Naruto: The beginning of a legend
By, Blue Spirit17
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, and I for get the name of the guy who created it. I won't get in trouble for that, will I?

"Normal talking"
"Inner Sakura speaking"
"Kyuubi speaking"
"Dark Naruto speaking"

This is my first Naruto story and also the first, yes, the first anime story I've ever written. I hope ya'll enjoy it! Oh and by the by, this fic will definitely be a NaruSaku, as I really love the couple! Other pairings will come when I get to them. Enjoy the story! And about Dark Naruto...well, you'll just have to read to find out!

Naruto's childhood wasn't a happy one, like most other children's were. You see, Twelve years ago, a great demon known as the Kyuubi, or nine tailed demon fox, attacked the Village hidden in the leaves, or Konoha for short. Ninjas fought this great beast to protect their home until Yondaime, the fourth hokage and the father of Naruto Uzumaki, managed to use a forbidden sealing jutsu, and sealed the demon inside his son. However, in order for the seal to work, Yondaime died, but his sacrifice wasn't in vain as the Kyuubi's spirit was caged inside the body of his newborn son, Naruto.

Twelve years have passed, and during those harsh times, the people of Konoha hated Naruto, without him even knowing the reason why. Everyday, as Naruto walked through the streets of Konoha, cold glares and harsh comments always came his way no matter what he did, not to mention the fact that he was ignored. However, today Naruto wasn't about to let the glares break his dream of one day becoming the hokage, the best ninja in the village hidden in the leaves.

Strapping his goggles around his head, Naruto put on his orange jumpsuit, and walked the streets to the Ninja Academy. Though he would oftentimes pull pranks on everbody, ke knew when to be serious. Working hard in the academy, Naruto gained great experience, and was one of the best students of the school. Naruto also had a few of his own attacks, his strongest being the Blue Beam. The blue beam was activated whenever Naruto focused chakra into either his left or right hand, and after performing a set of hand seals, unleashed it on his enemies. The good thing about it was the fact that Naruto learned to control it, like his other original attacks, and made them to pass through his friends and allies, and hit his opponents with deadly force.

As he entered the schoolyard, Naruto looked up at the entrance, and noticed his teacher Iruka motioning for him to hurry up. Grinning sheepishly, Naruto ran to his teacher and greeted him. "Morning Iruka-sensei!" Iruka smiled. "Morning, Naruto. Now hurry to class or you'll be late!" Naruto grinned again, and ran to the classroom.

"Okay class." Iruka said as he stood in the front of the classroom. "Now that Naruto is here, we can begin practice for the genin exam. I want one person at a time to stand in front of me and perform Henge. You all have one shot to look exactly like me. Now, first up is Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke stood up, walked until he was in front of Iruka, and cast Henge, transforming himself into an exact replica of Iruka. Iruka nodded. "Very good, Sasuke." Nodding, Sasuke cancelled the jutsu, and walked back to his seat. Iruka cleared his throat. "Next, Sakura Haruno."

Five minutes later, everyone but Naruto cast Henge, and aced the practice test. Iruka smiled at his favorite student. "Last is, Naruto Uzumaki." Gulping, Naruto nervously walked until he was in front of his teacher. Performing the same hand seals as everyone else did, and concentrated. "Henge!" A small cloud of smoke appeared in front of Iruka, and the teacher smiled when he looked at Naruto. "That was good Naruto, but you forgot the scar..." Naruto as Iruka, checked his face and found that the scar was gone. Laughing nervously, Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Oops, sorry Iruka-sensei."

Laughing softly, Iruka looked at the blond. "You pass Naruto." Naruto murmured a soft thank you, and walked back to his seat quickly, passing Sakura, his long time crush on the way.

"Good job Naruto." Sakura said grinning at him, and he blushed ten shades of red, and practically ran back to his seat, making the pink-haired girl giggle a little bit.

Iruka cleared his throat, and spoke. "Be prepared for the test tomorrow everyone! You now have the rest of the day to yourselves." Iruka walked to his desk, and sat down, and looked over the test regulations.

Sasuke looked up at Naruto and smirked. "You did great Naruto, but you still haven't beaten me yet." Frowning, Naruto stuck his tongue at him, and laid his head in his arms to sleep.

Chapter one is done, and I promise chapter two will be longer. By the by, Naruto and Sasuke are friends cuz of something that happened when they were kids which I'll explain in later chapters! Okay? Remember that this will be a NaruSaku throughout the story! Later!