A/N: I dunno what to say about this one, except that it was reeeaaaally fun and amusing to write.:D

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A is for Accidents. Ponyboy falling asleep in the lot was an accident; so was the church fire.

B is for Brothers. The greasers were all as close as brothers.

C is for Cars. Steve and Sodapop like working on cars at the DX.

D is for Dallas. Dally was the toughest hood in Tulsa.

E is for Elvis. Elvis is tuff, according to the greasers.

F is for Funny. Two-Bit is a very funny guy, and he can make anyone laugh.

G is for Greaser. They slick their hair back, wear leather, and listen to Elvis.

H is for Heaters. Heaters are guns; Dally's was unloaded.

I is for Injuries. Everyone gets injuries in a rumble.

J is for Johnnycake. He was beat up a lot, and he had big, black eyes.

K is for Keith. No one calls him that though; he's Two-Bit to just about everybody.

L is for Love. Love was what kept the greasers together.

M is for Madras. Socs wear them all the time.

N is for Nose. Tim Shepard broke his for the third time in the rumble.

O is for Overworked. Darry is overworked, and he gets stressed over it.

P is for Ponyboy. Yes, that's his real name.

Q is for Quiet. Johnny and Ponyboy were really quiet.

R is for Rumbles. Everybody loves a good rumble between Socs and greasers.

S is for Switchblades. Johnny killed a Soc with one.

T is for Turf. Greasers stay on theirs, and they wish the Socs would too.

U is for Understanding. Soda understands everybody.

V is for Violent. Greasers can be pretty violent when they want to.

W is for Winning. The greasers like winning, and they won the rumble.

X is for X-Ray. Steve got one when he found out that he had three broken ribs.

Y is for Yelling. Darry's always yelling at Ponyboy.

Z is for Zoo. Thank god Pony didn't write about his first trip to the zoo.