By nightfall, I was still sitting near the edge of the ship. Ever second we were getting closer to Luca. It would only pain me to go, but i had to if i wanted to go to Zanarkand. The big water ball of the blitzball field, it would all remind me of you. I leaned backward, now resting on my back and store up at the sky. Something was wrong, the stars would not show and it seemed as if the whole sky was covered in thick black clouds. A storm would be approaching. But why now?

"Yuna! Get in side, a storm is approaching!" Lulu slammed the door open and peered at me. Screaming now since thunder could be heard far off in the distance. I sat up and shifted my body. "Hurry, We've got to have as much shelter as possible. If everything goes well, we will arrive at Luca tomorrow. Hurry." She advised me and slammed the door closed, leaving me by myself. I looked back up at the sky as if in a daze and took in a deep breath, a faint fragrant of rain filled the cool air. Another loud crash, the storm was getting closer in a quick pace. I stood up as the wind picked up and blew fiercely against my flapping skirt. I felt calm as everyone around me was scurrying for shelter, or to direct the ship in the right direction. Everyone else was safely inside, but I didn't want to take shelter just yet. I took a step closer to the railing and peered down into the now black water.

"Yunie! Hurry!" Now Rikku was at the door, advising me to get inside, but i didn't want to. Very faintly I could hear music, a flute playing a melodic tone. It soothed me and seemed to take hold of my head. I couldn't control my body, my thoughts... anything I could not control. I wanted to just close my eyes and run inside, but the music was strong. I looked back at Rikku, my face held no expression.. dull. Her eyes widened and shook her head. "Yuna! Hurry!" she screamed as the ship rocked fiercely, making me loose my balance and fall to my knees, scraping them. Rikku held on to the doorway and tried to make her way toward me until the ship rocked again making both of us slide.

"R..Rikku..." I whispered through parted lips as I stood up. The music was getting louder and louder, it almost pained to even hear it. "The.. music.." I said but it was to nobody. Rikku held a confused expression as if i were crazy, I couldn't blame her. I felt so odd not being able to control my actions and yet still, I felt so soothed. My legs continued to walk, falling once as the rain finally came, slicking the boards. I closed my eyes, I was feeling drowsy and yet I was still walking. The rain fell harder on our bodies, soaking my clothes as they stuck annoyingly against my damp skin. Before I knew it, I was standing beside the railing, looking down into the deep black waters once again. I opened my eyes out of force and I wanted to scream. I saw you... I saw you in the water. There was a beast, an Aeon i think... It had pierced your heart and blood was everywhere.

"No!" I screamed as loud as I could and finally I could control my body. My hand was reaching down from the railing, trying to reach the water. You looked at me from what I could see, blood splurted from your tender lips that had once touched mine so delicately. To me, It was real... to the others it was nothing but a reflection in the water. I shook my head fiercely calling out your name over and over, reaching as far as I could over the railing, but we were to high up. I could not reach you.

"Rikku!" Lulu ran out from the inside and huddled over Rikku, who was now sitting up staring at me in pure horror. Lulu picked her up and helped her gain balance and suddenly her attention came to me. "Yuna.. no!" She screamed and tried to run towards me, Wakka ran close behind her.

I shifted my body, lifting one soaked leg up and fastening the arch of my foot against the railing. I had lost all voice to scream and my heart felt as if it had shattered all over the place, like the rain and quickly disintegrating as it fell to the ground. The boat shifted again, but this time I did not fall neither did everyone else. I took in a deep breath and turned my head to look at them. I could see the shock in their faces, they couldn't believe my actions. They didn't see what I had saw, I witnessed your death. I turned my head back around and it felt as if I was nothing, some lifeless corpse wondering the earth. I couldn't stand to see those same images over and over in my head. Tears fell from my thick damp lashes and streamed down my cheeks. I lifted my other leg and rested my foot on a higher bar until I was standing on the very top of the railing, keeping my balance.

"Stop! Yunie.. please.." Rikku begged through sobs as she ran towards me, until she was pushed back with such force. "A barrier! but how?" she said aloud in confusion. Lulu walked beside of Rikku and lifted her hand, touching the barrier around me. "Lulu... how is there a barrier?"

"This is someone's doing... I can't break it down." she sighed and looked at my back. "Yuna, get down now... You have to!" she screamed and concentrated on the barrier, in hope that she could break it. Lulu touched the shield again, but was pushed back with immense force causing her to fall upon the wet boards. Wakka ran to her side immediately, helping her up. A small crimson sphere fell from her dress. It rolled down and stopped against the barrier with a smack and activated the video. Light covered the crimson sphere and Tidus's image immerged.

"Yuna...I don't know when you do see this, Yuna... but I know that i do not have much longer to live. I will disappear soon and Sin will be our last battle together. I know I have said so many things, I told you that we would lead a life close to one another and enjoy the ways of life, and my new life in Spira. I'm sorry. Those dreams are just that, they are dreams. Even I... I am a dream. At this moment, you do not know that. I... i don't want to hurt you anymore, Yuna." His voice was another melody that battled the flute music. Tears continued to stream down my face, more rapidly as my body shook and I listened carefully to his words to which I had memorized. I bent down a little, securing my weight by holding onto the rail with my hands.

"T..tidus..." I finally whimpered his name, forgetting the images I had just seen. I wanted to turn around and hold that crimson sphere, but the flute music was still scarring my insides. I couldn't fight, my body was still possessed.

"But you know, over time... i grew to care about you guys. Wakka... Lulu... Kimari... Rikku... but most of all, i cared about you. Something struck me that moment i saw you in Besaid, walking out of the temple from praying. I didn't understand then, but now i do. I will save you, I will gladly give up my life in order to save yours. heh... i must look ridiculous." My body shook again, concentrating on his very words though the music was louder, I tried to ignore it. Rikku and Wakka had never seen the sphere and now they were watching it. I didn't care, the sphere wasn't just for me. I was being selfish . I took in another deep breath and closed my eyes, taking in your lustful voice. It made me remember the pilgrimage, where everyday you were by my side. You were always there to protect me, to help me and to cheer me up.

"I love you.. Yuna." The barrier broke and I lost my balance, falling backwards as the sphere rolled towards me. The music stopped and the rain had never subsided and the thunder clashed again fiercely. My hand caught the sphere and then I closed my eyes.

Images flashed through my mind, Tidus's face came as the blood spurted from his mouth. He limped down in pain, holding his chest to where more blood was oozing out. He fell, limp against the ground and behind, far behind the Aeon stood Isaaru... laughing. I jolted up with a yelp and breathed heavily, sweat covered my forehead as I lifted my hand to wipe it off. I was dressed differently and my clothes were folded neatly, clean and dry against the cot. I just sat there taking in what all had happened yesterday, part of it was like a dream and I couldn't remember all of it.

Finally, I stood up and unbuttoned my top, sliding it off and unfolded the same blue blouse i was wearing yesterday. There was pain in my left shoulder, far near the middle of my back and i turned around, my back facing the mirror. There was a deep black bruise forming from when I fell the previous night. I winced in pain from trying to touch it and turned back around, staring at my body. I trailed my finger tips along my throat, past my full breasts and down to my belly button. Just yesterday, I couldn't even walk... I couldn't control my moves and today it was as if none of that had happened. I let out a silent sigh and fastened the blouse around my body, grabbing the skirt and pulling off the shorts I was wearing. I looked at myself one last time before walking out of the room to nobody. It was bright out and I could hear the seagulls barking to each other, the sound could be quit annoying as they constantly spoke and flew around Luca over and over. The site of the small place took my breath away. Far along, I could see the Blitzball sphere and many players were battling each other inside of it. Suddenly at the thought of you, I remembered the dream. It seemed so real and yet not. Lulu was the only one waiting for me at the entrance of Luca. I walked to her and gave a slight smile.

"Yuna.. we need to talk." she spoke smoothly and I could pick up the seriousness in her voice. I nodded as she led the way to where the Blitzball players were playing. She climbed up two sets of stairs, me behind her running out of breath with each step. Finally we were high up and I ran to the railing of the cliff-like platform. Many people were enjoying the view and spoke excitedly with each other. I peered down and I could see, ever so close the huge water sphere and many fans cheering for the players. "There's going to be a tournament tomorrow. Would you like to come with us?" she asked as she stood beside me, mimicking my actions. I shook my head swiftly and closed my eyes, feeling the cool morning air blow my hair around.

"No, I think I will just go somewhere else. I don't think I could handle it really..." I admitted and continued to watch the players dive in and out of the water sphere, kicking the blitzball to one another. I smiled imagining you out there with the slight competition. I'm sure you would win.

"About yesterday.. I wanted to talk to you about it." she seemed to hesitate, but I looked at her, watched her expression closely. "Did you.. notice anything strange?" she asked me honestly before continuing. I nodded and looked back out ahead of me.

"The music..." She nodded, and i remember telling Rikku about the music and I'm sure she said something about it. "I heard flute music... and... i felt soothed." I explained now looking up to they sky as if in deep thought.

"Then what?" she asked flipping her braids again, I looked at her and noticed she had put her chopsticks in her hair again. This made me smile and then I looked back to the sky. The wind was blowing against us, it felt nice.

"I couldn't control my body... at all until... until i got to the railing." She looked at me and nodded, telling me to go on using her eyes. "When I got to the railing... I..." I hesitated to speak and took in a deep breath with a sigh. She lifted a hand and rested it on my back, I winced from the bruise and she lifted her hand again apologetically. I smiled as if telling her it was ok and then let out another sigh. "I.. In the water, I saw Tidus die." I said and looked down at my arms, now slumped over the rail.

"How..? how did he die?" she asked me out of curiosity.

"Aeon. He was killed by an Aeon." I said with pain in my voice. She sighed and then motioned me to stop. It was enough. Lulu turned around, her back on the rail. She going to explain something to me, i knew it.

"Your in danger Yuna. Someone is after you, That night when you were about to jump in the water. We couldn't come to you because there was a barrier. Even I... I could not break it. We could not get to you and I feel like a failure as a guardian." She said with her head slumped low. I turned to her and lifted my hand only to rest it on her shoulder.

"Don't say that Lulu, you tried your best... that's all that matters. I'm sti-" I begun until I was interrupted by Lulu's panicked voice.

"But would if you died, Yuna... We couldn't stop you... We called and called... but we were so useless." She took in a deep breath, calming herself and looked away. "I hadn't even known that the sphere would help. It slipped out of my dress... and it played. Everyone saw it. His voice has... such effect doesn't it... I guess you truly do love him." she let out a chuckle finally and crossed her arms over her chest. "I do know that there is somebody who is after you. I don't know who or what, but we... as guardians must protect you once again. I have a feeling this isn't going to be one normal trip." With that she let her arms fall from her breasts down to her side and she pushed herself away from the rail, walking away. "We meet up at the Inn near nightfall." She whispered and when I looked back, she was gone. I let out another sigh and looked to far across from me. I closed my eyes as the wind blew once more, caressing me and fluttering my blue skirt.

"Lovely day... isn't it, High Summoner." I jolted around to see a man walking towards me. He wore a summoner's robe and wore a calm expression. Long silky black hair fluttered behind him and lay rest upon his shoulders and back. He had almost jet black eyes and a smile that quickened every girls heart beat. He came beside me and looked out to the large water sphere. He smirked and I looked away immediately, nodding to his question. His body was firm and muscular, the robe fit his body perfectly and creased in the right spot.