Well here's the end of my adventure into Galindaland. It's rather warm and fuzzy, which is lovely but slightly unexpected. Elphaba's gift may only make sense if you've read Fascination. Don't despair! It's on my profile ready to be read once you've finished/story promoting I'm sure everyone will be able to recognize at least half of Galinda's gift.


I woke early the next morning. Snow was still falling and the candle I had forgotten to blow out was still burning, the wax thankfully catching in the curved holder. The fire was roaring, and Elphaba was gone, a note lying on her bed. I blew the candle out and crawled out of my bed and into her, still-warm, one. The note explained that no, she hadn't skipped out on me, but was going down to get breakfast and that I had forgotten to blow the candle out last night and since I had forgotten I would have to clean up any wax that had gotten onto the desk. I threw the note on the floor and snuggled into Elphaba's covers. Ten minutes, I told myself, then I would get up. Five minutes hadn't passed before I was fast asleep again.

Elphaba shut the door with a loud bang when she returned, "Come on, Glinda. Better eat your breakfast while it's still hot." She held out a plate of eggs and ham and a cup of coffee. She was wrapped in her long cloak and held two packages under her arm.

"Wha..?" I mumbled, brushing the sleep out of my eyes and sitting up.

"Boq was camping out in the hall waiting for you. I thought I'd save him from your wrath and you from... him by bringing you breakfast." She said matter-of-factly.

"Thanks," I said, taking the plate offered, and she set the coffee down on the table beside me.

"Now, is there a order to this gift-opening, or do you just go for it?" She asked, standing over the pile of packages and frowning down at them.

"Bring ours over here," I said, "you can open yours while I eat, then I can open mine." She picked up one of the two green packages and one of the many green and gold ones and walked over.

"This one is from Boq," she smirked, holding out a gold package, "I told him I'd give it to you." I rolled my eyes and she dropped the package at my feet. "This is from me." She held out the large green package. "Obviously."

"Obviously," I echoed.

"And these are mine," she said, sitting down at my feet and dropping my present and another wrapped in white paper.

"Who's that from?" I pointed to the white package.

"Dr. Dillamond," she said, wonder in her voice, "he said he didn't celebrate Lurlinemas but he would like me to have this anyway."

"Open it," I urged. She shrugged and did. Inside was a thin green journal with off-white, lined paper.

"Oh," she said, opening it and looking through it. I put my plate of Elphaba's bedside table and opened the gold package from Boq. Inside was pink and white sash that would have been lovely if it wasn't from him. I absently tossed it away and looked up at Elphaba who was still leafing through the notebook.

"Come on, open mine already!" I said, bouncing lightly on the bed.

"Fine," she threw me a small smile over the top of the book and set it down. I had gotten her a light pink flower hair clip and a matching sheer silk scarf. Before she had a chance to say anything I climbed over next to her and began to take out her long braid.

"Galinda, really," she said, reaching up to touch the pink flower I placed by her temple

"Pink goes good with green!" I exclaimed, winding the scarf around her neck.

"Galinda," she smiled, "go on, open yours." I bounced back to my place at the head of the bed and smiled back. She was so pretty! Still smiling, I pulled the string off the package and ripped into the paper. Inside the dark green paper lay a white down comforter with silver ice flakes all over it. I gasped, glancing up at her and back down at the thick comforter.

"Now you won't have to worry about anyone seeing your mother's silly comforter and I can have my wool blanket back," Elphaba's fingers twisted together. "I wasn't sure if you'd like it- I really don't have any experience with Lurlinemas presents-"

"Oh Elphie!" I said, jumping up and hugging her.