Stupid Flamer

It makes me so happy to see my first review for this story is a flame. Yes, I realize that this is random. Yes, I realize Sango had no clue that Miroku and Koharu were cousins so that's why he was so nice to her. Yes, I realize that Sango never noticed Miroku was gay. Yes, I realize this stuff would never happen.

Now the answers to all the questions I KNOW you didn't ask.

The story was random because it was based on a dream. It even says that in the summary, you blind monkey with a rusty piece of metal. If you don't believe it was based on a dream you can go screw yourself.

You know, cousins are usually nice to each other, unless you're one of those families where you all hate each other. This isn't the case in this story, you fruit.

Sango could merely not have noticed Miroku was gay because, it even says, Miroku might have covered it up a little too well. LEARN TO READ, DUNCE!

If you've read other fan fictions, and not just mine, you would see that a lot of them, actually none of them, would make it on T.V. The reason is BECAUSE WE DO THIS FOR FUN BAKA! We can't get them on air because

It's Rumiko's show

Most of them are just kid's makings

The Inuyasha series ended already

See how stupid you are?

I just kicked you ass and proved how right I am so you can go to hell.

-signed Hearii-sama