Lurlinemas is a Galinda character study and a companion to Fascination, which is my Elphaba character study and nowhere near as long as Lurlinemas. Galinda is a little easier to write than Elphaba, but I think I enjoy writing Elphaba better. We'll see, hmm? Keep in mind this hasn't been beta'd, and does need quite a bit of work. It may later evolve (with Fascination) into a Galinda/Elphaba early friendship fic. Written with a Galinda/Elphaba mind set (like Fascination) but definitely not restricted to that. Set between the girl's first and second semesters.


Miss Elphaba Thropp sleeps in the ugliest grey sack to call itself a nightgown and under the plainest, most unattractive brown blanket I have ever seen. That really is the epitome of everything she is... or does. Plain and unattractive. Now really, just because she's green doesn't mean that she doesn't have to dress well. If she only would wear something simple and pretty... and not red! Maybe leave her hair down and pin it back with a nice flower or pearl pin... get some nice slippers instead of those clunky old-person's shoes. Honestly, she wouldn't be so startling and offensive if she simply learned to accessorize!

I simply don't understand her; I've known girls who were more plain-looking than she was, though, of course, not green, but they even attempt to make themselves look better by wearing nicer clothes and really putting in an effort to look better. Miss Elphaba doesn't, nor will she ever if she continues like she has so far. She's so caught up in her own world that she doesn't even seem to take in what anyone else thinks of her. Why can't she sometimes think of me? About how I might feel having her as a roomie? Honestly, she isn't all that bad; with a little work she could be quite a good friend- better than Pfannee and the others, I think. Miss Elphaba makes me think in a funny, strange way and I rather like talking to her, even if I do get way over my head.

But I mean really, her clothes! Couldn't she at least wear something more suiting to the way she looks and, well, is? Oh what I would give to be able to make her over! She looked so exotically beautiful in that hat of mine, even in that drab nightgown of hers. If there's anything I know how to do, it's give someone a make-over. But she wouldn't agree to it of course, and it would be difficult Pfannee, Shenshen, and Millie from knowing... well. It's nice to dream, isn't it?

Perhaps I could give her a Lurlinemas gift? A nice pair of slippers, or a scarf, or something pretty? Pfannee and Shenshen wouldn't be able to find out about that, and perchance she would start thinking about having other pretty things. Does she celebrate Lurlinemas? She said her father was a unionist minister but she was atheistic... Well. She shall celebrate it this year with me, and she shall put her musty old books away and have fun. With me.