait!" He held his hand to try to grab her but she disappeared under the fog.

Hotaru didn't know what she was doing and her head began to pulse when she realized she was alone in the gray deep fog. She turned around and ran another direction but nothing came up but more fog. A small yelp escaped her mouth and she stopped and started turning in a circle. "H-Help." She cried low and that no one would hear. "I don't want to be alone.." She sobbed out and small tears escaped to the ground. She finally fell to her knees and covered her head in fright. "I don't want to be alone. I don't want to be alone." She squeezed her eyes shut and her heart paced in a frantic.

Her memories then raced of her brother and mom. When her mother had beaten Hotaru to the ground when she was just a baby. When her mom had stabbed her brother in the eyes and they all had to go to the hospital… The couple days later on how he really died. "I'm scared.. I don't want to be alone! I-"

"Move!" A long body was suddenly over her and had covered her completely with the once again feeling of warmth and love. The male voice wrapped his arms around her waist and his lips touched her ears, "Then move…" He turned her around and she was again relieved by her red haired angel. Somehow that was when they knew each others names and she managed to whisper out.


Gaara looked around in full alert. "Shit." He mumbled without even thinking. He continued looking behind him, in front of him, side of him. Wherever an attack would come from. He felt a presence come and go and began to walk slowly around him. "Ezekiel… this ends.." And he sat down in a meditation.

The sand on the ground began slinking back to his body. Gaara was patient and calm for all of his energy to regain so he could prepare.

Ezekiel then realized what he was doing and cupped his hands for immediate protection, Fuck.

Gaara's eyes dulled halfway then he widened with a horrible presence that anyone would hate feeling. Sand that had circled him burst from his body and the strong sand was so fast it wiped the mist away. Only down side was-

At the same time-

Naruto and TenTen perked their ears then at the same time they grabbed one person. (Naruto grabbed Hinata, TenTen grabbed Sakura) and yelled, "GET DOWN!"
A large rumbling sound came through and Hotaru was unaware what was about to happen. She stood frozen and saw it was all going to be too late.

First a huge gush of wind hit everything causing the trees to upset and swoosh everywhere then came a large crashing noise from the tumbling trees which was caused by the cutting sand.

Hotaru held her arms up in front of her and screamed, waiting for the impact but all she felt was wind then arms holding her close. When she opened her eyes she saw first mist then a person came into view, "G-Gaara?" He had his eyes closed and was covering her as much as possible.

The tough wind was still blowing but he opened one eye, "Y-Yeah. Kinda." He answered and squeezed her tighter.

She then realized what he meant and felt his skin rough. Behind him the mist with the mixture of blowing sand was hitting all him and he was protecting her. It kept digging inside his back more and more but the sand managed to keep up by healing the clone of Gaara.

She narrowed her eyes to crying mode and her heart sank, "Gaara.."

Gaara calmed and rose his eyes to the clear night. Even the sky had lightened up a bit from the lightening. He looked around to find Ezekiel but was surprised to find his head banged to the floor.

Ezekiel was choking him.

Gaara grabbed his wrist, "Off!"

Ezekiel used his other hand and grabbed his neck twice. "Its time we do end this! My patience has run out and you have proven nothing!"

"P-prove?-" Gaara couldn't finish what he was saying since his air was cut off by a sudden stab in the belly. Gaara groaned in pain and rolled his eyes back since he never felt this strange feeling before. Ezekiel stabbed him once again and stuck it deeper inside. Gaara jerked his head back and felt tiny dots surround him. "Ughh.."

Ezekiel raised his fist-holding knife once again for the last blow to kill when he was tackled and ended up stabbing the person that attacked him.

The person had tackled him all the way back into a tree and he widened his eyes when the person stabbed him back at the same spot. He gasped, "H-Hotaru?"

Hotaru was weak from the major blood loss and they both clung to each other for support when she growled in anger and snapped off a huge branch. He squirmed now, "No! Hotaru no!"

Gaara raised his eyes to her presence just in time to see her stick the huge sharp branch behind her back through her to get to him. They were now stuck to the tree.

She yelled in pain and he did too but she started laughing after she caught her breath and grabbed a kunai from her wound. "I.." She gulped spit down since she knew her life and his were going to be over quick. "I… know now…" She first scratched the side of her cheek then the left side of his and grasped his hand with her free one, "How it will all end… We'll all be free and.. Our mom will pleased."

"Hotaru no." Ezekiel fought back but she ended up spreading her fingers amongst his and he cried in pain when she stuck the kunai in the middle of their palms.

She was smiling and tears came down from her eyes, "Forgive me Gaara… Ten no Juin. (Cursed Seal of Heaven.)" At the moment she said this a huge dark blue light blinded Gaara from seeing any further. A huge thunderbolt broke through and crackled down blocking Gaara's hearing then …

There was heavy silence.

At that same moment too.. Neji and Sasuke awoke from their empty darkness and shook off a weird feeling that they had by gasping in breaths. TenTen and Naruto hearing this they were greeted with happiness. After the short greetings and hugs they set off to find Gaara.

When they found him.. He was still laying in a pool of blood, on his stomach and his dark outlined sea blue eyes blurring up with water.

Naruto and everyone couldn't help but stare sadly in thin air where a used to be someone used to be.

With a low growl of anger he began to sob and brought his head down to the floor and closed his eyes.

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